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Chapter 1

Going, Going, Gone!

So it had come, the final battle of good and evil. The final, deciding factor in the war over the fate of the elemental nations was underway. The force for good was Namikaze Naruto, the last remaining hope against the leader of Akatsuki. The force of evil, squaring off against Naruto was a man who was known simply as Obito. One side seeking peace through unity and solidarity within the countries, the other seeking peace through enslavement and illusion, yet both were steadfast in their belief that their way was right. They stared at one another from across a desolate and destroyed wasteland. Naruto stood enshrouded in a bright chakra cloak reminiscent of his sage cloak, with a large seal array that spanned his whole body. Obito stood opposite him, his long cloak tattered, his mask cracked, and his battle fan missing chunks out of it. His mismatched eyes stared intently at Naruto, watching him calculatingly. The tension in the air was thick; any sudden movement would shatter it, and cause another bout of blows to be traded. It was Obito that broke the palpable silence.

"I can see your chakra levels are fading quickly, you're almost down to your last dregs. Soon, the Kyuubi will be mine, and with the complete Jubi, my plan will be ready, and the hope of this world will be gone."

"Then I'll just have to end you here and now!" Naruto shouted as he raised his hands to his sides. He concentrated before shooting off fast enough to only be seen as an orange flash. He appeared to the left of the Uchiha, throwing his right hand across in an arcing hammer fist, which passed right through the Uchiha as he countered with a slash of the big fan. It passed harmlessly through an afterimage as Naruto's left hand appeared through his face as Naruto phased through his opponent. Madara reacted by solidifying as Naruto passed through, only to catch a tail-like tendril of chakra to the face as he went to grab Naruto. Having been sent careening to his left, the Uchiha righted himself before launching a wall of fire at the blonde. Naruto retaliated by zipping around the attack in another flash of orange before launching a roundhouse at the Uchiha. His foot passed through where his opponent's back was, before continuing his spin with a spin kick that passed through Obito once more. As his kick completed its circuit, his chakra cloak flickered before disappearing completely. Seizing the opportunity, Obito grabbed ahold of Naruto's left wrist, before wrenching it behind the blonde's back, Naruto snarled as he jabbed his fingernails into his opponent's chest in an attempt to get him to release his wrist. All it managed to do was draw blood as the Uchiha ignored it.

"Looks like you've reached your end. I admit, it was a good effort. But now, I have won and you have lost, and all hope for this world has vanished," Obito smirked triumphantly behind his mask.

Naruto continued to struggle to break the grip that the leader of Akatsuki had on his arm, before he felt warm trickle of blood down his fingers. His eyes widened in wonder before his trademark grin settled into place. "I've got one more trick up my sleeve, bastard."

In an instant he gathered up the remaining dregs of Kurama's chakra before channeling it into his hand and directly into his opponent's body, the highly corrosive and destructive chakra started to flow into Obito's chakra coils. Obito's eyes widened before trying to throw Naruto away, only to be surprised when his fingers sank deeper into his skin, and grabbed hold of a hand-sized chunk of flesh, with his middle finger hooked behind a rib. A startled gasp of pain escaped Madara before the burning started. He tried to phase out, but was unable to due to the demonic chakra coursing its way through his system. He tried again, before calling out in pain again, only this time, it was a roar of pain.

"Let go, brat!" the Uchiha spat out in fury, before grabbing his wrist again and twisted it, gaining a sickening crack and sharp cry of pain as he broke Naruto's wrist, yet the resilient blonde refused to let go, despite the raging fire in his wrist.

"You die here, asshole!" Naruto gritted out in pain. It took all of his amazing willpower to keep his hold on the Uchiha. "Face it, you've lost!"

In response to his declaration, despite the pain in his body, he started his teleportation/warping jutsu. His mind delirious with pain, he didn't think for a second that this could be the worst possible decision he had ever made. As the time/space warp flowed around him and Naruto, their bodies started to disappear and after a few seconds, they both disappeared, leaving the battleground vacant of all life.

In another realm a mighty beast was dying. This was an ancient being, living well past the normal age those of his kind reached. He was a colossal reptilian-like beast. He was covered snout to tail in glorious golden scales. Jewelry hung from the ends of several of his facial horns. The air about him was smothered and clouded with his ancient presence. He was in his lair, filled with various piles and mounds of precious stones, gold, magical artifacts, and weapons. His head was resting on his right foreleg, his eyes unfocused as he spent the last few moments reflecting on his life. With a slow blink he came back to reality, letting out a massive breath through his nostrils. Raising his head up, he started to collect his magical energy, as his thoughts ran rampant.

'I will not go quietly into the abyss without so much as a whimper. I will find a worthy human to inherit my power and will, just like some of these younger dragons.' with his final thought, he let the completely gathered magic surge and coat his body, turning the whole of it into a giant, glowing beacon of white light. An ancient, unnamed magic surrounded the dragon before it dissipated into nothingness, leaving the cave that was his lair empty of his presence except for his impressive hoard.

