Hello everybody! This new story will have a very sad beginning. I can only guarantee that it will stir some deep emotions in some of you. Please be warned that it will include physical, emotional and sexual abuse. I DO NOT promote, condone or accept abuse in any shape or form. This is a fictional work with fictional characters and I present it as such.

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Chapter 1

"Hurry up dogs; we have to make it to that hill before sundown, I have a schedule to keep!" Yelled the lead transporter to the small group of submissives that was being mobilized north after being bought in an auction down south. The task of getting up a hill was easy enough, but complicated by the chains they were bound with.

"Man we should party a little with them tonight, get them really stretched and slippery for their new owners." Snickered a wolf with dirty fur and missing teeth.

"No, nobody touches them; I will get less money if they get fucked. I guess that if they feel tight, it gives them the illusion they bought virgins" commented the head of the caravan and lead transporter with a humorless mental chuckle.

"Virgins; yeah right, these here haven't been virgins for years, especially this one." Said another wolf while lunging towards the smallest one, making him fall on his side onto the muddy ground. Getting the small wolf's sandy coat covered in dark red mud, small pebbles and grass. Of the nine wolves that made up the caravan only six were letting out barks resembling laughter. The submissives had learned a long time ago to not show emotion as that may earn them punishment.

Unfortunately this caused all three submisives to come to a halt as they were linked together with a long chain and even though the sandy wolf was making an effort to stand up quickly before the lead transporter hit him, the ground was slippery and that combined with the fact that he was exhausted and hungry made the situation even more challenging.

"Stand up idiot! I swear I'll beat the crap out of you, hurry up!" Mentally yelled the lead transporter at the sandy wolf. "And you, stop messing with them, if I lose my patience and kill any of them, you don't get paid, understood?" He added for the benefit of his helpers.

It was the year two thousand nine hundred and twenty seven. After all the discoveries, wars, struggles for power and dominance, humankind was defeated by the smallest organism, a virus. The Norwana virus, named after the country with the first occurrence of the virus, was ten times worse than Ebola. Its victims shriveled down to nothing, as not blood, but water escaped their bodies. The human body is seventy percent water and the Norwana created a chemical imbalance in which the body's signals got confused and expelled the water from its cells making the victim slowly and painfully turn into a dry shell. No matter how much fluid was injected into the patient, it would end up in a puddle around the dying victim. It decimated the world's population in four months, going from ten billion to a few hundreds.

Only those with natural resistance to the virus survived. Those "lucky" ones faced a destiny even crueler than the disease because the ones who got sick died within forty eight hours. The humans with natural resistance not only had to witness as their family and friends turned into a raisin and died. They became the lowest group on the food chain, and fell prey to the only other group beside shifters that survived the pandemic, the vampires. As the human population diminished so did their blood supply, they became desperate as they faced the reality of an eternity without blood, dying every day without the hope of finding comfort in death.

The shifters were unable to protect the humans as all of them were grieving and tending to their own families. Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters all fell victim to the cruel organism and the shifters had the task of helping them during their passage to the land of their ancestors and bury their shriveled bodies after they passed. No family remained intact, the pain and loss could be seen in the eyes of each and every shifter.

"Move, move, move! I've never seen such a pathetic group. I don't know who I pity more, you or the idiot that paid money for any of you. You're not worth shit and will probably die in the first week." His sinister laugh was laced with disgust at having to deal with the submissives. It was a humiliating job, delivering subs to their owners, but it paid very well. The abuse had been constant and any disrespect whether it was real or just perceived real was paid with a beating.

After all the fires died down and the dirt settled in the billions of graves all over the world the land turned to a free for all. There were no more countries, no boundaries, no borders and no walls. As expected, a war was forged between the vampires and the shifters. The vampires, being in a clear disadvantage had to raise the white flag and admit their defeat. The shifters had a great advantage, they could potentially have children and multiply their numbers, when on the other hand the vampires didn't have that possibility.

They reached a compromise that benefited both groups. All the vampires were exiled to Africa and Asia where the abundant wildlife would provide nourishment for them. Without the influence of poachers and hunters the animal population would grow. They would never be truly satiated, but they would not perish. If they controlled themselves they could live an eternity in those lands, after all, since the war with the shifters there were less than four hundred vampires left in the world and they had no possibility of increasing their numbers. There were no humans to turn and shifters blood was poisonous to them. The shifters claimed the Americas, making the land return to their rightful owners.

