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"Behave, you two; we'll be back tomorrow morning no later than noon. And absolutely no parties!" Glen warned, shooting a dangerous look at Jake. Helen smiled, grabbing her husband's hand and pulling him towards the door.

"They're responsible; I think they'll be fine, sweetheart," she reassured, suddenly directing her words at Clare and Jake. "I trust you guys. There's money for pizza on the counter for when you get hungry."

"Thanks, Helen. No need to worry," Jake grinned.

"Yeah, you guys have fun!" Clare hugged her mom and kissed Glen's cheek goodbye. When the door finally shut behind Glen, the stepsiblings let out a fit of laughter they could no longer contain. Their parents were off to a quaint bed and breakfast about an hour away. After last summer's honeymoon from hell (which, Clare shuddered at the thought, ended in crashing Jake's cabin party), the new husband and wife had never had a chance to get away for real.

Clare plopped down on the couch next to her stepbrother, lazily putting her feet up on the coffee table. She was glad to finally have some time to hang out with Jake, considering he'd been so busy with the garden, and she'd been spending all of her time at her internship and, when that ended so terribly, with the school newspaper. She was happy that her and Jake were so comfortable around each other as siblings now, almost as if they had never dated at all. Now, Clare had Eli, Jake had Katie, and Clare and Jake had each other as brother and sister.

"So…what do you feel like doing today, bro?" Clare asked, eyebrows raised in anticipation.

"Well, we certainly won't be doing what we did the last time our parents went out and left money on the counter for pizza," Jake chuckled at the memory. Clare feebly attempted to hit him.

"Wow, Jake. Way to bring that up. I thought we agreed to stop referencing the fact that we ever dated?"

Jake put his hands up in surrender. "No harm done! Now…which movie to watch?" He fumbled through the extensive collection of DVD's until he got to the back, where the homemade videos were. "Hmm…'Romeo and Juliet: A Remix' An English Project by Clare Edwards, Eli Goldsworthy, and Adam Torres." Jake wiggled his eyebrows and Clare tried to grab the video out of his hands, to no prevail. He slipped it into the DVD player and a memory that had become ingrained in Clare's brain lit up the screen.

"I'm telling you, you're not going to want to see this!" Clare warned.

"Well, now I'm intrigued. Is this some kind of sex tape of you and Eli, Saint Clare?" Jake joked but she gave him a death glare in response.


"Ms. Dawes probably would have loved seeing Eli getting dirty, she seemed weirdly attached to him when I did sets for Love Roulette…"

"Jake, I swear…" Clare began, but was interrupted by Jake's hysterical laughing at the sight of Clare and Eli on that picnic table, portraying Romeo and Juliet.

He began to mock Eli using an obnoxiously high voice, "Death come quickly, so I can be with her ASAP!" Jake snorted, and Clare rolled her eyes, but couldn't peel her eyes from the screen. Her and Eli's first kiss was coming up, and she was smiling like an idiot at the thought.

"Romeo, you drank the poisonous high fructose cola beverage, no!" Clare's voice rang from the speakers. Jake snickered, but fell silent when the two lovers leaned in and kissed.

"Ha, I knew this was a sex tape!"

"Shut up, Jake, it was just that one kiss."

"Really? Let me see the UN-edited version, then," Jake teased, earning another smack.

"You're gross."

"Not as gross as the idea of you and Eli doing it on that picnic table!"

"I hate you!"

"You'll get over it."

Clare sighed, grabbing her cell phone. "I'll order the pizza, I'm getting kind of hungry." Jake agreed and said he was always hungry.

"I know you and Eli haven't exactly gotten to spend a whole lot of time together lately; it's fine with me if you invite him over. There aren't a lot of times when our parents go out for the night," Jake proposed. Clare eyed him suspiciously, wondering why he was trying to distract her. A party? Katie? She didn't really care though, she took any time she could spend with Eli, and wasted no time dialing his number.

He answered on the first ring. "Hey, beautiful."

Clare giggled and Jake rolled his eyes. "Hey, I was wondering if you wanted to come over tonight? Glen and my mom are at a bed and breakfast until noon tomorrow."

"I'll be over in five!"

Jake was mocking Clare, batting his eyelashes, putting his hands over his heart, and mouthing Eli's name. "You're so annoying!" Clare whispered.

"Huh?" Eli asked, confused.

"Oh! Uh, not you…Jake's making a scene, sorry."

Eli chuckled. "Whatever you say, Edwards."


"See you soon. Love you."

"Love you too."

When they hung up, Clare turned her attention to Jake. She knew there had to be a reason for Jake to let Eli come over. "Why the sudden change of heart? Let me guess- Katie's coming over too?" He just had to be hiding something.

But, for some reason, he looked hurt at her suspicion. "No, she's sleeping over Marisol's tonight. I just…after watching that video, I can see that Eli…well, he makes you happy. You were practically spewing rainbows and butterflies watching that tape." He looked down at his shoes and Clare could tell he truly meant it. She blushed and reached for Jake's hand. Only now, it wasn't romantic. It was sweet and grateful.

"I love you, Jake," Clare confessed, eyes twinkling with happy tears. She loved him as a brother. When she looked up at him, she realized he understood.

"I love you too, sis." He pulled her into a bear hug and planted a quick kiss on top of Clare's head.

Unfortunately, time had never been on Clare's side, and Eli walked in just as Jake did so. Clare and Jake broke apart, embarrassed. "Eli!" Clare ran to hug him, but he took a step back.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt anything," Eli said coldly.

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