A/N: So now only Liliandil and Caspian left. Evil me is saving Caspian for last and It'll be the longest out of all of them, even Lucy's. Hope you all enjoy and please review for me, Loves!

Liliandil Pov

The young Queen was gone, gone from both our world and hers how…tragic. Of course I say that but I can't help but feel a small sense of reassurance in mine and Caspian's marriage. I knew he was attracted to the youngest Queen of Old and with her gone, well it was a pretty much lock and hid the key kind of marriage. I did feel bad for him though; he had lost one of his best friends and close enough to be considered a family member. He moped around the castle, busying himself with this and that to put as much space between himself and others as possible. Under normal circumstances I would ask Reepicheep to speak with him but seeing as how he is no longer here it seems as if I will be the one trying to get him to come to bed and not stay in other various rooms of the castle. Huh, he wasn't in his study or in the gardens and I had checked every other room except…Queen Lucy's room. Turning and heading for her chamber I walked determined to keep my head up and not back down like I had so many times before. I tried opening it and realized it was locked. …Caspian never locked it, I pulled and tugged at the door knob but it was no use. Just as I turned away from the door to go and get someone to open it I heard a loud thud. The guards looked at me at the same moment and the broke the door down. Running inside and seeing no sign of him I tried the bathroom that was connected to her bedroom. The first thing I noticed as the broken glass everywhere on the floor, holding my hand up I signaled for the guards to stay put in there. Walking a little further in the sight brought me to my knees. Caspian lay there on the floor, dead from the wound caused by the glass. I had loved him, I really had and even though I never showed that it would, his passing hurt me more than I could ever express. I don't know how long I sat there crying next to him. Begging and pleading for him to wake up and that everything would be fine, that I would be a better wife and Queen to him. I knew it was stupid though, even if he were alive he would turn a deaf ear to me, because I would never measure up to Queen Lucy in his eyes. A guard escorted me back to my chambers and once I was in there a lady handed me a folded up piece of paper.

I had to be with her again Liliandil, I'm sorry, forgive me.


Feeling a new batch of tears coming I crumpled up the letter and threw it across the room. The Valiant Queen had beaten me; even in death she was more wanted and desired by every man than I ever would be. She had won Caspian's heart, and consequently his life.