The water lapped against the hull of the ship as it sailed through the rough waters, bright sails contrasting the gloomy grey sky above. A storm seemed to be coming on, but the people on the deck didn't seem concerned. On the contrary, they seemed downright festive. It was a family of four, as well as various crewmembers. The family was easily distinguishable from the regular sailors, with bright, fiery red hair and clothes that suggested their position to be that of royalty or something close. The two children, both quite large for their ages, played through a mock fight with wooden swords. Their parents watched happily, gazing upon their young sons with pride.

"I'm gonna rip your guts out, Fergus!" the younger called out, scowling with frustration. Though hardy and muscular for a child around five years of age, his brother was twice his size and years. Fergus grinned mockingly at his brother, dodging swiftly out of range as the smaller boy lunged forward with his sword.

"Bad form, Stoick," he advised, leaning casually against the mast and easily parrying another attack. Stoick grit his teeth.

"Be careful, you two," their mother said, looking worried. "Don't get too physical or too close to the side of the ship. The sea will jump up and swallow you whole."

"Ah, they'll be fine," her husband chuckled. "They're shaping up to be fine warriors. They know better than to fall into the water."

"Can you control when the ship decides to tilt like a drunken sailor?" The woman crossed her arms and frowned at her husband.

"We know how to swim, Mum," Stoick told her, mimicking her position and expression exactly.

"That's right!" their father exclaimed, raising his fist dramatically. "These boys are DunBroch men! There isn't a battle in the world that they can't win! Especially not with their father as the clan leader!"

"Even leaders have their weaknesses," Lady DunBroch sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose. "I just want my boys to be safe."

"We will be," ten-year-old Fergus smiled. "We're just like Dad. 'Cept I'm the better fighter!" He jabbed Stoick in the back with his sword. "I killed you, Stoick!"

That move spurned his brother into action, and Stoick let out an impressive holler. "You did not! That's bloody cheating!"

Lord DunBroch laughed heartily as he watched his children begin to battle once more. His wife rolled her eyes, but smiled tolerably and leaned into the massive man's shoulder. He rubbed her arm lovingly in return.

"They are strong," the woman said, "but I'm worried about the storm. The sea's getting rough; it'd toss young ones right over. I've known far too many grown men lost in such a way."

"Hmm. I guess we could lock em up down in the bowels." Said Lord DunBroch thoughtfully in return. A few minutes passed in silence except for Fergus's and Stoick's sounds of frustration and laughter.

Suddenly, a large waved rocked the ship, throwing many bodies off their feet. The sky had darkened dangerously, and the storm blew over them completely out of nowhere, pelting viciously at the sailors with icy daggers. Wind blew ruthlessly, causing Stoick to stagger a few feet.

Without pausing to think, Lord DunBroch ran over to his sons and scooped them up, one boy in each arm and dashed away, booming out to his wife to follow. The crew was in shock for a mere half second, then scattered in opposite directions, keeping the ship in order. The family flew down into the lower decks. Lord DunBroch set his sons down carefully while his wife caught her breath. The two boys stared at each other with wide eyes for a moment, not bothering to try and hide their sudden fear.

"Dad, what's happening?" Asked Fergus.

"You three stay here. That's a nasty storm above. The best we can do is keep you down here till it's clear." Lord DunBroch said.

"We want to help! Can't we help?" asked Stoick loudly.

"Yeah! We can have that storm gone in no time!" Fergus shouted, agreeing wildly.

"No. You will stay here. Yes, even you Stoick," Lady DunBroch added sternly as Stoick made every sign of doing the exact opposite.

"Dad, please? We can be like you! We'll be like real warriors, Dad!" Stoick said, now turning on his father for support. Fergus was nodding fervently beside his younger brother.

"I'm afraid not, boys. I only want what's best for you and right now, that's staying here. Listen boys, both of you. Come here," he said kneeling down so that he was eye level with his sons, "You will be great warriors someday. I can feel it. You both will be great. You may be chief of a tribe or clan yourselves. Have a beautiful wife, like mine. I know you will be honored by many. But these only come in time, you understand? For now, you must stay here. We must wait and see what the future has in store for us. You understand?"

