Chapter nine: Discoveries and interventions

The attack never came because in the confusion Annabeth blew on the whistle given to them by Quintus was made out of Stygian Ice and it summoned the world's friendliest hellhound Mrs. O'Leary to them. O'Leary came bounding out of the shadows disrupting the crowd giving Percy enough time to grab Annabeth and Rachel and literally pulled them out of the arena and down the corridor.

They noticed that the labyrinth had become more lab like and more modern. "Where's Daedalus?" Asked Annabeth the moment they entered the heart of the labyrinth. "This place is awesome, I didn't expect this." Rachel heard a chuckle from behind them and spun around and their stood... "Quintus?" Gasped Annabeth, Percy tightened his grip on his sword. "Why are you here? Where's Daedalus?" Asked Annabeth, Quintus laughed "I am Daedalus, Annabeth." Percy glowered at their sword instructor. "Daedalus is dead...He died a long time ago." He spat.

Quintus smiled and waved it off "Yes, they all say that Daedalus hid in the Labyrinth to the end of his days. How many of you actually know what the word quintus actually means?" Annabeth quickly responded "Fifth but what does that have to do with anything?" Daedalus flipped a catch and revealed a bunch whirling cogs. "I am Daedalus. I managed to transfer my animus into four other bodies."

As they were discussing this, a platoon of monsters rushed into the lab followed by a spectre. "Ah Daedalus...After three thousand years of relentless searching I have finally found you." It said mockingly. "Minos. I must say it's a displeasure." Said Daedalus venomously, however as Minos entered the room, Daedalus activated a security system which sounded like a Klaxon that began to rise in pitch. Soon an ultrahigh pitch wail echoed throughout the Labyrinth up underneath Hogwarts grounds.

Harry suddenly fell to his knees clutching his head. "Nico, high pitch sound beneath our feet. Oh and Voldemort is happy about something." Nico nodded "The squeal is coming from the Labyrinth and I can feel that mouldy fucks happiness. You have no idea what he does to the dead." Harry grunted and got to his feat, skull half revealed. "Ron, I appreciate everything you've done for me. Keep looking for artefacts of the founders, look after Katie for me and prepare everyone for the upcoming years. I can foretell it's gonna be shitty and violent. No quarter." Ron's eyes brightened with a fire of resolution "Carpe Diem." He blurted out, Harry grinned and hugged him "Very apt. Remember we're never too young to die."

Katie turned to Harry with pain in her eyes "You've gotta go save the world?" Harry nodded reluctantly "Someone has to take out the trash." He replied kissing her on the lips. Katie then gripped his shoulders "Come back to me." She murmured against his chest, Harry tilted her head back so they were looking into each other's eyes "I shall try my love. You need to research the founders for known objects pass it onto Ron and Neville. It's to do with Riddle, oh and train and train. Don't let my disappearance get you down." Katie looked at the teen who had stolen her heart and had the world on his shoulders "I'll try. Travel fast and safe, For Olympus." Harry grinned at Katie "For Olympus."

Harry and Nico then turned and sprinted into the shadows, Harry reaching out to track Nico's movements so they wouldn't get lost or separated. "See ya Hogwarts. Train hard and fight for what you believe." As Harry was swallowed up by the shadow's his bike appeared next to him, without thinking Harry shrunk and placed into his pocket as the shadows swallowed him whole.

McGonagall and the students watched as one of their best pupils and peers disappeared into the shadows. Little did Harry know that he had spurred the breaking down the barriers of Slytherin house as the Slytherins who were too young or were neutral began to prepare a defence against their more zealous classmates. Ron turned to Hermione and murmured "Hermione, I'm going to need your help if we're going to have a hope in hell of surviving this war." Hermione nodded and hugged wrong "I'm sorry." Was all she could say.

