Everyone was excited for today because it was graduation day.

Belarus sat and looked at her graduation gown. It would've been a women's size small this year, but instead it was a medium because she was growing fatter due to being a month pregnant. She almost cried when she saw it, but the shiny glint of her ring had stopped her. She looked at it and smiled, America came behind her.

"Everything is going to be okay." he hugged her softly.

"I know," she replied "I just can't believe that I'm graduating." She hugged back, and they sat there for a long time just hugging.

Meanwhile Ylati was getting on her gown as well.

"It looks good on you!" Italy said as she looked in the mirror.

"No, no, something feels missing." she said worriedly.

Nothing seemed to be missing. It was just a white gown with a white cap is all.

"Maybe this!" Italy put her necklace around her neck and kissed her cheek.

"For you too!" she said also kissing him on the cheek.

Then they walked off to the graduation grounds.

England knocked on the door of Switzerland and Liechtenstein. He was a little nervous that Switzerland was going to come out with a gun, but luckily she opened it.

"Hi! Ready to go?" she said excitedly.

"Yes, may I please escort you madame?" he said putting his arm toward her politely.

"Certainly!" she said kindly as she grasped his arm and they walked off.

Of course with Switzerland fallowing close behind.

Germany put on his gown, he thought it didn't make him look like a man.

"I wear one too!" Spouse said also wearing a gown only she cut her's to make it look very short.

"Yes Spouse." he said "And when we're done we're going to go to the chapel and get married!"

He was looking forward to the event.

For the first time in weeks, France was actually leaving his son with a babysitter just for today of course.

"Where have you been my friend?" Prussia chuckled.

"Well, I don't know if you knew this or not, but I HAD A KID!"

"WHAT! I didn't know that!"

"I had a wife too, don't you remember?"


"She beat the shit out of me for leaving?"

"Doesn't ring a bell."

France just walked away, leaving awesome Prussia to himself.

China and Oishi were in different gowns than the others. They both were gowns that had Hello Kitty all over it.

"We found it and bought it!" China said happily to Japan.

Japan was confused. He had just decided to wear the cap and a white kimbo. Yushi also wore the same.

"Okay then?" Japan said.

Strange isn't it? Yushi signed. They both laughed. Luckily the nerds didn't understand.

Russia was angrily walking with his other sister Ukraine, who was telling him all about what was up with Belarus.

"Oh and America purposed! Oh and she's pregnant, and-"


"Oh yeah, she is pregnant!"

Russia's head was going to explode.

Canada and Seychelles walked into the auditorium to see all the graduation decorations. They held hands as they walked up to the stage. Canada was to test the mics before the ceremony. Seychelles began to act out her graduation.

"And now, lets welcome Seychelles for her outstanding job and country this year!" she said. Canada clapped as she walked around stage.

Then she slipped on the stage, luckily he was there to catch her. She kissed him when she fell into his arms.

"Lets get started, shall we?" he said finding a seat as everyone else entered.

Finally everyone was here and seated. Then Rome appeared on the stage, with his suit on rather than his usual clothes.

He looked over to see Italy and Ylati holding up a sign that said "Hey Grandpa Rome!"

He walked up to the mic.

"Welcome graduates to the first annual Country College ceremony!" everyone clapped "First off, I would like to thank nobody because nobody did anything, BUT ANYWAY! We would like to congratulate you for finishing your school year, blah blah blah, blah blah blah, NOW! Most important thing, lets present the students,"

He began pointing at different people and reading off their names and diplomas.

"England, for most responsible. Japan, school therapist. Germany, playboy. France, head chef. Prussia, awesomeness? America, heroics? Belarus, sidekickness? Russia, pipe fanatic? Ukraine, woot woot? Seychelles and Canada, unknown couple? Lichtenstein and Switzerland, brother vs. sister? Italy and Ylati, pasta buddies for life?! What did you all get your degrees in?"

"Mine was in awesomeness!" Prussia yelled.

"Okay whatever let us continue. Anyway blah blah blah, blah blah blah. Thank you for coming, be successful, blah blah blah, throw your caps in the air, yay yeah whatever, and now this building is going to explode!" Rome said happily.

Everyone started screaming and running out. Luckily they got out in time. But then the whole campus was blown to little bits.

"Why the hell did they do that!" England said holding Liechtenstein.

"I think it's because no one needs it anymore." Japan said also holding Yushi.

"Look whatever man! I think we might as well enjoy ourselves, HEY PROM AT THE BIG BUILDING DOWN THE STREET AT NINE!" America yelled.

