The prisoner

Chapter ten: Of meetings and immortality

Annabeth and Percy kept flying keeping a reasonable altitude whilst making sure not to lose Harry and Nico. Rachel had stayed and got driven by a chauffeur, it was nearly twilight when the group tore up half-blood hill.

The moment Harry and Nico entered the camp, they were immediately surrounded by a dozen kids armed to the teeth with swords, spears and shields. They seemed to be led by a girl in a boar shaped helm. "Who are you two?" She growled placing the spear underneath Harry's chin. "We're friendly. Percy and Annabeth can vouch for us. You're about to be attacked from the Labyrinth as you already know. My name is Harry Potter and this is Nico Di Angelo. Our parent's identities need to remain secretive." The burly girl grudgingly lowered her spear and indicated the rest to do the same.

"Wow, Harry even I didn't manage to annoy Clarisse that badly. Clarisse was the girl with the spear placed underneath your chin." Percy commented. Harry grinned "I'm not fussed. I have my own agenda over here to help you and find some leads about my task." Percy stared at his new sibling "You have your own task?" Harry nodded curtly "A man has split his soul to cheat death. He needs to be brought to justice. I'm going to stay and help this defence. Now if you'll excuse me, I have things to do."

Harry disappeared amongst the demi-gods and quickly got himself a breastplate and busied himself digging up trenches with the Hephaestus cabin and secretly inscribing runes onto the projectiles making them multiply and burst into flames. Then using his abilities of herbology he cultivated several parts of the entrance in various nasty plants ranging from poisonous to incarceration.

"GET READY!" Clarisse shouted, Harry, Percy and Nico rushed to Chiron's side ready to be deployed when needed, just then they felt the ground rumble and explode as Giants, Half-Bloods, Hellhounds, Dracaena and Kampe surged out of the Labyrinth. The onslaught of monsters ripped over the traps Harry helped set except Kampe who took to the air and began to circle ominously looking like an overgrown mutated bat. "GO! GO! GO!" Shouted Chiron the moment the Demeter campers began to retreat from a group Hyperborean giants.

Harry, Percy and Nico rushed forward and split apart. Harry sped towards the gap left by the Demeter cabin, unsheathing his two swords and applying magic to them he threw them at the oncoming Hellhounds. Two of the closest demons yelped as they melted into dust. But it was enough for Katie Gardner to pull three of her younger siblings away and in time to see a massive black blur ram into the hounds.

"Taking little girls? I think not." Katie looked to find a tall kid she had never seen before wielding a chain and holding back the hellhounds. Katie scrambled back as a hellhound launched itself at the newcomer who swivelled out of the way and casually hurled the chain into its back leg. "BACK TO HELL!" He shouted launching the hellhound into the air and back into the ground destroying it and taking out three enemy demigods with the hounds own weight.

Percy rushed over to the Athena cabin and where it linked with the Hephaestus cabin just in time to seriously injure two demigods that had tried to stab Annabeth and Beckendorf. "Thanks mate." Called Beckendorf, Percy grinned as he casually spun between two empousai and cut them down almost casually. "That's how children of the sea do things."

Nico drew his sword and plunged it into the ground, "Serve me." He called and a platoon of various skeletons from different era emerged mainly from the Napoleonic wars and WWII, they proceeded to fire upon the oncoming hoard of monsters. Whilst Nico stepped around them destroying the monsters that escaped the onslaught of celestial bronze bullets, however Chiron remained amongst the Apollo cabin and fired shot after shot at Kampe which unfortunately missed.

Then Kampe struck, shrieking like an eagle whilst roaring like a lion it dived at the campers and monsters, swords dripping with acid straight towards the Demeter cabin. Harry shoved the Demeter cabin into less danger and hurled his chain, he grinned slightly but it turned to horror as it sailed past Kampe, everyone stopped and turned to see an Acid spitting blade erupt through Harry's chest and he sank to the ground, landed face first and went still.

The whole camp was in shock, a new comer had just been killed by Kampe but he hadn't been dissolved by the acid. Then the shadows lengthened and they began to creep across the ground. By now the fighting had increased in ferocity led by Katie Gardner. They drove the monsters and opposing demi-gods back whilst dodging Kampes diving attacks which were whittling them down one by one. It didn't help that Kampe and rammed Harry's corpse onto a tree branch.

As the shadows began to touch Harry's corpse it began to smoke, and surprisingly no-one noticed, Harry's eyes opened and he erupted in the ghost rider. Harry wrenched himself free from the tree, held out his hands and his chain and swords slammed into his hands and wrapped it around him.

"Hey Kampe. Dodge this." Harry summoned a ball of hellfire from his hand and launched it with pristine accuracy straight at Kampe who screamed in agony as the fireball ripped through her. Harry grinned as he slung his chain lacerating Kampe. His swords magically melded together to form a battle claw covering his hand it was a menacing weapon of iron and bronze in the shape of a gauntlet with two overhanging prongs between the fingers.

Then all of a sudden several boulders connected with Kampe bring in her out of the sky, Harry turned around as Briars emerged from the labyrinth and barrelled into the opposing forces from behind with Mrs. O'Leary and Daedalus. "HANG STRONG LITTLE COUSIN!" Shouted the massive hundred handed one, Harry spun around to notice Tyson was bashing several giants over the head with his massive fists like a massive version of whack-a-mole.

Kampe struggled free of the boulders but her head was cut clean off from Harry's idle chain flick. "Burn you son of a bitch." Harry growled as Kampe dissolved into dust. As Kampe dissolved the Labyrinth crumbled away because Daedalus sacrificed himself to Nico.