I dont remember much about my past, I know that i was from Ukraine and when i was 4 years old they found me wondering the streets. My parents died when I was little and then my adoptive parents started abusing me. I went through a few foster parents but it was always the same thing. I was able to talk to my case worker and show her the marks I had, she took the case to court and they let me live on my own.

"Chloe I need you to be safe and please keep in touch" Meredith told me

"You know for a case worker you sure care a lot about one person" I said

"Chloe, promise" she told me

"Fine, I will stay out of trouble and email you everyday if I can't call" I told her

"Fine I'll take what I can get" she told me smiling

Meredith King was my case worker since I was 4 years old, the police found me and took me into an orphanage where Meredith worked for some time before finishing her school and becoming a case worker. Thank god she became mine once she was assigned to the orphanage. After the case was won and I was able to live on my own, I found out that my best bet to having a better life was living out of New York. I took Meredith's last name, since she was the only person that acted like a parent to me. I told Meredith that I was leaving the city and she got me my plane ticket, rented out an apartment for me and gave me some settling money.

"Call me when you get there and don't forget you start school Monday. Here are your papers and the principle will be expecting you" she told me when she dropped me off at the airport

"No problem, Thank you" I said hugging her

"Gate 36G now boarding to San Francisco" a lady in the loud speaker said

"Got to go" I said

"I'll visit once I get a chance ok, the rent is paid for 6 months after that you're on your own so get a job and save up so you're not having problems later" she told me

"Will do" I said smiling

"Good Luck" she told me and hugged me

"Thanks for everything" I told her

"Oh Chloe, I almost forgot to give you this" she said handing me a piece of paper

"What is it?" I asked

"It's the information of my friend in San Francisco, don't forget to call her when you're settled in" she told me.

I boarded the plane and I had butterflies in my tummy, it was going to be a new place with no one I know. Meredith told me that she asked a close friend of hers to keep an eye on me while I was there. She gave me a paper with the lady's address and her number but no name I guess she forgot. Since she wasn't going to see me every day she wanted someone there to watch me. I didn't mind I already knew how she was and I was fine with it, it was kind of like having a mother. After the plane ride I made my way to the taxies and was taken home. I came to a simple apartment building, it was casual but nice. Meredith said I had to call her once I got there and then call the lady to meet her. I entered the apartment and it already had things in there.

To the left was the living room with the dining room connected. Behind that was the kitchen with a breakfast bar. To my right was a hall that leads to my room and the bathroom. I picked out everything in my room; I just didn't think everything would be here by the time I got here. I put my bags down and made my way to the kitchen to get water before calling Meredith.

"Hi Chloe, you made it alright?" she asked once she picked up

"Yeah, everything looks really nice. Thank you" I said

"Not a problem" she told me

"No really you have done way too much for me" I told her

"Chloe I look at you like the daughter I never had" she said, I almost cried

"Meredith you're like the mother I never had" I said

"Aw thanks kiddo" she said, I could tell she was smiling

"Did you call my friend?" she asked

"Not yet I was going to call her now, how do you know this lady?" I asked

"We went to college together, we were roommate's believe me this lady is something else. She is really special and she doesn't play games ok so be nice" she told me

"Ok, Ok I will" I said

"Alright I called her to let her know you already left so she is expecting your call" she said

"Ok, I am going to shower and then I'll call her" I said

"Ok, have a nice night Chloe and call me after your first day at school" she said

"Its Thursday I don't start until Monday" I told her

"I know" she said

"Ok night" I said

I went to shower before unpacking my things and putting them in their place. I knew I had to call that lady but right now was not the time. I told Meredith I would but after I showered. Once I was done showering I put my pajamas on and went to the kitchen to get some food, as I was making the food I called Meredith's friend.

"The person you are trying to reach is not available; please leave your message after the beep. Beep"

"Hi my name is Chloe; Meredith gave me your number. I told her that I would call after settling in. Just wanted to let you know I am home and safe, please call me when you get a chance. Good Night" I said hanging up

I ate and then head straight for bed, the trip was long and it drained me. I didn't do the unpacking figured I could do it tomorrow before heading out and taking a look around; maybe even find a job or something. The next morning I heard my phone ringing, it was Meredith's ring tone.

