(I'm so sorry my lovelies, this took longer than I thought. I have had an insane case of writers block. Without further a due here's the story)

Wisty sat in the chair in front of the desk in the Garfunkel's store manager's office, feet up on the desk, absently strumming an old guitar. She suddenly felt a firm hand grasp her shoulder and whipped around, swinging her guitar like an axe. Pearce caught the head of the guitar before it had a chance to imbed itself in the side of his head.

He chuckled darkly, "A little jumpy are we?"

She rolled her eyes and tried to walk toward the door only to be roughly yanked back into Pearce's arms.

After struggling for a moment she concluded that he wasn't going to let her go. "Being pretty rough; what happened to the new 'nice' Pearce?"

He shrugged, "He got bored."

He threw her back against the wall, though not as hard as she remembered him doing before, and grinned.

She shrugged, "Well that's too bad, I think I liked him better."

Pearce chuckled and leaned in close enough that his lips just barely grazed hers, "No you didn't."

She tried to push him away but he grabbed her wrists and pinned them beside her head. She pursed her lips, "Is it that obvious?"

He pressed his lips to her neck, murmuring into her skin, "Only to me."

She closed her eyes and leaned her head back, "Well then I guess that's alright." He nipped her neck, not enough to break the skin but enough to send a jolt through her body. She gasped and clenched her fists, still being held firmly on either side of her head.

The door to the office suddenly opened and Whit walked in, "Hey Wisty we gotta…Oh wow really guys?"

Wisty turned her head towards the door and sighed, "Knock much?"

Pearce pulled away crossed his arms over his chest, "Seriously Whitford."

Whit rolled his eyes, "Well sorry if I didn't think you guys would be getting it on in here in broad daylight. Anyway, we need you out here, they're planning another search and rescue."

She sighed and pushed herself off the wall, "Whatever, come on Pearce."

"Actually, he can stay in here." Whit was blocking the doorway, glaring at Pearce.

Pearce simply laughed, "What's the matter? Scared?"

Whit's eyes narrowed, "I'm not, I can take you easily and we both know it. But the others don't want you in the room when we talk about what we're planning. They're convinced that you're only here with Wisty to spy on us for The One. I for one think that's exactly the case, and if you even think of hurting her…" He walked up close to Pearce, getting in his face, "I WILL kill you."

Wisty rolled her eyes, "You're being an ass Whit." She took hold of Pearce's arm and glared, "Go on ahead I'll catch up in a minute."


"Now!" Wisty shooed Whit out of the office and slammed the door behind him. She turned and leaned against the wall, sighing heavily. "He's such a pain." She focused her eyes on Pearce and smirked, "But I guess you already knew that." She walked up and wrapped her arms around his neck.

He smirked back, "Yes, your brother is quite a pain. But then again you're no different."

She gasped and punched his shoulder, "I am so different."

Pearce raised an eyebrow, "Did you just hit me? You better apologize Wisteria."

She stepped back, smiling slyly, "And if I don't?"

He grinned, "I don't think you really have a choice." He backed her up against the door and put both hands on her side, leaning in close to her ear. "I seem to remember something quite interesting about you." He dug his fingers into her sides and she jumped, screaming. After a few moments of enjoying her writhing he stopped and let her breathe, "Now will you apologize?"

She glared, "I hate you, with a passion, you know that?" He grinned and was about to attack again when she stopped him. "Alright, alright I'm sorry for hitting you."

He smirked and kissed her neck again, "Good."

She sighed and leaned her head back, "I should go."

He backed away and nodded, "Yeah ok, go ahead I'll be in here when you get back."

Wisty nodded and gave him a quick kiss before leaving. She hopped up and sat on the front counter with everyone else, "Alright I'm here, what's the plan?"

Whit turned on the screen above her head and they saw a news story, Wisty's picture beside the N.O. news woman's head. "Today at noon there will be an execution," The picture of her faded away to see two people standing in the old football stadium, handcuffed and gagged, "The One Who Is The One will relieve us of the burden of knowing the two people who created and raised Wisteria Allgood to be uncivilized, irresponsible abomination she is. Benjiman and Eliza Allgood have been tried and found guilty of treason against our great leader, and or it they are sentenced to death." Whit turned off the screen and everyone fell silent.

It took a moment to register what she had seen. But as soon as it did she was on her feet, "We're leaving. Now."

Byron stepped forward, "You aren't the leader Wisty, not this week."

She turned to glare at him, "I don't care who's the leader I'm saying we're going so we're going! If you won't go then fine I'll do it on my own." She walked right up Byron and lowered her voice, "I am not leaving my parents to die. If you've ever care for Whit and I, even the tiniest bit, you won't make us do this alone. Though knowing you, you will." She shoved him out of the way and walked into the office Pearce was in, "Come on we're leaving."

Pearce looked at her a bit confused, "Why? Where are we going?"

"To save my mom and dad."