At the end of the era of men there were close to two thousand shifters. Their numbers grew slowly since there were very few female shifters. Females were protected and revered among the packs. In the beginning the females could choose who they wanted to marry. As the realization of the scarcity of females sunk in, they became the new currency and the strength and dominance of a pack was determined in part by the numbers of females in their pack. More females meant more shifters; more shifters would provide the numbers to prevail in any confrontation. The elders and the regional councils devised rules and regulations for marriages. Women were only allowed to marry landowners and high ranking soldiers. Any shifter had to excel at something important to deserve a female. After so many years with such a tremendous shortage of females, homosexuality was very common, widely accepted and encouraged. Many shifters opted to live their lives with a male partner and lived very happy productive lives.

There were extremely strange instances were a submissive could bear children. There had been only six submissives with such luck and none in the last twenty years. When a boy began showing signs of the impending change, they were taken to the elders of each tribe who observed them until the final stage in the process took place. When they shifted for the first time, a change that had evolved to the point it didn't need to be triggered by vampires anymore, they would fall in one of two categories, dominants or submissives. The dominants were the majority and could choose any job they wanted among what was available, in wolf form they were twice the size of any sub. After a dominant phased for the first time, the biggest and strongest wolves were offered a position in the army, which was an honor. Their main task was the protection of their pack and way of life. The others could choose from what was available, from providing maintenance to the solar panels and windmills that harvested energy to be converted to electricity to working the land, among several other tasks. After the energy crisis of the twenty five hundreds, humans desisted on depending on fossil fuels and perfected the technologies for harvesting the energy from the sun and the wind.

The submissives on the other hand were placed under strict supervision for forty eight hours. The few lucky ones would begin a heat cycle immediately and were sought after the best suitors in the land, to mate and reproduce. They wouldn't mate in their first cycle, but six months to a year later when the second one took place. During that time they had the opportunity to choose a husband that would protect and love them for the rest of their lives. If they didn't go on a heat cycle, their parents were given the one time opportunity to buy their freedom. If for any reason their parents couldn't cover the astronomical amount, they would be destined to a life of servitude, a fate worse than death if you asked them. Once they became slaves there was no turning back and no way to escape their fate. Since the great pandemic and eventual uprising of different families, these laws had been in place to deal with immediate needs and as it usually happened stayed as part of their culture.

"We'll camp here for the night, phase back so I can put your collars back on and no monkey business or you will meet the end of my whip" Submissives lives were not worth anything and even though they were quite expensive, nobody would be penalized for killing one of them. The leader of the caravan would just need to reimburse the owner for what he paid, but this was something no transporter looked forward to.

The three submissives in the caravan shifted back to their human bodies and waited on their knees for the transporter to place their collars back in place. After each collar clicked around their necks and was secured with the special key made individually for each collar, they were allowed to go relieve themselves and wash up.

The submissives who were destined to be slaves main purpose was to appease the sexual needs of their owners, better known as masters. The day a submissive was fitted with their collar, was the last day of their life and the first day of their existence. The collar was made of a special iron alloy that made it very strong and unbreakable, while flexible enough to be shaped in a circle. In the time of the humans it was used in aircrafts, because of its strength and light weight. Any shifter that tried to phase while using the collar chocked to death or was decapitated. Unfortunately over the years that had been the most common way for submissives to end their miserable lives. If a sub felt they couldn't go on, they just phased and in a few seconds everything was over. Seth thought about it more than once, the first time had been during his initiation as a submissive, a time in his life he preferred to bury in the deepest recesses of his mind.

"You know who bought you?" Whispered a man that had introduced himself as Embry.

"No, and you?" Asked Seth in the same hushed tone.

"I heard some names earlier but I don't know who goes with who"

"What names did you hear?" Asked a bitter young man with a deep scar on the right side of his face, wolves had increased resistance to disease and scaring but unlike the dominants, the subs could still scar if the wound was deep enough or if they were burned severely. He introduced himself as Michael.

"I heard Black and Uley, there was a third one but they noticed I was listening and swatted me away"

"Shit I hope I don't go to the Blacks" Added Michael.


"The father, William, is pretty decent, he doesn't even take submissives, but he gives his son free reign, Jacob is the thing nightmares are made of. No sub lasts more than a couple of weeks with him, some not even a few days, he is one of the reasons there is a shortage of subs."

"They are all the same, they beat you and they fuck you." Interjected Seth sadly.

"Not Black, he is a monster, known to beat a sub to a pulp for just lifting their gaze or speaking without permission."