"Morning" I said

"Hello, sleep good?" she asked

"Would have slept longer if you hadn't called me so early" I said looking at the time

"Sorry forgot the time difference" she said

"Its 6 in the morning here, which means its like 3 in the morning over there. What are you doing awake? something wrong?" I asked

"No I couldn't sleep and I wanted to see how your first night was" she said

"Good, good. I called the lady but she didn't answer so I left her a message" I said

"Ok, she'll call you" she told me

"Well let me get ready, I am going to check the city out and see if I find a job" I told her

"Chloe it's early and you just got there have some fun first before looking for a job" she said

"No I don't want to wait until the last moment. Talk to you later Bye" I said hanging up

I got dressed in black ripped shorts, a blue tank top, a short sleeve jean jacket, black converse, my hair up in a pony tail, natural make up, and some black and blue braclace. I looked in the mirror before heading out. Not that bad, Meredith gave me a credit card for me to use on a daily bases. She said it was easier because she can transfer money there any time I needed. It was early so I walked a few blocks before finding a coffee shop, looks like it's the hang out because a lot of high school kids where there. I ordered my coffee and went to take a seat in the back, as I sat down I saw a jock table. Not all bad some cute guys but nothing out there, a college looking guy walked in. He was cute but like I said nothing out there, a peppy girl with a Japanese looking guy sitting two tables away. Then a tall blond guy walks in.

"Now that is what I am talking about" I said to myself very low, the guy went to order his coffee.

The guy was out there; blond hair, brown eyes, big arms, nice smile, cute butt. But then a girl walking in behind him she wasn't bad looking. Nice olive skin, black hair, she looked very exotic.

"The fine one's are always taken" I said getting up. I looked up and saw him looking at me with a smirk, now this guy know's he's hot.

"Can I help you?" I asked him since he was staring at me

"No, just thought I heard you say something" he said still with the smirk

"Not to you" i said

"Your new right? I have never seen you around" he told me

"Nice observation, but yes I am new" I said while walking away

"I dont think i got your name" he said

"That's becuase I didnt give it" i told him

"I'll find out" he told me smiling as i passed by him, I looked at him directly in the eyes and I almost melted. Come on Chloe you cant have him remember what Frank told you, i thought to my self. Frank was a friend, he tought me everything he knows about who I am and where I come from. I noticed as I was about to walk out that the store connect to the coffee shop had a help wanted sign up. Perfect, I walked in and was able to talk to the manager.

"Well Chloe can you start in 2 weeks, the girl here just gave her notice about 3 days ago" she said

"Yeah that fine" I said

"Ok then I will see you here in two weeks, oh by the way my name is Lana" she told me

"Nice to meet you" I told her. Thank god I have my first two weeks of school free to just focus on that and nothing else.

"You work here" I heard a guy say, I turned around and found the college looking guy

"No she does" I said pointing to Lana

"To bad I was looking for an excuse to talk to you" he said

"OK about what?" I asked

"Well I don't really do this kind of thing but I wanted to know if you wanted to get a coffee some time?" he asked looking down at his hands

"That would be nice but no thank you" I said walking passed him

"Oh Ok, sorry to bother" he said

"No it's not a brother, I just moved here and I want to focused on getting settled in" I said

"Oh well maybe I can help, my name is Brian" he said extending his hand

"Chloe" I said shaking it

"Well Chloe I can help you, show you around town" he said

"No its ok thank you again" I said

"My dad has lived here since I was little and I would not mind" he told me

"You go to school around here?" I asked

"No I go to an out of city college but I am taking a break right now" he told me, I knew it college. Too old for me, nice guy but the older the more drama they bring.

"Oh that's nice, but I have to go" I said, right there my phone rang

"Hello" I said picking up and walking out

"Hello Chloe I am Meredith's friend Valentina" the lady said