Man, I've been busy writing. Ending season 2, re-writing the ending in third person for a prologue for season 3, and now my prequel! I have a question, for anyone who's read the re-write of the last two chapters, should it be an epilogue-type chapter for season 2 instead? I can't seem to decide on that. :I I hope you like the prequel, the people who read the chapters to check over everything seem ot like it.(:
Oh, and if anyone knows if I'm not allowed to post a prequel here, please tell me. I've read some on here before, so I don't see why I couldn't post it, but I'd like to be sure. ^-^

I really hated Mondays. It was nothing against the actual day of the week, but the fact that I had to go back to school. I didn't like school. The people were jerks.
"C'mon honey! You'll be late! And you'll make everyone else late too!" My mom was always so cheerful. I tried my hardest to be like her.
My feet dragged as I went down the hallway to the living room, grabbing food my mom was waiting to hand to me.
"Have a good day. Tell Ben I said hi," she kissed my forehead and took off into the kitchen again, cooking for dad.
I paused at the mirror to fix my short, black and blonde hair. I always had the same bangs, the same hair cut actually. It was never longer than a few inches past my shoulders.
As I headed outside and down my sidewalk, Ben shook his head at me.
"In honor of Halloween?" He chuckled, putting his finger where he left off at in his book so he could take in my outfit again, "You know what they're going to say, 'Stella."
"And I'll tell them to screw off, Ben," I gave him a half smile as I fixed my black lace tutu. I had worn black and orange stockings and black boots with it. And - to top it all off - I wore a black button up vest and an orange bow in my hair.
"Oh, the glory of freedom of speech. I can't wait to hear the wonderful comments people will have for me today," I was happy. I loved to hear the different comments. Honestly though, I had seemed to make a name for myself with my random dress up days. And in a good way more than a bad one.
"Thanks for waiting for me sis!" I heard Jimmy yell from behind us as his footsteps came closer, "I can see how much you love me."
Oh, Jimmy!" I whined, wrapping my arms around his head and pulling him close, "Your voice, it's cracking! You're not allowed to grow up!"
He shoved me off, his face turning a shade of pink from embarrassment, "Shut up Estella."
We heard Hal's laugh as he passed us on his bicycle. He never wanted to walk with us anymore. Lacrosse jocks didn't talk to book nerds, apparently.
Ben was back to reading his book and I was back to twirling around and making sure I embarrassed my little brother as much as possible. He did it to me too, so it was fair.
"You wore your spiked bracelet I gave you! In honor of Halloween, too?" It was a true honor if Jimmy wore anything out of his usual outfits. It was part of his routine. As mine was the opposite, I usually just made things different every day.
"Yes, just because you got it for me. Now, my friends are waiting. And no, you can't say hi," He laughed and took off to his group of friends, who welcomed him happily. I was glad he had friends.
"Ben, I don't wanna go to Geometry," I whined, clinging to his arm, "Make it go away."
He laughed, book marking his page before putting the book in his bag, "I can't do that. Besides, you're better at math than I am. I should be the one whining to you."
I gave him a grin before walking into class, him close behind me as we sat next to each other at our table.
Ben and I were really close. We were attached at the hip actually. If we had different classes, we'd meet each other at the door of whatever class let out last. I was usually the one meeting him when walking out of my class, though. He was allowed to leave early because of his honor roll record. Which I hated.
I would've been on honor roll too if I hadn't had my breakdown in the ninth grade. It screwed over my grade point average beyond repair. And I always wanted to try to aim for a 4.0.
After Geometry and English, we were heading off towards the lunch room. We always packed, but on days when they had French fries Ben would wait in line with me for them. Our school had a stupidly amazing deep fryer to make French fries in.
"So, you liking the new book?" I had an apple in my mouth, digging through my bag for my wallet. Ben shook his head at me again and took the apple from my mouth, biting into it.
"Yes, it's a good one. I'm glad you recommended it, actually."
"Thank you, for taking that from me. But you didn't haveta eat off it. Now it has your icky germs," I let out a giggle before handing the lunch lady the money and taking the bag of fries from her, the apple in my mouth once again.
