Where's Whit? Where am I? Is he okay? Am I gonna be okay? What is this place? These are all questions that ran through Wisty's mind as she glanced around at her surroundings. It was definitely an N.O. facility. It was dark and dank but still had that sterile hospitaly smell that was all too familiar by now. In the pale gray cell was a small squeaky bed that looked to be not very comfortable, a door in the corner that, by the shadows cast through the seams of it, were bolted shut multiple times, and a small chair. A sound outside her cell made her become instantly alert. The bolts in the door were lifted and it flew open with a heavy thud as it hit the wall.

The light from the outside world blinded her but as her eyes adjusted who did she see standing in the doorway?
Who stood there with flawless posture?
A perfect New Order uniform?
And slicked back platinum blonde hair?
You guessed it.

He walked over to the chair, twirled it around and sat with his legs on either side in one smooth motion, facing her where she now stood in the far corner. Sneering down at her he said, in a menacing voice, "Hello Wisteria."

Glaring, she asked, "Where is my brother?"

Pearce's face sank slightly, "Sadly we were unable to catch him. So we'll simply have to do what we can with you."

Wisty tried to keep her breathing normal, "And what exactly are you going to do with me?"

Pearce stood and walked over to the door and closed it tight, turning back to her, "I am supposed to question you. I am supposed to get information out of you." He walked towards her and pressed her back against the wall "But that's not really what I'm here for."

Wisty's heart was racing and she tried to get herself under control, "So what exactly are you here for?"

A grin slipped onto his face as his hands found her waist. He pressed his body to hers and put his lips close to her ear, "What do you think Wisteria?" Without another word he crashed his lips onto hers, kissing her passionately.

It took about two seconds to get over her shock.
And knee him in the balls.

He dropped to the ground in agony while she filled her air with lungs and staggered away from him. She ran to the door, hoping it hadn't been bolted shut. It was a futile atempt. Just as she was got to the door Pearce was back on his feet, snatching a fistful of her long orange hair. She flew back onto the bed and Pearce held her down by her throat.

"I have to say Wisteria that wasn't very nice. I wasn't aware you played dirty."

Wisty scratched at the hand at her throat to no avail, "I play to survive. You should know that by now."

He sneered and stood up, slaming her head into the matress as he went. As he got to the door it opened and he turned back to her, "Enjoy your dinner Wisty." He threw a peice of stale bread onto the floor in front of her, "I'll be back tomorrow to continue our little session. Perhasp you'll be more cooperative." And with that the door slammed shut and bolted once again. Wisty sat up and forced herself not to gag, feeling disgusted.

Not because she had to eat stale bread.
Not because he had kissed her.

Not because he promised to return tomorrow.

But because she thought she actually may have liked it, and secretly hoped he kept his word.

(Alright so any thoughts? Should I continue writting this or should I just keep fantisizing in my own head. Seriously you have no idea how many times this scene has gone through my head...I LOVE PEARCE HE'S AN EVIL SON OF A BITCH BUT I FUCKING LOVE HIM 8D *googly eyes*)