"….. I can taste..salt." Ech's body was slowly being rocked by the ocean. The constant chirps of the seagulls echoed throughout the sea and a faint scent of chocolate.

"Cho-Chocolate?" faintly whispered Ech to herself. She weakly opened her eyes to see the clear, blue sky with white figures circling around her. However, there was a large green figure, the gulls scattered as the figure flew closer. As it did Ech's consciousness slipped away until blackness enveloped her.

Hiccup was rudely, but commonly awaken by the noise on his roof. He smiled to himself as he hauled himself out of bed.

"All right all right Toothless I'm coming" He chuckled as he opened the door and walked around his house and found a pure black dragon looking down on him. Toothless, the NightFury.

Toothless excitedly jumped down to his best friend and impatiently sat there making a subtle, but urgent gesture onto his back. Hiccup smiled and affectionately pet Toothless then climbed onto his back, fitting his iron leg into place and making sure the back tail was working properly.

"All right buddy, you ready?"

Toothless nodded approvingly and launched up into the air. As soon as they reached the sky Toothless quickly fired himself towards Black Heart Bay.

"Whoa buddy! Where are you going?"questioned Hiccup worriedly. The dragon hovered above the bay and pointed down toward the sand.

"What is it Toothless? Oh my gosh! Somebody is down there!" Toothless landed on the bay and sniffed at the body. As for Hiccup he rushed off his friends back and checked to see if the person was still alive.

"She is breathing, quick Toothless, we need to get her back to Berk!" Hiccup picked up the unconscious person and gently placed the person on the NightFury's back, Hiccup himself jumped on and flew back to Berk to search for aid.

Few days pass and Ech still did not regain consciousness. Hiccup was starting to get worried and remained by her side occasionally. She was beautiful, he thought to himself; her long, silky black hair and porcelain skin. Surely Astrid would be jealous knowing that he liked this washed up stranger.

The viking boy let out a deep sigh and gently stroked the head of his dragon, his best friend. Toothless remained still, in deep sleep. Hiccup smiled warmly then glanced at Ech and noticed that she was looking at him.

"AH! You're awake! How are you feeling? Can I get some water?" He ran to his pail of water in the corner and dipped a wooden cup into it.

"Where am I?" Ech asked weakly, her voice hoarse. Hiccup returned to her with a cup of water and sat next to Toothless.

"You are in Berk. The village of Vikings and Dragons."

"Dragons? Dragons don't exist." Ech replied rather coldly

Toothless awoke abruptly and glared at Ech menacingly. Ech jumped in and screamed.

"Calm down! He is friendly, aren't you buddy?" Toothless positioned himself proudly and nudged Hiccup affectionately.

"W-What is that?" Ech asked without taking her eyes off the large, black lizard.

"This is a dragon. His name is Toothless."

"Toothless? That is a rather odd name."

"Yeah, well when I first met him, I did not know he had teeth."

"You said he's friendly right? Could I pet him?

"Of course."

Toothless jumped next to Ech and placed his face closely to hers. His yellowish-green catlike eyes stared right through into Ech's almond eyes. Ech hesitantly placed her hand onto the dragons head. It was smooth, and scaly like all lizards. Toothless quickly moved his head away and made a small grunting sound and motioned towards the door.

"Good idea Toothless. Oh by the way, my name is Hiccup."

"My name is Ech." She smiled and tried to hide a blush. Even though she just met this strange man she liked him.

"Toothless here says we should show you around the place. I warn you though. You might be a bit shocked at first." He chuckled a bit and helped Ech out of bed and towards the door. Hiccup slowly opened the door to reveal a village, full of greenery and a clear sky…. A clear sky full of dragons!

Ech halted at the door and glanced back and forth at the different dragons. All different colors and sizes, one in particular looked like a pile of rocks together. Another with a snakelike body, one looked like its head was to big for its body and needles on its tail. There was another one with two heads, for some reason they seemed to be fighting with eachother.

"Amazing isn't it. Vikings and dragons living together in harmony." Said Hiccup proudly. Ech was astonished. For so long she thought dragons were only mythical creatures, but now, here in front of her was more than 50 dragons flying, fighting, and playing.

"Yeah! That's it Stormfly!" screamed a girls' voice.

"Ah, Here comes a friend of mine."

A girl with long blonde hair tied in a ponytail and blue eyes appears riding a large blue and yellow dragon. The dragon landed gently next to Toothless and the girl jumped off.

"Hey Hiccup, is this the girl you found?"

"Yes Astrid, this is Ech, Ech this is Astrid best female dragon rider in Berk." Astrid lightly punched Hiccup and smiled.

"Well it's true because I have Stormfly here."

"Well Astrid could you show Ech around Berk? Toothless and I are going to go for a ride."

"Of course Hiccup, a little girl to girl talk will be good. Come on Ech, I'll show you around."

Ech hesitantly nodded. This land of Berk, full of dragons. This was going to be an interesting adventure for her.