Naruto and Obito found themselves tumbling through what appeared to be a winding tunnel, lined with purple and blue cosmic ether. Neither had any sense of up, down, left, or right, all they knew was pain, as their bodies felt like they were being torn apart. Suddenly, both of the men found themselves righted, finally having a sense of up, as from further down the tunnel came a brilliant, golden light. Naruto's eyes widened in amazement, the feeling of being torn apart passing. Looking to his left, he noticed Obito looking just as amazed. Turning his attention back to the approaching light, they were stunned when a figure appeared. Both men knew what it was from fairy tales from long ago. It was a dragon. It seemed just as surprised to see them, as they were it, as it came to a halt on its path before them; hovering in nothingness it surveyed them. A golden tendril extended toward both men, before entering their foreheads.

To Naruto, it felt as if an ancient, wise presence was sifting through his memories. Whatever this dragon was, it felt natural, and soothing. Almost as if he was channeling nature chakra. So he let it do as it wished, welcoming it into his subconscious. He was filled with a sense of warmth and calm. It felt as if the dragon was trying to be delicate and polite, as if it was weighing his choices in life. As it dug through his childhood, he felt as if the dragon was laughing at his antics, and weeping with him in his loneliest times. It watched his ups, and downs, saw his dreams, and loves. After what felt like hours, he felt the dragon had accepted him.

"Give me your power! It belongs to me!" came Obito's voice as he reached for the white tendril as it left his head. Seeing the hostility, the glowing dragon reared its head back and with a mighty roar, blasted the Uchiha out of the tunnel with a cone of lightning into the ether of space and time. With the evil Uchiha taken care of, the dragon turned its attention to Naruto. As if sensing his hesitance, the dragon broadcasted an aura of calm, before with a mighty roar, it flew at Naruto. His eyes widened in fear as the dragon flew directly at Naruto. He watched as it neared him, and with nowhere to run, he awaited his fate. As the being neared, his body erupted in new pain. This time it felt like his body was having a piece of it ripped off. He watched as Kurama was pulled from his body forcibly. Naruto turned his gaze to the surprised and fearful face of Kurama as he too was blasted through the wall into the swirling nether. Following the gigantic fox, a haze of blue erupted from his stomach. This time it felt like his life was going to end as he watched the chakra that had been his leave. Just before he felt like he was going to perish, the dragon flew into his body, becoming absorbed and replacing his chakra as his life source. A surge of power washed through Naruto's body. Naruto's eyes widened as he felt a well of foreign power within his body. Suddenly, there was a huge explosion of this new energy in his body. With a huge roar, his back arched as lightning crackled around his form. His skin changed and adopted bright golden scales, his canines lengthened, and his fingers sprouted talons. Almost as fast as the surge erupted within him, it stopped. His body fell limp as he lost consciousness, and he spiraled along on his journey through the tunnel of swirling nether.

In a brilliant display of lightning and swirling light, a portal started to form in the sky outside the town of Magnolia in the Kingdom of Fiore. It drew the attention of all who were outside this day. The intensity of the glow was only eclipsed by that of the sun on the bright afternoon. Among those that were entranced by the glow were most of the mages of the guild known as Fairy Tail. Makarov stood on the roof of the guild hall of Fairy Tail with two other people. His diminutive stature was dwarfed by the other two, and his bright orange suit stood out in contrast to the others' darker tones. Both of them were S-Class mages, the mysterious man from another dimension, Mystogan and his grandson Laxus. Mystogan was of average build and height, though most of that was obscured behind a long black cloak, white bandages on his extremities, a camouflage face mask, and a bandana with a metal plate on the forehead. On his back was a single stave. It was one of the sources for his arsenal of spells. Laxus was almost the complete opposite of Mystogan. He was very tall, with spikey blond hair. He wore a pair of magic headphones that were spiked on the outside. He had a scar over his right eye in the shape of a lightning bolt. He had a scowl set on his face, his brows furrowed in a permanent scowl. He wore a long, black coat about his shoulders that had fur along the collar and down the opening. His arms were crossed over a brown-ish shirt with patches of leopard-like spots. His pants were a burgundy, and covered his silver boots.

All three of the powerful men watched the developing spectacle. After a few minutes, Makarov directed a question at Mystogan without taking his eyes off the phenomenon, "Is it an anima?"

Mystogan hesitated for a second before speaking, "No, it doesn't have the same signature as one. Plus," he pointed to the swirling mass, "the rotation is wrong. It's not sucking up into the air, but rather swirling to the ground."

"It's definitely magical," Laxus remarked. "That lightning isn't natural."

Makarov stared at whatever it was analyzing it. He was silent for a few minutes before speaking again, "I would like you two to follow me, I want to get the first look at whatever comes out of that. It might potentially be harmful, and I might need your assistance in dealing with it."

Mystogan only nodded in response while Laxus scoffed, but grunted in agreement. With that all three jumped from the roof of Fairy Tail and took off for the convergence point of the vortex.

