With Charlotte's words, Christina had entered into the catacomb and finds a bizarre blue light coming from a teenage silver-haired girl who is waiting for her. She was sitting on the throne made of bones where there was a field of skulls around her. She seemed to be a thirteen years old and had gray hair with skulls beautifying her hair to keep her ponytail curly and neat. She's also wearing a mid-thigh length tight dark green dress and knee-length dark green boots and had a blue light hanging on of her back. Keeping in with her killer status, she carries a blue feather fan made out of bones. Her eyes were bloody red, but it has the outline of a semi skull in both pupils. She stares calmly at Christine once she walked in the middle of the room.

"I know you're down here, Kimlinh!" Christina called out. "Come out! I'm not kidding!"

"Your feral friend is not here." the Skullgirl said. "It is only I, Kira."

"So you're the Skullgirl." Christina said, observing Kira from top to bottom. "You don't mind if I claim the Skull Heart."

"Strange." Kira spoke as her eyes widened in shock. "You are pure, but your mother was part of the Medici that ruined my mother's life. That's strange. Now you must be eliminated!"

Controlling her power, several thunder clashes with more of the blue glowing light. Christina looked around and she was no longer in the catacombs, but on a weird blue level surface that looked like it was made of veins. Various statues of the Divine Trinity were disintegrated and crushed once each of them begins to hover. The full moon was observable from the room and skulls were trashed on the ground beneath them.

"I will defeat you and the Medicis once and for all." Kira said, summoning gigantic skulls and creatures to surround her.

"This is gonna be fun!" Christina declared.

Christina begins to charge forth and use Vice-Verso to swing his arms around in a large radial 360 motion as she kicks the Skullgirl with blades from her shoes and attacked her body where the skulls didn't guard her. Though Kira kept sending mini skulls and some skulls from the blockade, Christina continues to fight her off with using her powerful hat. Then, Kira's eyes glowed bright red and now had a distantly humanoid silhouette made out of the veins on the ground behind her and command it to attack, and a shadowy figure shot up to punch Christina hardly. Getting up, Christina charged forward again and continues to delivering various punches for multiple times. Finally, Kira started to cry out in pain as her eyes glowed again with blood. Now she was nonentity more than a group of bones encircling the Skull Heart. Dodging the summoning skeletons and flying demon skulls, Christina lifts up a chuck of ground and tosses it into the air as she jettisons it towards Kira and quickly jumped behind her into midair to send out a powerful punch straight at the Skull Heart. Kira had accepted her defeat and let out a painful scream once her body finally vanished.

After defeating the Skullgirl Kira, Christine obtains the Skull Heart as she took a long look at it. She was thinking about the comment that Kira said before about her pure heart and what her mother said about the Skull Heart if she does have a pure heart. Then, Christina gazed curiously back at the artifact.

"So this is the Skull Heart, the true source of the Skullgirl's power." Christina muttered. "But I have no time for wishes. I need to bring it back to my parents."

"Thanks for dealing with Kira for me, Christina!" Kimlinh spoke, running to her best friend. "She was tough to fight. With one wish, you can do anything."

"I can't make a wish and that's my parents' mission they sent me." Christine replied, refusing Kimlinh's request.

"With or without your wish, you'll want something bigger for your parents." Kimlinh said with a shrug. "As long as your pure heart and amazing singing flows through your veins, no one can stop you."

Christina closed her eyes as she recalls all of her memories of the good times with her singing vocals, performing her concerts, and making numerous albums for her fans but she knows that Kimlinh has a point though.

"Pure heart, eh?" Christina sighed. She opened her eyes with determination. "Skull Heart! I wish the replica to my biological twin sister."

"Pure heart." A deep voice from the Skull Heart. "Your parents will be proud of you."

In a flash of light, the Skull Heart disappeared and the catacomb went back to normal. Christina was relieved for not becoming the next Skullgirl, but did enjoy the fight she had with Kira. With a grin, she headed out of the church and went to home.

Few days after her journey in defeating the Skullgirl, Christina was having a sleepover with Kimlinh, Christine, and her new twin sister named Aguilera. The quartet spenfd their time staying up later, talking about boys, using their powers, and playing around. As chrsitna watched kimlinh and christine playing Truth or Dare, Jason and Cerebella came in the room with smiles on their faces.

"Well done!" cerebella said. "The skullgirl has been deefated and your singing career has reached to the top."

"Even you wish for a sister, our career has become truly powerful and no one, not even the Medici Mafia, will be a match for us." Jason said with a smile.

With that, Christina looked away with a happy expression towards her twin and friends in satisfaction for making her wish.