Hey guys! This is just a super quick blurb that I typed up this morning — sorry for the tease, I just wanted to do a quick visit with this story (it's been sooooo long!). If anyone's still around & reading this story, I just want to say it's NOT abandoned, far from it, there's just life, and work, and school, and other stories in the way right now. More eventually to come, including lengthier 'episodes' of J&A in high school, more of Tino & A in CA, more w/ Jordan & his family, and more. Miss you all!

Angela pulls the chrome handle and tugs open the passenger door to Jordan's red Plymouth. She watches as his head turns toward her and she steps off her curb and slides in beside him. "Hi." She smiles.

"Hey." She leans over the center divider and meets him in a friendly kiss. Jordan blinks softly as he watches her as she pulls away, then he moves. "Here." He passes her a small white paper bag and a foam cup of coffee.

With a slight smile Angela accepts the donut and steaming beverage. "Thanks…" With mild curiosity she peaks into the bag he handed her and smells the coffee through the vented plastic lid. Her blue eyes lift back to him with a twinkle, "What is this?"

Jordan just smiles at her blandly. "Whud'dya think?"

"Coffee and donuts." She watches his profile as he takes a great gulp from his own large cup. She emits a small chuckle, "Why?"

Jordan shrugs. "It's our thing."

Angela smiles and hair tucks. "'Coffee and donuts' is our thing?" Again Jordan shrugs. "How come?"

"Dunno." Jordan drinks. "I'm not ordering you hot chocolate; and you don't smoke cigarettes, and ya need something to go with coffee."

Angela laughs. She smells the coffee again, but she does not drink it. "Well, —"

"Ya know," he cuts her off with that benign expression of amusement he sometimes sports, "anybody else would have just said 'thank you' and dropped it. You ask thirteen questions and still can't just accept it."

"'Thank you,'" she tells him with a friendly eye roll, and then Angela looks at him with her wide expecting eyes, "Where are we going?"

Jordan head shakes, he isn't taking her anywhere, "Got work in thirty."

"So this is just…"

He drinks his coffee. "A drop by."

"Oh," she smiles, then bites her lip to keep the grin from growing too wide. Very little of being with Jordan measures up to what she'd thought having a boyfriend, or even having him as a boyfriend, would be like; for one thing it's never been as easy as she'd imagined it would grow to be, but moments like this... small, unexpected, quiet moments, absent of declarations and grand dramatic gestures, they're better than what she had been waiting for. He's better than what she thought she had been waiting for. But still she catches herself and curbs her enthusiasm; somehow she gets the impression from him that smiling too broadly, or taking too much pleasure in the things he does would not be welcomed by Jordan. He is a person that prefers things understated, and un-noted — nothing made too big a deal of. "Well," she says, setting down her pastry bag, "'thank you.'" Her second time saying this her intonation's varied some, and Angela's meaning is altogether different.

Jordan watches as she stabilizes the coffee cup on the worn passenger mat at her feet; he'd say something about not spilling in his car, but he knows that secret smile of intention on her blushed lips and he's not about to give her a hard time in anticipation of that journey she's about to make across the front seat to his side of the car.

He keeps his own coffee raised in one hand and catches the back of her silky hair in the other as she reaches his mouth in much more than an early morning 'hello' kiss. Happily her lips take on his, her tongue ventures demurely toward his, and her hands tangle in the long soft locks at the nape of his neck. He pulls her to him, and never once does she pull back or break away, despite the jabbing damage her position over the the center console inflicts on her hip.

His caffeine fix is cold by the time he drives off to work and he couldn't be less bothered by it. As he drives toward the filling station and his Saturday morning shift, Jordan's thoughts are of her. Her moist lips, her soft tongue, the fresh smoothness of her skin, the warmth of her breath, the sweet scent of her hair, and the thrill of her touch run through his head. Coffee and donuts might not be their exact 'thing', but whatever it is, it's working for him.

Posted 11/2/14