The group of three Fairy Tail mages was still about a kilometer away from where the opening of the vortex was. All were moving at a decent clip, Makarov was able to keep up easily despite his short stature and age. As they drew near, a loud roar drew them to a halt. Six eyes were drawn immediately upward. It seemed as if the lightning was picking up, and a glow could be seen approaching from within the tunnel.

"We better pick up the pace," Makarov started to speak, "unless we-" he was cut off as an immense magical force came crashing down upon them like a wave. Mystogan was forced to a knee from the surprise of it, Laxus visibly tensed his body to remain upright, and Makarov's own magic flared on instinct to keep him upright. As quickly as it appeared, it vanished. All three men relaxed and Mystogan returned to his standing position.

Mystogan looked at the other two accompanying him, "We better hurry, whatever it is, it's coming." A cock-sure grin spread across Laxus' lips and with a leap, his lightning magic encapsulated him, and he shot towards where the vortex would be depositing its contents.

"Laxus! Get back here!" Makarov cried in vain, only to have his attention redrawn to the sky, where the light grew brighter. From the mouth of the hole in the sky, a crackling, electric dragon's head emerged. It was a magnificent beast, an imposing beast. With a roar, it disappeared, and from the mouth of the vortex, a comet-like object shot down to the earth. Mystogan and Makarov both watched as it neared the tops of the trees, briefly disappearing before a shuddering quake passed beneath their feet. Without any words between the mages, the remaining two guild members jolted towards the crash site in a full sprint.

Naruto's eyes fluttered open, just in time to see a dazzling display of light before him. His mind was clouded and his vestibular sense had finally kicked in, and he had a sense of what was up and down, and he was currently heading for the latter. His eyes widened as he burst through the light, only to see the very fast-approaching ground. He couldn't even scream in fright before a searing headache shot through his skull.

'Lightning Dragon's Thunder Drop…'

A voice! He heard a voice! It came from inside his head. Along with the voice and words came a vision, like he was watching himself perform the move. He saw his body accumulating the electrical energy flowing within him and then releasing it just before hitting the ground, causing a repulsion effect that left his body unharmed, as well as discharging the gathered magic in a circle around him for up to twenty feet. After processing the vision, which only took half a second, he reacted, righting himself in midair, and gathering the needed magic before his body was encased in electricity and he plummeted straight to the ground at terminal velocity. Just before impact, due to his ingrained reflexes, he released the energy at the precise time and found himself crouched in a forty foot wide, fifteen feet deep crater.

He looked around absently, not really taking in all that was around him. It seems he had landed in a forest. And that was all that his addled brain would compute. It seemed he was having a short in his brain somewhere. As he stood, blankly staring at the forest, a shooting pain throbbed through his head. He raised both hands and grasped at his blonde locks. A pained groan was all that he could manage. Inside his head all of his thoughts were a jumble of nonsense. It was hard to even grasp a single thought, not even a memory was able to be held down long enough to process it.

Naruto stumbled around inside of his crater as he felt knowledge siphoned out of his head, only to be replaced with new. It was as if they were his own, yet he could say he never lived it. Or at least he didn't remember living it. His attention was drawn to the rim of the crater as a voice called out to him. Up top he saw a tall man with spikey blonde hair, like his own, yet unlike his own. His eyes were a dark color that he couldn't make out, and his clothes looked very strange. He glanced at his own clothing and noticed that there was a whole lot of orange on his legs, but not a whole lot else. His body was covered in dirt, maybe from the landing? He was sore, but not painfully so, just like he had intensely worked out. He nicked his lip on one of his long, sharp canines. He really should've been used to them after having them for so long. Or had he? His mind was still a mass of unknown to himself.

"Hey! I'm talking to you, punk!"

Hearing that, Naruto looked back up to the person talking, and looked at him strangely. He knew those words, but what did they mean? "Give me a moment, I'm having a problem remembering," he called back, yet looked like the guy up top had no clue what he was talking about.

"Speak real words, not nonsense!" Laxus commanded.

"I am, you ass! I said give me a minute!" Naruto yelled back as another spear of pain shot through his skull.

"I'll teach you to call me and ass!" Laxus said with anger in his eyes, clearly understanding one of the words Naruto said. "Take this!" and with that yell, he launched a lightning bolt at Naruto that closed in very fast.

'Electric Drain…'

As with the Thunder Drop, a voice appeared in his head. Following the visions that appeared rapidly, he raised his right hand as if to catch the bolt of lightning, only for it to be absorbed into his arm. Both of the blondes watched as the lightning bolt was absorbed by the blonde, and when it was fully absorbed, his arms crackled with blue electricity. Naruto looked at his hands in wonder, before turning to the stunned Laxus with a smirk as another vision filled his head.

"Here's payback, asshole!Alpha Bolt!" Naruto snarled at Laxus, unleashing his own bolt of lightning at the other blonde man. Unlike Laxus, his lightning was blue, and Laxus was almost too distracted by his absorption technique that he almost didn't react in time to dodge the lightning that was thrown at him.

