This is my first Veronica Mars story. I just finished re-watching the series, and couldn't help but wonder what would have happened to all those people I fell in love with. So like most stories, an idea popped into my head, and I put my fingers to work, and this is what I came up with. I hope you enjoy it.

Two weeks, that was all it took for things to come crashing down around her, and it reality it wasn't even that long, just eleven days. Everything had been perfect, so perfect that she knew it wouldn't last long, but you couldn't blame a girl for hoping.

Veronica had been in Virginia, interning for the FBI for the summer, it was her dream, and she was so happy to finally be living it, to be away from Neptune and all the drama. When everything had happened with Professor Landry during the school year, she had reconsidered actually going. The man that had been accused of murdering the Dean of Hearst, and then actually killing his wife, was the same person that had pushed her into landing the internship. It felt almost dirty to take it. But then her father had carefully left Dean O'Dell's letter out on the counter one night, and his words reminded her that she deserved this, she needed this.

So much had happened in the days before she had left Neptune. Her boyfriend Piz and her had gotten into a fight, one that seemed never ending most days. Her father didn't get reelected as Sheriff in the special elections although the prosecutor's office did drop the charges, the almost sex tape of her circled the campus, tracking down who did it, and Logan, everything always seemed to end with him. But in the end all of them could be blamed on her, there were so many mistakes that she made, mistakes that had ended up costing her father the election, and hoping Logan in danger.

She had often wondered if she had been more honest with her dad, if that would have helped, if things would have turned out differently. But she knew that much like the night at Shelly's party, the tape was something that she couldn't discuss with him. She also knew that thinking back on it wasn't going to change anything.

Then there was Logan. She had asked him, she was almost begged him to leave it be. He had apologized for beating the crap out of Piz, for thinking that he would make a tape of them together. But the second that Gory Sorokin had mouthed off to her, the second Logan didn't listen to her, it all seemed like a dream. She could still picture Gory laying on the floor in the food court, Logan smirking down at him, while her face held an expression of horror and her stomach dropped. How could he not see what he had just done? How could he not understand what she meant when she said he was connected? Why did he always have to be so, so Logan?

But everything that had happened before she had left Neptune, all lead up to the phone call she was receiving.

"Well, well, look who's calling me in the middle of the day." Veronica laughed, picking up her phone. She had just gotten off the train, and the station around her buzzed with rush hour. "Things can't be that slow." It was nearly six o'clock there and that meant that it was still prime working time back home.

"Veronica-" her father started but her mood was too good to let him go on.

"Dad, you really wouldn't believe it here." There was something about rush hour that she loved, all the people going in so many different directions, different things waiting for them all. She loved to sit and people watch after a long day of getting coffee and shredding papers. "There are always people around. I know that they say that New York is the city that never sleeps, but I bet these people could give them a run for their money."

"Veronica-" he started again.

"I was at the office today, shredding another box of nothing, I swear they give nothing interesting to us, when I realized that this is the longest we've ever been apart." She sighed. It was hard to be so far away from her dad, especially after everything that had happened with the election, and story. All her father ever tried to do was protect her, and she had always made that more difficult that necessary. "It's weird, and I do miss you, but I love it here so much that I hardly have time to notice."

"Veronica." He said this time with a little more force.

"Dad!" She said back trying to mimic his tone, but not quite catching the seriousness in his voice. "Okay, okay, I'll stop rambling so you can tell me why you're calling me in the middle of the day, I'm guessing from the office none the less. My mouth will be zipped and locked." With a dramatic sigh, she closed her mouth and waited for her father.

"Veronica, Logan is missing."