"Who the hell gave you mother fuckers permission to talk?" The transporter started beating the three men with a stiff cane that made a frightful noise as it moved through the air, each strike making the men buck under the impact. It felt like fire and lightning hitting them all at once, blotting out every other thought or sensation.

"If it was up to me I would shoot you right here, but your owners paid me in advance to deliver you to them."

The three shifters limped and dragged themselves to the campsite where the leader of the transport threw a piece of bread and some meat on the floor for each one of them. Taking their meager dinner, they tried to remove as much dirt from their food as they could and ate what they were given silently, their backs still throbbing from the most recent punishment.

North America and Canada merged as one country and was divided unequally into two territories, the east and the west. This division didn't come easy, it happened after lots of bloodshed and grief. In a way the battle had been similar to the civil war that was fought by humans almost 11 centuries before. At the end, the East, which covered three thirds of the territory, was claimed by the Black family, they were fearless warriors; the loss of the matriarch of the family at the hands of the enemy ignited the flame that propelled and imparted them with strength, granting them victory. Mr. William Black alongside his son Jacob Black formed the most powerful and feared pack in the Americas.

Everything had changed; society had new norms and divisions. The highest position belonged to the owners of the land in the case of the East, it was the Blacks. Right below them were the females which were treated as porcelain dolls, but had to give their mates as many children as their bodies allowed. Any shifter who fathered a daughter immediately escalated one step on the social ladder. Below the women were the high ranking officers of the army, especially those dedicated to the protection of the landowners. The soldiers were followed by the biggest group, the servants.

The servants worked in the few industries that were still functioning. Farming, engineering and as the help in the estates. The Blacks controlled the meat and dairy industry, providing beef milk and eggs for the whole eastern region and parts of Central America. This was the most prolific industry since it consisted of the main food items consumed by the shifters. They also owned thousands of acres dedicated to corn, potatoes, wheat and hay.

There were no celebrities, no professional sports, no television, no radio and no internet. The communication industry became obsolete and deemed unnecessary since the shifters from the same pack could automatically communicate telepathically through thousands of miles. If the shifter was from a different pack the communication was still possible but was not automatic. When the shifters rebuilt the world they needed to prioritize, food and defense becoming the most important industries.

After finishing their dinner the subs were tied to a thick tree trunk using the loop each one of them had on their collars. They had to sleep on the floor in a semi-seated position since the chain was not long enough to allow them to lie down. They were all naked, since nobody had bothered to give them anything to cover themselves with since the auction.

It was a beautiful night, the velvety darkness of the night sky was filled with millions of sparkly diamonds, dancing with each other with interminable joy. Seth stared into the night sky wondering how so much beauty could be witness to the horrors him and the others had to go through on a daily basis.

"Do you ever get scared Seth?" Asked Embry, this would be one of those rare opportunities he would be able to speak with another person who understood exactly how he felt.

"Yes all the time, nobody likes pain you know, what about you?"

"Of course." Embry paused for a minute. "Seth how old are you?"

"I'm not sure, I stopped celebrating my birthday years ago, there is nothing to celebrate anyway. If I had to take a guess, I would say I'm around twenty nine. And you?" Just like any other shifter Seth's age wasn't evident in his appearance. Their physical appearance frozen at the age they phased for the first time. In Seth's case he would forever look like a fourteen year old.

"I'm twenty four, my old master fell in love with the captain of the guard and decided to sell me." Explained Embry.

"I've had two masters. The first one was really bad, he almost killed me on several occasions. He was awful to everybody, not just me, even his father fell victim to his wrath many times. As expected he was killed during a hunting trip, they never caught the person who did it, but nobody was really looking for a culprit, everybody was glad he was gone, especially me. I was with him for five years but felt more like fifty. The second one was not as bad, just your usual rich dominant. At least his beatings never got out of hand; he trained me to be everything that can be expected of a submissive. The first one never trained me and would beat me up whenever I made a mistake. He married a woman from Brazil and she demanded he got rid of me." Seth's back was sore from the whipping he received earlier and rubbing it against the coarse tree trunk was not helping it heal fast enough.

"Shit my back is bothering me." He said repositioning himself the best he could.

"Move forward a little" Embry's request was strange but Seth didn't question it, years of obeying orders programmed him to obey without question.

Seth felt a warm hand on his back sliding ever so gentle over the bruised flesh. A wave of relief enveloped him, the pain diminishing until he only felt a slight discomfort. He turned his head toward Embry, his eyes wide in surprise and astonishment. "You're a healer" Whispered Seth. Embry just nodded affirmatively afraid to acknowledge his gift.