However down in the Labyrinth, Percy punched an attacking half-blood across the face with the hilt of his sword. He dived to the left as an empousai tried to bite him, only to find himself stuck underneath a worktable filled with Greek fire. The empousai flipped the table, picking up a sword from a fallen demigod drove it towards the Son of Poseidon's stomach. Suddenly the empousai was sprouting a chain through her celestial bronze chest plate. "Get off him." He heard.

Percy looked up to see Nico Di Angelo and another guy he didn't recognise but he recognised the voice and the chain that was the guy who saved him. Harry dodged around a hyperborean giant and stabbed it in the Achilles tendon with Maelstrom, decapitated a leaping hellhound with reaper and garrotted a little half-blood who tried to slip a sword into a blond girls back. Annabeth turned around to see a half-blood drop dead behind her with a blue face, she then locked eyes with an exact carbon copy of Percy the only differences were this new-comer was taller, paler and less experienced in combat than Percy. "Get out of here." She shouted at, He grinned ran, jumped and using her as a springboard drop kicked Ethan Nakamura square in the face.

Nico, destroyed four monsters and turned to face Minos, "Back to hell." Nico commanded Minos cackled madly "You have no power over me. I AM THE GHOST KING!" Nico snorted and swung his sword towards Minos "No...I AM!" With that he slammed his sword into the ground and the spirit army following Minos were sucked in like a vacuum sucks up dust. Percy stood up and surveyed the destroyed Lab, surfaces were burning with Greek fire and their unconcerned was the person he could only deduce as Harry Potter. "Harry, we need to get out of here." Said Percy, Harry looked at Percy grinned "Get the wings on and let's go."

Harry pulled the wings onto Annabeth sealed them down with hot wax, and repeated the process with Nico, Percy and Rachel. He bundled them to the window. "Daedalus what about you?" Daedalus shoved some things into a bag "I must go and right some wrongs. For now our paths parts Heroes. I'm sorry." Harry nodded and shoved the heroes out of the window. Annabeth screamed at Percy "YOU LEFT YOUR BROTHER BEHIND! HOW COULD YOU!" Percy grunted and extended his arms to level out. "I THOUGHT HE WAS RIGHT BEHIND US!"

They turned their heads to see an explosion and their way out and Harry had completely disappeared, Nico quickly got their descent under control as he steered them more or less expertly to the ground in some woods. Nico landed with a staggered run with Rachel, Annabeth stumbled tripped and crashed into a tree for support whilst Percy ploughed into and through the branches of a pine tree got wedged in the branches and joined them the hard way (involves falling the entire way with the assistance of branches.)

Once everyone gathered their breath, Annabeth glowered at Percy "You left your brother to die." Percy was about to respond when he heard the shrill call of a raven, the raven circled the group and landed next to Nico and shifted its shape, Annabeth gasped as the raven became Harry. Harry smirked at the group "Miss me?"

Nico fell about laughing at the innocent statement, Annabeth flushed red and thrust her hand out to slap him only to find her arm twisted around and her on her back. "Never hit the one who saved you. Anyhow I only two people here." He let go of Annabeth who sprung to her feet. Harry cleared his throat "I know Nico because he was the one who told me about the shit storm that was occurring here." Harry's eyes flicked over Percy "The tanned kid must be Percy." Percy nodded and shook Harry's proffered hand.

"Me I'm Harry Potter and quite frankly I don't know who's in the worst place me or these two." He said indicating Percy and Nico. "I'm the son of Poseidon and Hades." This statement shocked everyone. "We need to get to camp ASAP." Said Annabeth standing up, Harry looked at her "Give me an address and I can ride there." Harry then pulled out his motorbike from his pocket which he enlarged to full size.

Annabeth grinned as did Nico who jumped on behind Harry who chucked him a helmet. "Percy, Annabeth you go on we'll follow." Harry said grinning as the day began to end. Annabeth and Percy kicked off on Pork Pie and Blackjack whilst Harry and Nico rode on Buell Ulysses XB12X its engine growling along the back roads.