A Cold Victory

Kamillia had just finished removing her Rathian gunner armor, and stored it away in her closet she didn't plan on hunting... not for a while anyways. She was now wearing her felyne fur clothing, heading down the stairs afterwards her felyne, named Ibuki approached her.

"Nya, Nya, Mistress dinner is prepared! It's Rathalos chops and mashed potatoes!" it mewed happily.

"Oh... sorry Ibuki but I'm not hungry... I came down to tell you goodnight, tis all, sorry." she said while heading back up the stairs entering her bedroom she got into her bed and pulled the covers up over her head, crying herself to sleep... "My barette..."

Dylan was dressed head to toe in his snow gear and was starting his trek up the icy mountain path yet again, he hiked all the way back up to the previous spot where the two had their battle with the Tigrex, before he continued on though he reached into his backpack and pulled out a hot drink. Pulling the cork out he took a couple of a sips then putting the cork back in, he tucked it away into his pocket this time. He finally was ready to continue and reached the open plain again this time. He approached the edge that Kamilla had been knocked over earlier, staring down into the near bottomless cliff side he pondered just how far down her barrette was...

This was for Kamilla... after all so it was a smart thing to do...

"Dumbass..." he grumbled to himself, sitting his pack down, he began to rummage through it, pulling out a rope, grappling hook, and a stake. He stabbed the stake into the frozen surface, then tied the rope to it, and made sure the grappling hook was secure at the end. Once it was all checked over he lowered the rope down the edge. Amazing after only going half a foot down he notice the barrette lodged into the snowy back sticking out from the edge.

He carefully reached out with his hand and gently pulled it from the snow, the treasured trinket was finally recovered, Kamilla would be happy... As he climbed back up the rope he was greeted by loud screams... upon climbing onto the plain he noticed that two hunters were being chased by a blangonga, the men shouted upon noticing him.


Dylan sighed to himself "The price I pay... This will be a cold victory..." he got to his feet finally and drew his great sword off his back, "Stand back!" he shouted at the two men.

His shout got the Blangonga to turn its bloodshot eyes on him.

"Bring it on you overgrown baboon!" The Blangonga roared angrily as it reared onto its hidlegs, he charged at him and this time Dylan was ready...! With two great swings of his sword the Blangonga fell to the ground... dead. Its hot blood was splattered all over the snow, there was a haze coming off the boiled surfaces...

"Oh gods! Thanks for saving our butts!" spoke up one of the hunters, he was shaking in his hermiter armor, the other one was shaking in his Giaprey armor. Having always been equipped with Rathalos soul armor he was up for anything. Even angry Blangongas!

"Yeah we though it was the end, I guess we were in over our heads thinking we could take on a Blangonga so soon!"

Dylan ignored the mans words and was string at the monsters corpse. "Do you morons mind if I carve off of the carcass... or are you gonna take credit for this kill?"

"Umm... sure go ahead...wait... did you say morons!?" the two men walked off angry. Cursing under their breaths.

He carved off some of its pelt and headed back home with the barrette in his pocket and the pelt in his pack, he returned to the village late only to find an angry Kamilla waiting for him, she stood there with her arms folded and a scowl on her face. Even like this she looked beautiful he smiled to himself.

"Where the hell have you been?! Its to late to be hunting monsters!" she spoke angrily.

He suddenly dawned on him why she had thought he was hunting... The Blangonga hide in his arms, and there was blood on his armor and sword. "It's not what you think! Anyway I got you the pelts because... I know you like making your clothes from it..." he blushed lightly.

Kamilla grabbed the pelts from his extended arms and looked at him "You know these mean that YOU did KILL a monster..." she said while glaring at him.

"Honest I didn't" He lied again. When suddenly the two men he had saved happen to be walking by...

"I still can't belive it! That man killed that Blangonga in two swings!"

"...amazing as that is he also called us moron..." the hermiter armored man spoke.

"...Oh yeah..." the man with the Giaprey armor sighed looking over at Dylan... then mumbled something in his direction "Jerk..."

Dylan face faulted and Kamilla continued her glare "You are such a liar!"

"Kamilla ITS not WHAT you think!"

"Yeah fine then! Thanks for the pelts, Good night!" she shouted Dylan reluctantly said it back as he watched her leave, he stared down at his palm... the barette was nestled in his hand. "I guess i'll try again tomorrow..."

The next day came and Dylan noticed Kamilla at the local bazaar looking at the barrettes... No better time then now, he thought to himself. He approched her from behind and tapped her on her shoulder, she turned to look at him. "Dylan? What do YOU want?"

"Please come with me, I've something to show you... Please." Kamilla contemplated his offer for a inutes before answering.

"Alright, but only because you asked kindly."

Dylan grabbed onto her hand gently pulling her along with him to his house, they were greeted by his chamberlyne, Kuu "Nya, Nya, Hello master!" =^._.^=

"Umm hello Kuu, Listen I've got something to do so could you hold off on making supper for now?" The felyne nodded and Dylan lead Kamilla up the stairs with him, into his bedroom. Kamilla sat on his bed while he walked over o his storage box. He lifted the lid up and searched inside it for that missing treasure he had found yesterday. He kept it hidden from Kamillas sight for now.

"I want to tell you... he said while turning to face her ...No actually I WANT to SHOW you the real reason I was out so late last night."

Kamilla looked up at him his face held so much sincerity, She knew he had something meaningful and important to tell her but what?

"Kamilla first I MUST tell you, I have strong feelings for you, ever since i first laid eyes upon you, that was the honest reason i wanted to be your partner... in life and on hunts." He put his hand out towards her, his hand was balled up. "This is my way of asking you to understand just how far I'd go to make you love me back..." he opened his hand.

Kamilla's eyes widened when she saw the barrette in his hand, that beautiful Velociprey lily barrette, she covered her mouth with her hand as she had gasped loudly, tears forming in her eyes. "Oh my gods... you went to look for it?!"

"I Love you, Kamilla... Won't you be mine forever?"

Kamilla took the barrette from his hand and put it back into her hair, he soft eyes stared into his "For so long I could only see was a man who tried to be like my father, but now I see that wasn't the case... I can finally see the real you, I was being ignorant forgive me..."

"I forgave you so many years ago, I just hope you can forgive me for causing you so much hardship..."

"I do, and Dylan..."


"I love you too...Thanks for never giving up on me..."

The End