We were heading out towards the school's garden. It was always so peaceful there. And with it being fall, everything was beautiful again. I took this time to get some drawing in while Ben read.
"You think we'd be able to do it?" I was sketching a bunch of flowers in front of us, the colors starting to blend perfectly.
"Mhm. I mean, if you really wanted to make dog tags for a side job, it'd be easy. We know how to."
I smiled, my fingers wrapping around the dog tags around my neck, "Yes. We do."
I could've sworn I saw a smile grow on his face as well out of the corner of my eye.
The rest of lunch was spent in a peaceful quiet. I had finished the sketch of the flowers, and Ben had finished the first book.
"You're helping us decorate the houses tonight, right?" We were walking home.
"Yup, both our parents have already been planning a bonfire for the occasion and everything."
I laughed at the memories that came with that tradition, "It's not October until we have bonfires and scare ourselves silly."
"Don't jinx yourself there, 'Stella. You know what happened last year with you and Hal."
I shivered at the thought. He had put a spider in my hair. It was a harmless, little spider. But it was a spider. I was horribly afraid of them.
"He better not do that again or I'm letting him hold my pet snake," I grinned at the beautiful idea, "Oh… payback will be fun."
He gave me a look of warning. He never participated in the pranks that came along with the month of October. It was mostly Jimmy, Hal and I.


Bonfires usually meant camping, and camping usually meant going into the woods that leaked into our backyards and finding a place to set up tents - just Jimmy, Ben, Hal and I. Since our parents knew the Masons so well, they were okay with me going out to camp with a bunch of boys.
Hal was telling ghost stories that Jimmy eagerly listened to, but I was sitting in my tent listening to music. Horror stories didn't mix well with my problems.
After they'd headed off to bed, I tried my hardest to fall asleep. It wouldn't come to me again though. I couldn't ever seem to sleep anymore.
So instead, I took off into the woods. I didn't go too far, I made sure I could see the light of the fire I had made before I left. Well, that is until I heard a sound. It seemed like I was hearing it through a funnel. That's usually how weak hallucinations started to hint that I was having problems.
"Oh dear, this is not the time brain. Seriously, stop," I sat down and put my hands over my ears, but the sounds continued to come, soon followed by a voice. I had heard this voice a few different times. There were always slight changes, but they very closely related to each other.
"Go away," I whispered, pulling my knees up to my chest and touching my forehead to them, "Go away.."
I jumped at the feeling of a hand on my shoulder and fell back in the opposite direction, looking up with complete fear.
"It's okay, Estella, I'm here," It was Ben. He sat down next to me and held open his arms. I gladly leaned into him and covered my ears again, whimpering.
"Make them go away," I whispered, my eyes clenching shut. His hands covered mine and soon I was starting to calm down. He knew how to help with my episodes, though they hadn't happened in a long time.
When I removed my hands, he looked at me with worry, "Why haven't you told your parents?"
"Because, I've done so well. I've only had a few episodes so far, it's fine."
We both knew it wasn't though. The stress was getting to me. My current boyfriend was a jerk, and my grades were struggling because of semester exams. I was cramming in everything I could last minute while trying to make my boyfriend stay happy with me, instead of yell at me because I wasn't giving him attention. I know, it sounds like a stupid relationship. It just wasn't the time for a break up fight.
"You won't tell them because they'll make you stop seeing him.."
I looked to him, shaking my head, "No, not at all. I don't mind that. Honestly, I wish he'd just go away. I just have a lot of emotions to deal with right now."
Yeah, like my feelings for you.
"I just.." My eyes flickered to my left, and I saw yellow eyes staring back at me. I took a huge breath and shut my eyes again, leaning my head on his shoulder, "Just stay here. I'll be okay as long as you're here."
I felt him smile against my hair, wrapping his arms around me, "I'll be here. Go to sleep. Okay? I'll take you back to your tent when you're asleep."
And so, once again Ben came to the rescue. Soon enough I was in dreamland. But it didn't last long.
My dreams were never happy anymore.