The prisoner

Chapter one: Unlawfully imprisoned

Harry was eating breakfast in the Great Hall at Hogwarts in his fifth year, in fact fifth year had only just started and it was three weeks in when everything went from bad to worse. Harry was sitting next to the quidditch team discussing potential practise times when the doors were flung open and in marched Cornelius Fudge and a six man auror party.

"Harry Potter you are under arrest for the murder of Vernon Dursley, Petunia Dursley and Dudley Dursley." Silence came immediately after a cascade of knives and forks hit the floor and tables. "You may have the chance to a lawyer and you may remain silent for everything you say may be used against you as evidence in a court of law." Announced Fudge smugly. Harry groaned as the charges were filed against him.

Triple murders of his last relatives, "What was the wand used?" He asked tentatively "11inches Holly with a Phoenix Tail feather." Harry paled "When?" "Last night." Katie gasped and grabbed Harry's hand "You were with me. We didn't take our wands as we were hanging out on the Gryffindor Balcony." Harry nodded. "So how do you plead?" Mocked Dawlish.

Seizing his tremendous amount of courage Harry stood up and withdrew his wand "I plead not guilty and let's get this over with." This result surprised everyone. They had expected Harry to plead not guilty but they had expected a bit of a struggle. Harry let Kingsley slap the magic suppressing cuffs on him but to everyone's surprise they broke. On went another pair and it happened again.

Instead the aurors grabbed Harry and frog marched him to a portkey and whisked him away. The aurors were taken by surprise as Harry hit the ground and crumpled like a sack of shit after landing with the portkey. "Never learnt how to use those or floo." He grumbled getting the stern aurors to grin.

They slung him in a cell, but whisked him away three quarters of an hour later. Harry then found himself back in courtroom one. Harry and zoned out and listened to the farce of the judge and jury. His heart sank when Hermione testified against him and broke when almost everyone he knew did the same. Ron, Neville, Fred, George and the rest of the quidditch team testified for Harry's innocence Katie even revealing things about his home life that he had begged to keep quiet but to no avail.

"We the ministry of magic find you guilty. As you are a minor we cannot sentence you to the Dementors kiss or execution by the veil so we give you three lifetimes in maximum security in Azkaban prison all your possessions will be handed over to Gringotts and they will look after them if you're innocent or use them if you're guilty. May Merlin watch over you." With that the Dementors swept in and grabbed Harry and began to drag him out. "Katie, I love you. Fudge you're going to reap what you sow"

Meanwhile in the Underworld and in Atlantis Poseidon, Hades and Hectate awoke with a start they had felt the desperation of a brand new demigod being dragged to a literal hell on Earth. Poseidon vapour travelled to Hades and Hectate. "Brother, Lady Hectate I've felt another Demigod child of mine being dragged into a hell on earth. Hades stared at Poseidon "How can Harry Potter be your child because I was with one Lily Evans Potter as well." The brothers stared at each other and began to laugh "Oh boy, Harry Potter is the Son of both of us, this means he'll have double the powers of a normal demigod and both our weaknesses."

Hectate chipped into the conversation "Harry Potter is also blessed by me. With him in jail, we can easily spirit him away and train him up. Olympus knows we need all the Demigods we can get." At that the two Olympians grinned. What they didn't know was that the Potters, Evans and Black Lines had joined in Harry Potter unleashing the Power of the Ghost Rider. Except Harry Potter had his soul.