Don't worry everyone, I'm still working on my other works, I just rediscovered the Princess and the Frog again XD and how much I love them and NAVEEN! Anyway, this popped into my head so I HAD to post it!

"So I was thinkin' 'bout invitin' Mama over for dinner tonight."

Naveen looked at his wife and nodded as she placed a few more ingredients into the bag he was carrying. "Alright. What were you thinking of making for dinner?"

"Well we haven't had Gumbo in a while-"

"Gumbo it is!" Naveen said excitedly.

Tiana laughed, "Safe to say I know what you want."

Naveen shrugged as he paid the man for their ingredients, "Is it such a crime to enjoy your food?" When she didn't answer he turned around to look at her, "Tiana?" Naveen asked curiously. Tiana was watching a fly zip around with an interesting expression on her face. Then suddenly her tongue flew out of her mouth much like it had when she had been a frog only not as long. A moment passed as Naveen's eyes widened and Tiana slapped a hand over her mouth then looked at him, a mixture of horror and embarrassment on her face. He knew he'd regret it, he knew she'd slap him, but he couldn't help it.

He burst into laughter.

Tiana full on glared at him, "It ain't funny, Naveen!" Tiana snapped, her voice slightly muffled by her hand.

Naveen placed their purchases down and walked up to her, "I'm sorry, my love, but I cannot help it." He said in between his laughter, "Out of the two of us, you are the one who has-"

"Don't you dare say it!" Tiana cut off pushing him away. "And stop laughin'!"

Naveen shook his head and forced himself to calm down. "Come now, mi Prutti, it is not that bad."

Tiana looked at him, desperation creeping onto her face. "Not that bad?" she sighed, "What if this doesn't go away? Or get worse?"

"It only happened once." Naveen tried to reason.

Tiana still looked unconvinced, "But…"

Naveen took her face in his hands and smiled gently at her, "If there are still parts of the spell that have yet to leave then the only course of action is to break it again." Naveen said letting a charming smile grace his handsome features, "And how did we do that the first time?" Tiana couldn't help the smile that came as she linked her arms around his neck and kissed him. Once they pulled apart Naveen smiled down at her, "Feel better?"

Tiana chuckled and answered with another kiss.