With a smirk, Laxus shrugged off his coat, "You wanna fight Lightning with Lightning, I'll give you more than you can handle!" His body erupted into motion, becoming consumed in lighting and shooting off at extreme speeds at Naruto in the crater.

Naruto didn't need to follow Laxus with his eyes to see where he was going to be. It was telegraphed by the lightning that surrounded the blonde. A regular mage couldn't sense it, but due to his training with $! *& , he could read it almost like a book. What he didn't expect, however, is that power behind the kick that was launched at him that he blocked with his crossed forearms. He was sent flying with widened eyes. He braced himself for impact, as his body collided with the bank of the crater. Dust was once again kicked up, and Laxus' vision was obscured. "Take that, punk."

From within the cloud of dust, Naruto erupted, his hands covered in arcing blue electricity. In a split second, he was upon Laxus, who was pushed on the defensive as Naruto swung with electrified fists, intent on bringing him down. It seemed his Gigawatt Blade was only good enough to enhance his strength against his attacker, seeing as how all he was doing was pushing him back, granted the taller man's eyes were wide in surprise, but he was still able to endure his onslaught. With a cry he called out his next attack, "Lightning Dragon's Iron Fist!" His fist erupted on contact with Laxus' crossed arms, sending a conical storm of lightning into the taller man's body, this time sending him careening into the crater side with a crash.

Naruto watched intently for any sign of his attacker rising. He didn't let his guard up, but it didn't prepare him for the lightning erupting beneath his feet. He was enshrouded by lightning that was biting at his skin, and propelling him into the air. He was launched sixty feet into the air, his body stinging from the lightning biting at his skin. He glanced at the ground as he rose, only to see Laxus standing, a scowl on his face, yet not pursuing. He was underestimating the blonde in the air. As he reached his apex, he began to gather electricity into his limbs. Bringing them in close, he started his free fall back to earth feet first. He aimed his body at Laxus, whose eyes widened, before trying to jump away, only for Naruto to impact scant feet from Laxus, letting his Thunder Drop burst forth, the shockwave caught Laxus and sent him tumbling through the air. He was able to right himself and land like a cat, only to have to move as from Naruto's mouth came the words, "Lightning Dragon's Roar!" anda large eruption of blue lightning came barreling at him.

"You want to play that way?" Laxus growled out, as he began to gather his power. His upper body bulged and his shirt was ripped off as flesh-colored scales emerged on his arms. "Take this! Lightning Dragon's Roar!"

Naruto's eyes widened as his attack came barreling straight at him. Only this one was a few times stronger than his own. Another vision erupted in his mind along with the voice again.

'Polarity Shield…'

Raising his right hand palm out, a shield of shimmering blue electricity roughly his size appeared between him and Laxus' attack. Naruto was completely engulfed in the amazingly strong blast. As the lightning died down, Laxus could see Naruto standing with his arm outstretched; his body was trembling from the strain of keeping the shield up for so long against something so powerful. Naruto rose to his full height, and glared at the taller blonde in front of him. Just as the blonde before him, he started to gather his magical power too.

"I can do it too, asshole," Naruto snarled. And like Laxus, his power started to roll off him in waves. His forearms gained golden scales, his fingernails became talons, and his jaw gained scales along it. Blue lightning crackled around him, the air being energized by him.

"Bring it on!" Laxus roared at him, as both men started to gather the magic required for the attack.

In unison, both cried the name of the attack, "Lightning Dragon's Roar!"

Both attacks met each other midway across the crater. The brilliant gold of Laxus' attack met and was matched by Naruto's raging blue. Both tried to overpower the other, only for the colors to swirl and battle for dominance in the center. That was the scene that Makarov and Mystogan both happened upon. They both had to shield their eyes from the intensity of the light being emitted. Eventually the attacks culminated in a large explosion, kicking up a lot of dust and dirt, obscuring the two fighters. When it finally settled and blew away with the breeze, it showed both the blondes lying on their backs, imbedded in the crater wall. Both were covered in dirt from head to toe, and both were cringing in pain. Eventually the blonde opposite Laxus began to get to his feet, shakily.

"You see that? That's what a real dragon can do. Looks like I win this round," Naruto smirked cheekily. He started to chuckle, but was cut short as a shock of pain seared his brain, this time more intense than before. He clutched his head and let out a pained scream before collapsing to the ground unconscious. Seeing this, Makarov and Mystogan ran into the crater, Makarov to his grandson, and Mystogan to the unconscious blonde. Mystogan immediately began assessing the blonde's injuries.

Makarov went up to Laxus with a frown, "What were you thinking, you idiot? You could have killed him! Did you at least get his name before you started a fight against him?"

Laxus only groaned at the chewing out he was starting to receive as he pushed himself out of his earthen bed, "You don't need someone's name to fight them. Besides, he was alright. He could probably handle anything I throw at him. He's a good fighter," he said as he stood. His body ached all over. Most of the power in that attack was his opponent's, and it was very potent. "He's like Natsu."

