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Stars filled the sky and the moon shone brightly through frozen branches as a girl made her way through the woods. Hidden by the darkness and the trees she was sure she could keep going safely. Suddenly sirens howled and a helicopter searched the night sky. She jumped over a log and slid between a bush and a tree. They were looking for her but she couldn't go back, she could not stay a lab rat forever. She pressed against the tree as the though back to what happened to her in lab she began to shake, her heart beat sped up and her palms got sweaty. She couldn't handle another moment of being a prisoner.

She brushed her finger over her necklace, then looked down at the bracelet on her wrist and read what was engraved on it. "Robin" was the single word engraved on the front, on the back was a date she was sure was her birthday. Her breathing slowed as she realized the helicopter pasted over her and the sirens became distant. She pulled her hood over her head and started running away from sirens, the helicopters and the lab.

I may not know who I am but anything is better than this...

Five Years Later...

The avengers were all hang around Stark Tower. It had been awhile since they all gathered but Fury said it was important. Loki's attack had taken place almost 6 months ago, but the city was still in reparation. The team was getting impatience; Fury was over an hour late as it was.

"You know the next time Fury forces me to play host he should really be more punctual." said Tony "I'm glad I didn't spring for the ice sculpture." Natasha and Clint just rolled their eyes.

"I thought he was going to leave us alone unless there was an emergency," interrupted Bruce, "Emergency don't usually take this long."

"Sir," JARVIS said through the intercom, "Fury is on his way up."

"That's great JARVIS. Now we can start the party." replied Tony

"Sir I think it would be best for you to know that..."

Before JARVIS could finish, the elevator dinged and Fury appeared in the shaft. He looked more than a little annoyed; his mouth was in a straight line on his face.

"Fury! Always a pleasure to have you." shouted Tony, "To what do we owe this pleasure."

"Pleasure? Not the word I would use." muttered Bruce

Fury stepped toward the team, " I have come to give you guys some news, and to give you a package of sorts."

"What kind of package? Is it a puppy?" asked Tony

"No. Let me start at the beginning. You all did well six months ago when battling Loki; however it was a close call."

"Close call? We kicked Loki's butt, did you not hear what Brucey here did to him?"

"You almost lost, and the city is still dealing with damages, but that is beside the point. While you all preformed well and saved us, you gave the world quite a scare. Next time..."

"Next time? I was kind of hoping that was it."

"Would you please stop interrupting me!" Tony took a step back, "as i was saying, next time, if there is a next time, it would be better for everyone if things went smoother. I was also thinking The Avengers could be a special task force, should S.H.I.E.L.D ever have missions of that size."

Everyone looked at one another, wondering what Fury would have in store for them.

"With that in mind, may I present you with your package, or may I say addition." He stepped aside and from the elevator came a girl, she had red-ish black hair, light tan skin, and vivid green eyes, she was also on the taller side, "May I introduce you all to the new addition to the team, everyone this is Robin."

The avengers all studied her. She walked toward them then leaned up against the wall. Her arms were crossed over her chest and she had a look that said I'll kick your ass if you mess with me. Yet as Steve looked at her eyes wandered around as if scanning the room to avoid eye contact, her eyes seemed a bit nervous.

"I tried to tell you sir." JARVIS said, breaking some tension.

"About time we got another girl on the team." blurted Tony, Robin just rolled her eyes.

"Fury, while i don't mind a new member, especially another girl, why her? She looks too young to be joining? What exactly qualifies her?" asked Natasha

"She is about to turn 21 years old and I'd rather you find out the rest on your own," he chuckled, "trust me she will be a fine addition to the team."

With that Fury left and the five avengers were left alone with Robin. They all turned toward her with questioning looks in their eyes.

"I think it best if we not stay so silent with the new maiden." whispered Thor

Steve stepped forward "So, Robin..." he began, "what exactly is it that brought you here?" None of the avengers were what you classify as "normal people". She was running her fingers over the end of her ponytail and eyeing an apple in the fruit basket of the nearby table.

"Yea, are you some trained assassin like Robin Hood and Natasha her, an alien like Mr. Muscle?" intervened Tony, "Oh I know you are some kind of freaky science experiment like Spangles, Banner and me right?"

With that her eyes darted straight on him and she tossed her hair behind her back with two of her fingers. As she did that the apple she was eyeing flew across the room and hit Tony straight in the dead center of his forehead.

She then spoke to them for the first time, "I guess you could say that."