"I was five and he was six," one slice to the stomach "we rode on horses made of sticks," the man collapsed to the floor, "he wore black and i wore white," he looked into her eyes, unable to speak, "he would always win the fight," she smirked and raised her arms, clutching her meteor hammer. "Bang bang, I shot you down," she sang calmly as the hammer smacked into his face, "Bang bang, you hit the ground, bang bang that awful sound," the blood seeped out of the gash as he rived in pain. "Bang bang..." She looked around the room at the cowering, whimpering, people before gently dabbing her weapon to clean the blood. At last he was still. Slowly, she exited the room through the sliding door. "I used to shoot you down..."

Outside it rained. Gogo Yubari stood still and patiently as she awaited a Crazy 88 grunt to arrive in the usual black vehicle that picked her up and took her to O-Ren Ishii. There was no shelter and she had no umbrella. The rain dropped on her pale skin; her face still as composed as a doll's. It dampened her long, dark hair and her school uniform.

At last, the car pulled up and stopped in front of her, she opened the back door and stepped inside. Immediately, the car began to drive to the Crazy 88 headquarters: House of Blue Leaves. Gogo watched the night-time lights go by through the window and eventually closed her eyes.

It took less than one hour to arrive back at the house of blue leaves.

Once inside, Gogo returned to her room where she knew she would be alone. It was a simple room: four walls, one door, a futon and a chest where she kept her weapons, a few items for cleaning and some pieces of paper. She sat on her futon and sighed, resting her back carefully against the wall. The ceiling was flawlessly white with not a spec of dirt upon it, no hint of dampness could be found on any of the walls. Even the floor was cleaned to perfection. Everything was always perfect. She looked at her lap and smiled as she crawled into her futon to sleep.

Gogo's eyes snapped open. Slowly, she pulled herself out of her futon and stood up, brushing off her clothes that she always wore and never seemed to take off or change out of. She could see a silhouette through her door which she recognized as O-Ren Ishii: the beautiful half Japanese, half Chinese-American assassin, and also the leader of the Tokyo Yakuza.

Slowly, Gogo slid open the door and stared up at her elegant leader. O-Ren wore a black kimono with tiny pink sakura blossoms along the bottom and across the sleeves. Her katana was at her side as usual.

"I have a favor to ask of you," she said, a smile stretching across her face. "It won't be challenging, I'm sure, but it must be done."

Gogo tilted her head.

"Someone is attempting to assassinate me. Of course, they could never get past the Crazy 88 but, nevertheless..." She sighed, "Intruders are really fucking annoying. I want you to take him out before he gets here." O-Ren pulled out a photograph that was tucked inside the sash of her kimono and handed it to Gogo. "Here, this is him. His name is Yuuki Wakeshitori. Find him and kill him." And with that, she gracefully spun round and walked down the steps in front of Gogo's room that would take her down to the ground floor.

Gogo stared at the photograph and stroked it, her face twisted with delight.