"Yes, Dad," Fergus and Stoick said together.

With that, Lord DunBroch patted his sons' heads and turned and gave his wife a large kiss on the cheek. She touched his face softly as he turned and climbed up the ladder to the main deck.

There was a moment of silence while the two brothers and the queen listened to the roaring wind and the shouts from the crew members. Fergus and Stoick simultaneously began begging their mother to let them go and help their father.

"No, for the last time Fergus, you can't go! And neither can you Stoick!" Lady DunBroch said exasperated.

"Please? We'll do good Mother, we promise." Fergus argued.


"How come you won't give us a chance?"

"Stoick, Fergus that's enough."

There was silence among them once more. Fergus and Stoick exchanged glances, and then Fergus asked hopefully," Please?"

Lady DunBroch gave no reply, just gave Fergus a stern look. Suddenly from above on the main deck, they heard a cry of surprise and a dull thud as if someone had been knocked off their feet. They knew that voice as well as they knew their own; it was Lord DunBroch.

"Dad!" shouted Stoick, and before anybody could say anything more, he dashed over to the ladder with surprising speed.

"Stoick, no! Come back now!" screeched Lady DunBroch, but it was too late. Stoick was already racing to the deck. He could hear Fergus run after him, wanting just as badly as Stoick did to help. The two burst onto the deck. The ship was chaos. Men were running in every direction, shouting incomprehensible words, freezing water splashing over the sides of the ship. The wind howled, and the boys could hear the mast and support poles creaking treacherously. The ship pitched, tilted and swerved, making it very difficult to stand straight. Stoick suddenly saw his father attempting to pull himself up from the floor. However, whenever he would try, the ship would pitch more vigorously and he would topple back down. Stoick nudged Fergus and they ran over to their father and tugged at his arm. Lord DunBroch looked up, and when he saw his only sons, shock, anger and fear showed clearly in his brown eyes.

"Fergus, Stoick, what are you- get back down with your mother, what are you thinking?!" Lord DunBroch yelled.

"We're helping! I had to help dad! We heard you fall and we just had to come!" Stoick spluttered.

Lord DunBroch finally managed to pull himself to his feet and began to steer his son to the door that led to lower decks. Fergus wrenched himself free and said," Dad, we're good helpers!"

Behind them, they could hear the clattering of women's shoes running towards the door to the main deck. A second later, Lady DunBroch threw open the door and stared around wildly. When she saw her family, she ran as fast as her high heels would allow. Throwing her arms wide open, he hugged her sons very tightly. She looked up at Lord DunBroch and said, "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine. Now get these two back down below, now! Its mad up here, they'll get blown overboard for sure."

"But we don't want to leave, do we Stoick?" Fergus asked Stoick boldly.

"Go!" Lord DunBroch bellowed.

Lady DunBroch was desperately pulling her sons arms silently begging them to join her, but the two resisted. Lord DunBroch shoved them unceremoniously towards the door. They ran a few paces then staggered as the ship dipped dangerously to the left and back in an instant. A gigantic wave rose up and crashed over the side, submerging the deck in knee-deep water. There was a moment of silence between the family as they tried to regain balance, then the ship tilted almost vertically to the left.

Stoick felt his body go airborne. His eyes watched fearfully as he watched the ship below his feet was replaced by the churning water. He watched his family cry out. His mother was clutching her face, terrified. His brother watched him with very wide eyes and his father, dashed forward and desperately tried to grab hold of him.

"Stoick!" cried Lady DunBroch helplessly reaching out her hand as Stoick was thrown back off the ship and into the freezing water.

The small boy struggled against the powerful waves, to no avail. He knew how to swim, but was unable to win against the strong force of the sea and the manipulative currents. He was weaker than the water, and Stoick realized that with a strong surge of panic. He opened his mouth to scream, but his throat was immediately flooded with cold, salty brine. Stoick could dimly hear his parents shouting for him, but that was the last thing he was aware of before the world went black.


Luna: Goodness that's epic. So this story is a How to Train Your Dragon/Brave crossover as you can see, where Stoick and Fergus are long lost brothers. Somehow, later on, they reunite lovingly.

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