She sat in front of her computer, looking at the unopened e-mail. The night that her father took her home from the hospital to try and sleep, she had e-mailed Wallace in Africa. She hadn't been sure when he would get her message because she didn't know how often they would have access to computers or internet. But now, sitting in her inbox there it was, his response to her crazy actions.

What the hell V! You know if I was there, I'd try to slap some sense into you. When I first read your e-mail I thought it had to be a joke, but then I saw I had five, FIVE from Piz. You, of all people know that I don't like being pulled into your relationship drama. I am NOT a girl. This is what you have Mac for, to talk about this girl shit. I am a man, we don't talk about this. Do a brother a favor, be gentle with Piz, he doesn't deserve this, even if I warned him.

So what's the word? The internet is slow here, so I can't really google it and find out. Be careful, I'm not there, and I don't want to worry about you.

And seriously girl, you left the F.B.I. for this, I hope you know what this means. I have rights to rub this in your face. I shouldn't be surprised though, you and Logan, it's written in the stars or something. You've got to find it in yourself to let it go, whatever happened last time, let it go girl. There isn't anyone out there that is going to make you as crazy as this.

Africa is amazing by the way, thanks for asking. The heat here doesn't even compare to back home. And the kids, it all really gives meaning to Apollo's book, what he went through. Right now we're just mostly hanging out at a refugee camp, building schools, passing out supplies. It's pretty cool though.

I don't know when I will be back into one of the main cities to check my e-mail, so please, please try not to do anything drastic while I'm gone.

Stay safe!


"Isn't that nice, Piz can find the time you e-mail you, but gosh forbid he e-mail me." Veronica mutters to herself as she types a quick reply.

Oh my greatest side kick,

Think not what you can do for yourself, but what you can do for all those children. Apollo would be happy to hear from you about your time and the work you're doing. Do you have his email? I am glad that you're enjoying your time there, and finding your work to be rewarding, but seriously, be a little nicer to the super hero here.

JK helped recover Logan from god knows where. His injuries were pretty bad, but he's on the mend, he's lucky he lived. The FBI is here, investigating the GS situation, so did I truly leave them, if they have come to me? HAHA

And forgive him? What happened to you being a man? That star line was pretty girl, even for me. But have no fear side kick, this super hero has got everything under control, and hopefully I'll have everything figured out by the time you get back.

I miss you too, and don't drink the water!

Love V

This was the first chance that Veronica had to handle all the other daily things in her life, checking her e-mail, listening to voice mails, looking at the footage from the cameras she put up at Nish's house the day before. But with a heavy sigh, she knew there is one more thing she needed to handle today, and it won't get any easier the longer she puts it off. With a simple swipe of her finger across her phone, Piz's name popped up.

She took a deep breath in preparation before hitting send. She half expected it to go to voice mail, or have him hang up on her. She knew if it was her, she wouldn't want to talk to herself.

"Hello?" his strained voice came from the other end.

"Hi." Veronica said softly. Is there any good way to do this, to handle this? She's already ripped his heart out.

"I figured you'd call, sooner or later." Piz sighs, uncomfortable.

"Piz, I'm so sorry." She starts, but stopped herself. Nothing she can tell him is going to change how she left, or the fact that all she gave him was a simple voicemail stating the Logan was missing and she had gone back to Neptune.

There is silence on both ends of the phone.

"How is he?" Piz sighs.

Veronica felt the tears sting her eyes, but she does her best to brush them away, to keep her voice steady. Piz truly is a great man. "He's lucky." She whispers. She can't relive the details over the phone because it hurts too much to say it out loud, and because she doesn't want this to be about Logan, she needs this to be about them. But who is she kidding, Logan is a part of her, no matter how hard she tried to deny it.

"And you?" more concern leaking in his voice now.

"I'm okay." She tells him. "Piz…I wish there was something I could say." She really did. She wanted there to be something she could say that would make everything better, easier.

"Veronica, actions speak loud than words." Piz finally tells her. "I should have seen it the day he punched Gory, the way he looked at you, the way you looked at him. Hell I should have seen it that night at Parker's party."

"What?" Veronica wasn't sure what he meant by Parker's party. Although that had been the start of them, she didn't remember any real moment between her and Logan.

"He sent over the worse guy for you at the party. He didn't want you finding anyone else, but I was blind to it the second you wrapped your arms around my neck." Piz told her.

Veronica hadn't thought about that night in a long time. Logan had sent someone over to meet her, because he had told her that she should expand her horizons, look for men outside the ones she already knew. The guy she had talked to had been horrible, clingy, and creepy. She hadn't thought about how that was Logan's doing until now. But her heart hurt when she thought about how she had used Piz that night, how it had all started with him kissing her.

She had been so happy with Piz, things with him were so different, normal. She felt like she was truly apart of his life, and he was a part of hers. She didn't feel pressured with him, and she liked that, she liked the fact that their relationship was so normal. They had no past secrets, nothing hidden from each other. She truly trusted Piz.

"It was only a matter of time. I see that now." Piz told her his tone turning sad. "You aren't ready to let go of Logan, and that's okay, you've been through a lot with him, and he needs you right now." His words were soft, gentle.

"But Piz-" she started.

"No, right now Logan needs you." His voice a little more stern now, and she can tell that he's been thinking about this a lot. "We can talk again when I get back, when we've both had some time, and things aren't as complicated."

This is why she had fallen for him. He was able to give her what she needed, time to figure it all out for herself. Piz was understanding, thoughtful, and generous. She knew that he should be mad, he should be yelling at her, calling her all sorts of names, but that wasn't the type of person he was. After Logan had beaten him up, Piz had found actual ways to joke about it, not letting himself be mad at Logan, but understanding. It was all these reasons that made Veronica's heart get pulled in a different direction when she talked to him.

She had every intention of officially ending things with him. Explaining that it wasn't fair to do this to him, and she couldn't keep it up. But he had turned the tables on her, he had given her time.

"I'll see you in a few weeks." He tells her before ending the call.