Surprise was evident in Makarov's eyes, "A Dragon Slayer? Is he affiliated with any guild?"

"I don't think so. I didn't see any marks on him. But that doesn't mean that he doesn't have it on his tongue like Bickslow," the leader of the Thunder God Tribe remarked about one of his followers.

Makarov's mind started to go into overdrive. What could this mean? The boy looked as old as Natsu did, how was it that he didn't have any guild affiliations? It was surprising that a Dragon Slayer wasn't swooped up by some guild. They were very powerful, and had the potential to be even more so. Laxus could see the gears turning in his grandfather's mind, "You're thinking of inviting him to join the guild, aren't you?"

"Only if he wants to," Makarov stated. "I don't want to force him to join."

Laxus cast a glance at the unconscious blonde that Mystogan was hefting onto his shoulder, "You better try your hardest to get him to join. Maybe having some powerful new member our guild won't be looked down on by the Council or anyone else."

"Hmph, you know Fairy Tail doesn't care what people think of us," Makarov frowned.

"Psh, when I'm guild master there'll be changes," Laxus scowled watching Mystogan come to stand beside them.

"We better get him to Porlyusica," Mystogan informed the men. "He's got a fever and is trembling."

Makarov nodded and the group left, with Laxus leaving Makarov and Mystogan to get his opponent to the old healer.

It was an unknown amount of time later that Naruto awoke. He was groggy, his head was killing him, and his stomach desired some much needed sustenance. His eyes fluttered open as he sat up and looked around. He was in a bed that had orange sheets, in a house that looked to be made in the inside of a tree if the bark on the interior walls was any indication. There was a bookshelf in front of him, full of books, a few windows around the room, as well as a desk and chair across the room. There also seemed to be a flower bed inside the house. It was very cozy. He swung his legs out of the bed and went to stand, and almost toppled over. His whole body was sore and protested the action. He noticed that he was standing only in his underwear, and looked around for his clothes, but couldn't find any. Nearby he saw a pair of sweat pants and a white tee-shirt. Below them was a pair of sandals. He looked at them and it seemed that they would fit him, so he slipped the pants and tee-shirt on before sliding his toes around the strap that held the sandals on his feet. He then walked over to the sink that he saw off in the corner and ran some water and drank it straight from the tap, seeing as he couldn't immediately see a cup and didn't want to be rude.

A flash of pink caught his eye as it made its way across a window; it looked like someone's hair, pulled into a bun. He made his way to the door to see if he couldn't find this person and ask them his whereabouts. He exited and was greeted with the sight of an old, fairly tall, thin woman sweeping the grass. Hearing the door open, she turned towards the sound and was greeted with the sight of her latest patient. A frown marred her face.

"You're finally awake. About time, I was getting tired of taking care of you," Porlyusica told the blonde.

"Sorry for burdening you, ma'am. I-"

"Porlyusica," the old woman stated her name, interrupting the blonde in the process.

"I'm sorry?" Naruto asked confused.

"That's my name, so use it," she said harshly.

"Oh, I'm Naruto Namikaze. Nice to meet you Porlyusica-san," Naruto said extending his hand to shake hers. Her eyes just narrowed and looked at the offered hand like it was diseased. Naruto, seeing that she wasn't going to shake his hand lowered it and offered an embarrassed smile. "So… How did I end up here in your… home?" he asked unsure if it was indeed her home.

She stared at him for a moment before scoffing, "Hmph. That idiot, Makarov, brought you here five days ago. He says you fell from the sky, and that you and his grandson got in a small scuffle."

"Scuffle?" Naruto thought to himself. Then it came rushing back to him. He had been trying out one of his new techniques and ended up landing in the forest, causing a crater. He then ran into that blonde bastard that used lightning magic… And his own techniques! "That bastard! Where's he at?! I'm gonna kick his ass for stealing my moves!"

Porlyusica reacted by lashing out with her broom and smacking him on the head, "Shut up! You humans are disgusting, loud creatures!" This caused Naruto to cower slightly. He watched her calm down, but she didn't lose her scowl. "Makarov will probably want to know you're awake, and since you seem to be in good enough condition to walk, I'll take you to the guild hall of Fairy Tail."

Naruto could only nod in agreement as she leaned her broom against her house and started out of the clearing where her house was. He followed a few paces behind her, and took in the beauty of the forest. It didn't take long at all for them to reach the outskirts of Magnolia and the Fairy Tail guild hall that stood prominently before them. It looked like a pagoda, with three tiers. The roof was tiled, and the walls were white-washed. The back was next to the creek that ran through Magnolia town, and not too far away was a bridge that Porlyusica was heading towards.