"You never told your master?" Asked Seth.

"He knew, but forbade me from saying anything; my only guess is that he didn't want to lose me. I always did what he asked and this is how he paid me." Pain and sadness was etched on Embry's features as he told the tale of what he obviously considered a betrayal.

"You loved him" Seth mouthed the words afraid of saying them out loud. It was against the law for a submissive to fall in love; if they did they could be killed on the spot, no questions asked. Even if it was just a suspicion, when it came to subs, civil rights were nonexistent. Once again Embry nodded affirmatively while wiping a tear away.

Seth was stumped; he had never met anybody as fascinating as Embry. Even after all the years of abuse Seth kept his humanity, refusing to be turned into an animal. His compassion knew no limits and he felt oddly attracted to the man beside him. It was not a sexual attraction, it was brotherly. They shared a bond that had been etched into their very skin just like the many scars they sported. Embry's head was hung low as salty droplets fell to the ground. Seth just grabbed his hand interlacing their fingers and pulled Embry's head to his shoulder. Embry's thirst for human contact allowed him to accept the gift of friendship Seth was giving him, even if it was just for one night. Submissives never formed bonds with other subs, they knew the person next to them could be killed in front of their eyes and there was nothing they could do about it, except suffer in silence.

"Rise and shine my pretties!" Yelled the transporter at the same time he and his helpers peed on the three submissives. They were caught by surprise and gagged as some of their putrid fluid fell in their mouths. The men just laughed at them, before untying them and taking them to the creek to wash up. They knew they couldn't deliver them stinking of urine or they would not be paid the full price for their services. It was ridiculous that they could be delivered with bruises but not stinking or fucked. That was the only reason they didn't rape them the night before like they wanted to, their owners would inspect them as soon as they reached their destiny and if there was evidence of recent sexual activity, some money would've been deducted.

The aroma of eggs and bacon reached the three subs making their mouths water and their stomachs grumble loudly. But they would not receive any food, they were scheduled to arrive before noon and if their owners wanted to feed them they would incur with expense. After all, they were all filthy rich and had money to waste on food for the dogs.

After running for three hours they reached the property of the Uleys, its owner Sam Uley was an associate of the Blacks and Jacob's best friend since childhood. He was as handsome as he was cruel, never wanting a wife even though he could've had any woman he wanted. He never cared to share why he preferred to remain single, unwilling to accept a male or female mate. He was a six foot nine tower of pure muscle, which granted him the nickname The Great Wall. His parents had died during the pandemic but William Black had basically adopted him as another son, sharing his wealth with him.

A soldier intercepted them as they approached the edge of the property. The soldiers were overzealous when it came to the protection of the estates and the landowners. They were well aware of the humiliation a shamed soldier went through on a daily basis. When they were stripped of their rank they had to join the servants and become a regular citizen without the privileges the military provided.

"What business you have here?" Asked the soldier.

"I'm delivering a submissive to Mr. Uley. Mr. Black bought these subs at the auctions in Georgia and gave instructions for one of them to be delivered here. I have all the paperwork."

"That's right, his last one died a week ago. I hope this one lasts longer because he gets in a crappy mood when he doesn't have a sub to fuck."

"I give no guarantees, I just transport them. It's enough to have to put up with these creatures."

"Which one is his?"

"I don't care, you choose, they all look the same to me anyway."

"You" The soldier pointed at Embry "I hope your ass is ready, because your new master will pound you until you either can't walk or die."

Seth cringed at the idea of Embry dying at the hands of his new master, but all he could do was give a sideways glance at his new friend before he was pulled away by the leader of the caravan. Who knew, maybe the one dead in a few days would be him, like the transporter said, there were no guarantees.

They ran for another hour before they reached a beautiful property, surrounded by tall oak trees and acre after acre of gorgeous green fields. There were several thirty to forty foot long hay barns, ponds and orchards. Just like in the Uley property a soldier intercepted them the second they laid a paw on the land.

"What do you want?"

"I'm delivering these two subs Mr. Black bought." The soldier glanced disinterested and disgusted at the two remaining subs Seth and Michael.

"Follow me; they must be for Carlos and Jacob. Carlos sub died five days ago and I guess Jacob heard he was getting a new one and killed his."

"How did he kill him?" Asked one of the helpers with the only intention of scaring the subs.

"Fucked him continually until his body gave out from the hemorrhage, he even invited some of us to join the fun." They all laughed as the soldier made a mental recollection of the appearance of the body when he and two others were told to get it outside and burn it. Seth and Michael felt a shiver begin on their necks and end on their tails as they realized they were destined to the same cruel fate.