Soon it was nine at night and everyone was heading to that building down the street. The whole place was filled with decorations based on the world. Everyone had even managed to rent a suit or a dress in less than one day somehow. England and Lichtenstein came in hand and hand.

"Wow, this so called prom is huge!" Lichtenstein said.

"No kidding!" England said amazed with the progress.

Japan, Yushi, America, and Belarus walked in.

"How did you manage this?" Japan asked.

"I didn't, he did!" America said pointing to the DJ on stage which was Rome.

France and Prussia walked in, Prussia had gotten a date, and well, France didn't want one.

"Dude! Let's spike the punch!" Prussia said rubbing his hands together.

"You guys go ahead." France said and he sat in a chair.

Germany and Spouse entered.

"Are we getting married now?" Spouse asked.

"No, we're just coming here because Italy begged me to." Germany answered frustrated.

Canada and Seychelles walked in.

"Oh what fun!" she said "Lets dance!"

"Uh um I don't know if we shoul-" he was then dragged to the dance floor again.

Then finally Italy and Ylati entered.

"Wow this is huge!" Italy said.

"Hey Grandpa, uh DJ?" Ylati said confused when she saw Rome on stage playing the music.

"Just because I'm old doesn't mean I can't still play this music!" Rome said happily.

They just laughed and ran to the dance floor.

Soon the party was just dancing and sitting. The music stopped when Rome began to speak.

"Now I know nobody voted, but the results for prom queens and kings are here!" he said.

Everyone hushed up.

"Now, there are 7 princes, and 7 princesses. Out of those we will decide who is prom king and queen!"

Everyone clapped.

"Okay first couple, also known as hero team, please welcome our first pair, America and Belarus!"

"Second couple, also known as team quiet, give it up for Canada and Seychelles!"

"Third couple, also known as peace couple, Japan and Yushi!"

"Next, we have beauty and the beast, also known as, Germany and Spouse!"

"Here we have what we call the nerdy couple, here is China and Oishi!"

"Then we have team magic couple, England and Lichtenstein!"

"And last but not least, the pasta buddies, Italy and Ylati!"

Everyone that had been called up got a small and minor crown, they stood in silence as Rome announced the winners!

"And tonight's king and queen is..."

He slowly opened the envelope that was going to reveal the results.

"AMERICA AND BELARUS!" he screamed.

Belarus kissed America and then walked up to claim her crown. America followed.

"Second place is ITALY AND YLATI!" he screamed again.

Italy and Ylati were known as the real prince and princess tonight and America and Belarus were the king and queen.

"And now, the king and queen dance!"

America bowed to Belarus. She curtsied and they walked onto the dance floor. The slow dancing music began. Here they were, just two love birds, dancing for everyone to see.

"I love you." America whispered into her ear.

"I love you too." Belarus whispered in his ear.

They kissed once more as they danced.

"And now the prince and princess!"

Italy picked up Ylati and he ran to the dance floor with her in his arms. Then dropped her so they could dance.

"You really know how to impress a girl Italy." Ylati said as they began to dance.

"Yeah, well you really know how to get a guy to fall in love." Italy said as they came closer.

Canada and Seychelles joined them. So did everyone else, and they began slow dancing.

"I guess we didn't win love." England said sadly.

"I don't need a king to love me though." Liechtenstein said thoughtfully.

"Not even a prince?" he said still a little disappointed.

"No, I just need you." she said happily.

It was a strange feeling inside England, he felt his heart pounding inside his chest. What should he do? She came closer, her heart felt the same way. Still what? Well he knew what to do. He slowly leaned in for a kiss and Liechtenstein kissed back. They just sat for a minute or two kissing. In a corner, Switzerland was getting ready to pounce, but luckily France stopped him.

"It's just love." France calmed him.

Then he just looked at England actually kissing a girl that seemed right for him. They stopped kissing, looked at each other, and started to dance even closer. France sat in a chair just waiting for this to be over. But then Ukraine walked up to him.

"My brother won't give me a dance, so will you?" she asked nervously.

France looked up and down at her body. Hell yes he would! He grabbed her and toke her to the dance floor. Then Russia was over there by himself.

"Hmm, since I'd rather be alone, I might as well just dance by myself!" he said in his happy outside voice, but angry inside.

He started dancing with an invisible partner, it might have looked weird, but it wasn't to him.

Now all the countries were together, dancing with someone they loved dearly close beside them. It was all slow music and it was so romantic. Everything is now over from here, but really. The story's just getting started!