After crossing the bridge, it only took a few more minutes before they came to the front of the building. Above the entrance was the name of the guild, yet Porlyusica paid no heed to it, and kept walking forward, pushing open one of the two doors to the hall. Inside, the hall was composed of mostly wood. Thick, wooden beams acted as the central structure of the hall. There were four rows of tables two on either side of the main thoroughfare, each row eight deep. Naruto was impressed. It wasn't over-the-top, but it felt homey. All around the tables various people sat. He didn't recognize a single one of them. Porlyusica kept walking, through all of the people sitting at the tables and the various employed waitresses serving the patrons. Naruto noticed he was getting quite a few looks from a lot of the people sitting around, but he had no time to ponder this as he had to keep following Porlyusica as she was now climbing a set of stairs that lead to a small balcony and a door on said balcony. Without knocking, she pushed the door open and Naruto followed and closed the door behind him.

Inside was a cozy office. All around the room were bookshelves filled top to bottom with books, some resting on small end tables, and some on chairs, and even some stacked on the floor almost as high as some as the book cases. Behind the large desk in the room was a very small man with very ostentatious clothing, sitting on a stack of books so that he could see over the edge of the desk. In his hands was a pipe that he was packing tobacco into. He looked up from what he was doing to glare at whoever barged in unannounced, only to soften his expression at seeing his old teammate.

"Ah. Porlyusica, looking lovely as ever. How may I assist you today?" Makarov asked pleasantly.

"The one you dropped off woke up. He's your problem now," and with her message delivered with cold indifference, she turned, brushing past Naruto and left the office. Said blonde watched her go and then turned to face the old man who was appraising him with a soft expression.

"Is she always so cold?" Naruto asked the older mage.

Makarov just chuckled in response, "I've known her since we were kids, and I have to say, yes, she has always been that way. She's a really caring person, she just does better when it's one-on-one, and she doesn't have to put up with a lot of people."

"Ah, I see," Naruto said with a nod. A slightly uncomfortable silence reigned in the room, at least to Naruto it was uncomfortable. Not liking silence, he cleared his throat, "So… you're the guild master?"

Makarov nodded in response and held out his hand for a handshake, "Master Makarov Dreyar, third guild master of Fairy Tail. A pleasure to make your acquaintance…?"

"Naruto. Naruto Namikaze," Naruto said taking the offered appendage. Both men shared a hearty handshake and Makarov gestured to the open seat, so Naruto took the open one across the desk from him. "I'd like to thank you for taking me to Porlyusica-san to get healed. I'm very grateful… and I'm sorry if I may have harmed your grandson," he remarked looking sheepish.

His worries were assuaged as Makarov smiled and gave a dismissive wave, "Water under the bridge. Besides, he told me he was the first one to strike. You were just defending yourself, so I should apologize for his actions, don't think that they reflect all of Fairy Tail."

"Oh! No, never!" Naruto assured the old man. "Though I'd like to have another crack at him… Move-stealing bastard…" he muttered under his breath, but not low enough so that Makarov missed it.

"Move-stealing?" Makarov questioned with a raised eyebrow.

Naruto blushed at being heard and scratched his head in embarrassment, "Er… Well, he used a move that should only be able to be used by someone that was trained like I was, so I don't understand how he could do it."

"What do you mean by how you were trained?" Makarov questioned, already knowing the answer.

"Well, I'm a Dragon Slayer. I was trained by the lightning dragon-" he stopped suddenly. He got a confused look on his face. He couldn't remember his foster parent's name. The dragon raised him for nearly twelve years, and he couldn't remember his name. That was troubling to him. He looked at Makarov, visibly distressed, "I don't remember his name."

"It might have something to do with your head and the fall you had," Makarov said. "You took quite a plunge, I mean you were dropped out of the sky from a swirling vortex. Maybe you fell hard enough and got some memory loss."

Naruto nodded in agreement, but it did nothing to help his fear of not remembering his dragon-parent's name. "But I remember everything else…"

"Well, let's see what you do remember. Let's see if you're oldest memories are intact, when were you born?"

"October… Tenth?" Naruto asked himself, before nodding. "Yeah, October Tenth, the year X7… X7…"

"It's okay, how old are you? We can work that out that way," Makarov smiled at the boy.

"I'm eighteen," Naruto stated.

"Then that means you were born October 10, X765, since it's May 3, X784," Makarov informed the young man. "Do you know why you were speaking gibberish when we found you?"

"Huh?" Naruto questioned.

"When we found you, you were speaking gibberish with only a few coherent words that any of us could understand."

"I don't know what you're talking about, I only know plain English that we're speaking now, my foster parent taught me," Naruto informed Makarov.

The older man just nodded in understanding. "I believe you, so do you know what that portal was that you fell out of?"

Naruto strained his brain and could only come up with one explanation, "I don't know what you mean by portal. I was trying a new technique and didn't realize how high I was when I accidentally let it go and fell to the ground."

Makarov nodded in approval. He didn't think that Naruto's memories were actually true, but that they were what his mind conjured up for him to deal with what happened to him. He pulled his pipe out of his mouth and snuffed the flame with his thumb. "Have you put any thought into what you will do now that you are recovered?"