They ran within the boundaries of the property for another thirty minutes passing several farmhouses that on their own looked like small neighborhoods. They all had beautiful gardens; one with toys in the yard, Seth couldn't help the yearning and sadness in his heart at the sight in front of him. He always dreamed of having a family of his own, he knew it was impossible, that home probably belonged to a high ranking officer or a war hero and it could never belong to a sub. The grounds were overflowing with apple trees and drifts of lavender, the aroma was sweet and enticing.

The group was in awe when the most beautiful house any of them had ever seen came into sight. It could only be described as coming out of a fairy tale. This mansion would've put Cinderella's castle to shame. It was three stories high, with five towers and a steeply-pitched roof. The outside consisted of gray bricks with paired windows set in arches and combined with big bay windows. There were several balconies coming from what could only be the main bedrooms in the mansion. Lush greenery all around it with lines of cedars projecting from each side of the house. A dense forest could be observed to one side of it.

The sight in the front yard would've turned any man to stone. There were a couple of massive wolves fighting or playing, it was hard to tell the difference. One of them was a silver beast with a black face; the other was even bigger than the first one and had a very unique color, russet brown.

As the small group approached them they stopped their roughhousing and turned to look at them.

"Sir this gentleman and his companions are delivering the two subs your father bought recently."

"About time they got here, I'm getting a serious case of blue balls." The though coming from the russet beast.

"Subs, phase. I want to see you as humans." Ordered the same wolf, his mental voice dripping with authority.

Both subs phased but remained on their knees with their eyes glued to the floor until the transporter placed their collars on. They were not allowed to lift their eyes to look at the dominants since that was considered disrespectful. With the corner of their eye they could see as the silver and russet wolves shifted back to their human forms.

The two men in front of them could only be described as the most perfect specimens of all mythical creatures. They both shared the Native American characteristics, clear sign of their ancestry. They both had the most beautiful caramel color skin with thick black hair and a proud nose. The silver wolf was a handsome man who didn't look a day over eighteen, a little over six feet tall, strong arms and a strong jaw. He had a permanent scowl on his face and a stance that screamed he was not one to back off from a fight.

The russet wolf was close to seven feet tall, with big strong arms, full lips and an intimidating expression on his face. His young appearance, looking not a day over sixteen, in stark contrast to the darkness in his expression. Seth had always been very perceptive and that probably saved his life on several occasions. It was a very convenient skill to be able to predict your master moods, needs and desires. This in addition to his sweet demeanor accounted for his old age. He felt that wolf was a truly troubled individual, a lost soul unable to find peace within himself. To most people he would seem to be cruel, to Seth he was a victim of his reputation.

What made them even more terrifying for the subs was the fact that they were extremely well endowed. Sooner than later they would get to experience firsthand those monsters burying themselves deep within them. Seth flinched at the memory of all the times he had been sexually abused.

"Stand up" Ordered a man with a deep voice. They noticed it came from the taller of the two.

"Shit you are two scrawny little things." Said russet with a disgusted expression. He walked around, inspecting them like they were horses. He poked and prodded in the most humiliating way, making them bend over to make sure they had not been raped on their way there.

"Should I get Carlos sir?" Asked one of the other soldiers.

"Nope I'll choose mine and you'll take the other one to his room. Serves him right for opting to take a nap instead of joining the exercises."

"I'm sorry to say this Jacob, but your godfather is a lazy bum." Commented the silver wolf.

"I know Paul."

Jacob continued circling the two subs that by that moment were trembling like leaves during a hurricane. He was inspecting them, deciding which one would be his next victim.

"I want this one." Said Jacob pointing towards Seth

"May I ask why sir? He is smaller than the other." Questioned one of the soldiers.

"Exactly Jared, so is safe to assume he is going to be tighter." He was joined by the other in a symphony of malicious chuckling "Take him inside, shave his head and get him cleaned up. Then take him to my room and chain him. I'll be there shortly to take what's mine."

"Take the other one to Carlos room; I don't know if he also wants to get rid of that filthy mop on his head. I'll leave it up to him"

One servant approached Seth and grabbing his arm pulled him toward the house. With the corner of his eye Seth saw his new master looking at him lustily while the wolf named Paul, elbowed him on the ribs while sharing a malicious laugh. Seth knew his fate was sealed; he had a new master, Jacob Black, the most heartless master in the dominant world. His only comfort being the possibility that his suffering could end very soon.