"Boys suck," declared Mel one Friday night as she and Sasha sat alone in her basement drinking purloined beer.

"Not that I don't agree," drawled Sasha, "but I thought you were glad Ginny got back together with Josh because that means she'll be safe from Charlie."

"I'd be stoked if she dated JBiebs as long as she was out of Charlie's reach."

"Of course, you'd be extra stoked if she was dating JBiebs because that would mean she's into girls."

"Gross." Melanie scrunched up her nose. "Why would I want her to be into girls?"

"Bitch, please." Sasha rolled her eyes. "If she was into girls you could finally make a move instead of mooning over her like a lovesick puppy."

"'Mooning over her'? You've been hanging out with Michelle, haven't you? You sound like you're a hundred and fifty."

"And you still haven't denied it."

"You're an asshat. I'm not in love with my best friend."

"You're also not the tallest girl at Paradise High."

"I think there's a girl in my gym class who's like six seven. Or it might be a dude. It's got short hair, but definitely sideburns, so who knows for sure?"

"Subject changer."

"Why are you so stuck on this?" shot Melanie. "Are you sick of being the lone teenage lesbian?"

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"Please. Ignorance does not become you, Sasha-bear."

"Don't call me that."

"Or what?"

"Or I'll knock your pretty little teeth out."

"I notice Boo has all her teeth."

"And when has she ever called me Sasha-bear?"

"When she's trying to calm you down and thinks no one is listening."

Sasha's only response was to glower and take another swig of beer while Melanie smirked.

Her personal celebration was a bit premature, however, because before she could blink her friend had climbed onto her lap, straddling her, their lips a whisper away.

"You're not into girls, hmm?" Her voice was low.

Mel swallowed nervously. She had a crush on Ginny, but that didn't mean she hadn't appreciated Sasha's beauty in her spare time. Her expressive dark eyes, her defined cheekbones, her full lips... There were girls who would kill to look like Sasha, and she wore her looks with the haughtiness of an evil but very, very sexy queen.


"Sure about that?"

Sasha very deliberately pressed her lips to Mel's, closing the miniscule gap between them. Before her mind knew how to react, her body was in full swing. Heat rushed to her cheeks, her heart thumped furiously, madly, frantically. Her hands moved under Sasha's shirt and up her back of their own accord, feeling the other girl's muscles contract and relax. Sasha was a talented bad-ass when it came to dancing, but good hell, she was a mind-blowing kisser as well. When she felt a tongue slip into her mouth, Mel couldn't remember her own name, let alone the last time she felt this good.

"This," Sasha panted against her cheek, her breath warm, "doesn't mean anything, got it?"

"Mmhmm." Melanie was too dazed to think of a witty response.

"Because even though we are the only out-ish lesbians our age, that doesn't automatically mean we're dating-"

"Geeze, do you ever stop talking? We're just make out buddies, I got it. Just because I like kissing your dirty yet surprisingly capable mouth doesn't mean I'm going to get all mushy and buy you stuff and take you places. Now shut up."

There would be time to talk about this—whatever "this" was—later. But for now...

She felt Sasha shiver as she ran her tongue lightly across her collarbone.

They would have some fun.