Naruto adopted a thinking pose for a minute, before nodding, "Well, I would like to repay Porlyusica-san for taking care of me, and I would like to repay you as well, for bringing me to her so I could get treated."

Makarov waved a dismissive hand again, "No need to repay me, my boy. I did just what I thought would be right." With a calculating look in his eye he posed another question, "You're not affiliated with any guild, are you, Naruto-kun?"

The blonde responded with a shake of his head, "No, I never really felt the need to. I mean, I have a fairly good amount of riches that was left behind by my foster parent."

The elder just nodded his head, "I see. If I extended an invitation to join our family, what would you say?"

This took the blonde by surprise, "W-well I, uh, would be honored that you would offer, but…"

"You know," Makarov started before swiveling his chair and looking out the window behind his desk, "Laxus expressed hope that you would join. He expressed his desire to fight you again, and it would be a lot easier to track you down if you were here, with us."

Sparks seemed to dance in Naruto's eyes at the mention of battling Laxus again, "So, that bastard wants a rematch, huh? Well, let's go. We'll settle his move-stealing ways here and now!"

"Actually, he and his team have gone on a mission. They won't be back for a month or two," Makarov said with a shrewd smile that Naruto couldn't see.

Said blonde bristled, "Well, I guess I'll just have to join up then! I got a bone to pick with that bastard!"

Makarov swiveled back around, a grin plastered on his face, "Glad to hear it! Let's get this all official then!" And just like that, Naruto had been suckered into joining up with Fairy Tail, thinking it was his own idea in the first place.

An hour later, Naruto emerged from the guild master's office, Makarov in tow. He had gotten the guild stamp placed on his left shoulder in a bright orange that stood out against his skin and could be seen through his tee shirt. The pair made their way to the bar, where the resident barkeep, Mirajane was returning with a platter full of cups. Her big blue eyes widened before closing with her smile.

"Good afternoon, Master," she said with a small bow, inadvertently giving Naruto a better glimpse at her impressive chest that was confined behind her elegant red dress. She righter herself and turned her smile to Naruto, who couldn't help but return it to the beauty, "Who is this?"

"This is our newest member," Makarov told the woman.

"Naruto Namikaze," Naruto introduced himself, extending his hand to shake hers. She grasped his, and he was amazed at just how small and soft her hands felt in his.

"Mirajane Strauss, but everyone just calls me Mira," she smiled kindly to Naruto. They then disengaged their handshake as she clasped her hands in front of her chest. "Please allow me to be the first to formally welcome you to Fairy Tail! I hope that you have a good time and that we can all find a new friend in you!"

Naruto blushed and scratched his cheek at her exuberance, "Well, thank you very much. I hope to make many friends during my time as well."

Makarov, satisfied that he was already making friends with his new fellow guild-mates, turned to Mira, "Please see to it that a tab is opened in his name. We'll run a tab until you get some money in your hands, okay, Naruto-kun?"

Naruto nodded, feeling sheepish, "Okay. I can go get some money, though. I just have to return to my home, it'll be about a full day's round trip from here."

Makarov raised his dismissive hand again, "There's no rush, Naruto-kun. We're a family here, and we take care of our own. Please, you must be tired still from your stay with Porlyusica, so take a few days, make some friends, then we can start to worry about money and jobs and such."

Naruto could only nod his head at the old man. He watched as the old man returned to his office, then turned back to the beautiful waitress that was giving him her attention.

"So what would you like Naruto-kun?" Mira asked as she pulled out a menu from beneath the counter.

"I'll have…"

It was three hours later that found Naruto sitting at the bar, his back resting against it, a mug of amber liquid in his right hand. Over the last three hours, he had talked with Mira as she came back to the bar after dispensing the orders that kept coming in from all of the thirsty and hungry patrons. He could say that she was his first official friend in Fairy Tail. They had talked about anything and everything that came to mind. He learned that she was an S-Class mage, despite the fact that she rarely, if ever, went on missions anymore. She preferred to stay at the guild hall and take care of all of the people visiting and returning home. She said that there was nothing like seeing at least one friendly and familiar face in the guild. He also learned that she was very adept at Transformation Magic which she used to impress him by transforming her face into that of his. It was weird seeing himself with womanly curves, but it didn't feel like he hadn't seen something similar before. He told her that he was a Dragon Slayer seeing as she shared her skill with him. It surprised him when she said that there were now two Dragon Slayers in Fairy Tail.

"So, if you're a Dragon Slayer, what element do you have control over?" Mira asked wanting to know all about him.

Naruto simply held up a hand and generated a small bit of blue lightning around his hands, manipulating the current so that it took on the symbol of Fairy Tail. "Lightning," he replied with a smile.

She smiled back at him, "Wow, now not only do we have two Dragon Slayers, we also have two lightning-element mages!"

"Ugh… Don't remind me," Naruto scowled.

Mirajane just cocked her head to the left in curiosity, "You know Laxus?"

Naruto let out an undignified snort, "Yeah, I know that move-stealing bastard. Next time I see him, he'll get his rematch, and then some!"

Mira was now even more confused, but just nodded in agreement before excusing herself to give out more orders. He then noticed another presence slide up to his opposite side. Turning, his eyes widened in surprise at the state of dress -or was it undress?- of the girl that sat down next to him. She wore nothing but sandals, capris, and a bikini top. There was also a strap of a small satchel that hung at her left hip that followed the valley of her rather large breasts. Her guild stamp stood out prominently close to her left hip on her lower abdomen. Her long, brown hair hung in sheets around her shoulders. A red flush was very noticeable across her pretty face, the large amount of alcohol sitting at the table in the direction from which she came must have been the culprit for that. She smiled coquettishly at him, causing him to blush a bit.

"So… Did I hear right and you implied that you fought Laxus… and survived?" she asked with a dazzling smile.

"Not just survived, I won. If I hadn't passed out from a really bad headache he'd be in the hospital still. That smug bastard," Naruto said with a scowl.

The beautiful brunette's eyes widened in appreciation of his accomplishment; to say she was surprised was an understatement. She let out a small whistle, "Wow! You must be pretty powerful to take on one of Fairy Tail's strongest and come out on top. Besides the master, Laxus is the second strongest in Fairy Tail."

"Really?" Naruto asked in surprise. "That arrogant bastard is that powerful?"

The girl just nodded and took a sip of her beer. She set it down and extended her hand to Naruto, "I'm Cana Alberona by the way."

"Naruto Namikaze," Naruto smiled back, shaking her hand that felt really similar to Mira's. "So, are you a mage, Cana?"

Cana nodded in response, pulling out her deck of magic cards, "Yep, I use Card Magic. With these I can divine the future, to an extent, and cast some pretty devastating spells."

Naruto whistled in appreciation. "That's cool. I'm a Lightning Dragon Slayer," he smiled. This stunned the beautiful brunette.

"Another one? Natsu's gonna flip when he hears this," Cana smirked.

"Who's Natsu?" Naruto questioned.

"He's the Fire Dragon Slayer of Fairy Tail," came Mira's voice from behind him. Tilting his head so he could see the barmaid, she continued. "He and Happy are following a lead that they got. Some guy calling himself Salamander has been seen somewhere to the north. Natsu thinks that it might be Igneel, the dragon that raised Natsu."

Naruto nodded. That made sense. He took a sip of the beer in his hand and set it down on the counter. He then looked at both of the beautiful ladies who were both looking at him. He decided to tease the girls and see how they reacted when he turned the Namikaze charm up to eleven. "So, what did I do to earn the honor of being the center of attention of two very beautiful women?"

Cana smirked in response, very used to having many guys hit on her. Mira just smiled with a bit of a flush on her face, also used to having men hit on her, but not used to being called beautiful. Cana took another swig of beer before answering, "Hey now, I usually charge for people to be in my company before getting to know them fully. So count your blessings that you're good-looking and I won't charge you for that." It had been a long time since Naruto had been complimented on his looks, which caused him to blush. It seemed his plan was backfiring.

"Well, unlike Cana, I have thoroughly enjoyed our time spent together, so I can say that you have earned my attention with your beautiful personality," Mira said with a stunning smile, her blush still in place.

Naruto buried his embarrassed blush by taking another drink. "Well, it looks like my plan to tease you both has backfired spectacularly. Kudos," he then raised his glass to both of the women in surrender and a salute. This caused Cana to laugh and Mirajane to giggle demurely.

Cana decided that it was her turn to tease him. "So, I've been wondering, where did you get those whisker-like marks?"

"These? They're birthmarks," Naruto said pointing at his face.

"Well, I think they're very cute," Cana said, reaching out to him and rubbing her hand across his cheek. Her eyes widened in surprise, "What the hell? They're actually imbedded in your skin!"

Naruto's eyes widened and jerked back, a huge blush on his face. It felt really good. "Careful now, they're really sensitive." He then felt another hand rub his face, this time it was Mira's. Her fingers danced lightly across the marks and gently traced them. A soft groan escaped Naruto's lips. His eyes rolled back into his head and he pushed his cheek into Mira's hand a little more. Suddenly a deep, soft rumble escaped from deep within Naruto's chest. This caused Mira to stop and Cana to look at him astounded. Naruto froze in embarrassment.

Both women shared a look before Mira voiced her question, "Naruto… Did you just purr?"

Naruto just retracted his face from Mira's hand and tried to drown himself in his beer. His face was a brilliant crimson. "It felt good…" he murmured, yet both women could hear. With a squeal, Mira pulled Naruto halfway across the bar and planted his face in her bosom.

"That is so cuuute!" Mira gushed as she held his face between her breasts with her arms wrapped around his head in a hug. Cana couldn't help but grin mischievously.

"Hey, Elfman! The new guy's putting the moves on your sister!" she called across the hall. Naruto managed to free himself in time to hear a loud "WHAT?!" from across the hall and watched as a giant of a man came barreling toward the bar. Yep. It looked like Naruto was fitting in already.

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