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Everything went so fast that even though my experience, my brain was having trouble catching up with what was happening.

First, I realized that there was a bomb inside that case. Then my whole body fell flat on the ground, my eyes covered with something so I barely saw the flames soaring above me and right after that…

My head was blank; I still couldn't comprehend what was happening. My ears were ringing and something heavy was on top of me. The material mounting me started jerking, and then a pair of hands came into sight and settled on the either side of my face. The figure pushed itself up, revealing Alex's dirt and blood covered face.

He parted his mouth and started speaking, but the ringing in my ears still hadn't gone away, so I tried reading his words. "You idiot," he said, a weak glare focused straight on me. His blood started dripping on my face, streaming down my cheeks. I could've sworn when I saw his hands earlier, they were badly burnt. "Next time you warn everyone, make sure you're safe." Then he collapsed on top me.

Once the ringing on my ears died, I heard Murt yelling at us, asking us about our condition. A group of officers, along with Murt himself, came running toward us, then the paramedics followed.

My body fell limp and lifeless as they carried me off inside the ambulance. I felt sick to my stomach because of the familiarity of the situation. I turned to look beside me to see Alex being carried off to another hospital vehicle, his face and body covered with burn wounds, scratches and blood. For a fraction of a second I saw Red with his face covered in blood ten years ago at the garden of the Devereux's. Then I fell unconscious.


My eyes felt heavy, but I struggled to part them, only to once again be blinded by the sudden flash of light.

"…-cher… Fletcher..!"

I blinked my eyes a few times then the image of a white, hospital room swam into my vision and beside me stood Murt, relief flooding his eyes.

"You crazy bastard… scaring me like that." He growled, pulling a cigarette from his pocket and lighting it, ignoring the no smoking sign stuck on the wall beside me.

I frowned disapprovingly at him. "Smoking isn't allowed here, Murt."

He snorted at me while I struggled to sit up, which I finally managed to do after a couple of failed attempts. My body was covered with white bandages, over my head, around my wrists, and other places. Murt stared at me as he opened the window in my room, hanging his cigarette over it while the wind blew the smoke away.

"How long was I asleep?" I asked, wincing at the sharp pain jotting from different places.

Murt blew a puff of smoke from his mouth. "Two days." He whispered.

I hummed in reply, and then a thought came in my mind. "How's Alex?"

"Well, I thought you'd never ask."

I turned towards the door and saw that idiotic blond with a crutch supporting him. He smirked at me. "Still lazing around, short stuff. I woke up yesterday."

I rolled my eyes at him. "Shut up, rookie." I found myself trying to hiss at him, but it came out as an almost concerned note. "How are you?"

He limped inside my room, nudging the door close right after. "A lot better, thank you." He grinned.

Another frown graced my face as I looked at him. "Show off."

Murt reached his limit. "Okay, okay, stop bitching at each other first thing in the day." He sighed exasperatedly.

I turned towards him, trying to ignore Alex's existence. "What happened to the crime scene?"

He extinguished his cigarette. "Vanished into ashes. Only pictures were taken, and some almost insignificant evidences, other than that-" he snapped the last of his cigarette. "Gone."

I hissed then clenched my fists. "Fuck…"

Alex frowned then settled down on a sofa with much difficulty. "Well, that's to be expected." He shoved a stray fringe of hair away from his eyes. "Why'd you call me over here, Murt?"

I arched a brow at him. "He did?"

He rolled his eyes at me. "Just said so didn't I?"

The eldest of us three sighed dejectedly. "Look, I know you two ain't the best of friends, but can't you last at least a minute together without exchanging smart remarks?"

We exchanged one last glare and turned towards the other. "Explain yourself, Murt." I said almost stiffly. I could feel a mystery in there.

He sighed softly then crossed his arms in front of him.

"There's a traitor in to Police Force." He dryly said.

Our eyes widened simultaneously, and then I thought it over and arrived at the same conclusion.

"I'll have to agree with that…" I whispered thoughtfully. "Only a police officer could place that attaché case."

Murt nodded in agreement, and then leaned back on the wall. "I could only trust you two because no criminal would be insane enough to risk his life for erasing the evidences. And besides..." he turned towards me. "You were with me the whole time." Then to Alex, "on the other hand…"

The blond's eyes widened, but then settled down to a half lidded, smirking state. "I understand if you think it's me, I wasn't with you two. I arrived earlier. Don't worry, I won't reason myself. Feel free to suspect me."

I smirked back at him. "It's either you're a damn good liar or you're confident of your innocence."

He snorted. "What can I say? I don't feel guilty of things I haven't done."

"Precisely the reason why I called you here," Murt said, cutting our conversation short. "I doubt that you'd be responsible. And I've proven your innocence. Everyone there says that the attaché case only appeared when we arrived, and you were with us the whole time. Although, I doubt everyone has the same line of thinking as I."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"It's highly possible that in their eyes, you two are the most likely suspects."

Alex looked bewildered. "What do you mean?"

I wasn't a step behind in this conversation.

"I was afraid that it might come to this." I said as I rubbed the bridge of my nose. "You are a suspect because you were with me when I approached the attaché case which gives us the opportunity to place it there."

"But we were the ones who noticed it! That doesn't make sense! Why would we do that?"

My gaze fell to my hands, "because I have the most likely motive for doing it."

When I lifted my gaze, I saw Murt's face scrunched in anger and met Alex's troubled eyes.

"Red Sharkey and I were friends before, so it's reasonable that a friend would like to save another."

A frustrated groan escaped Alex's lips. "Damn this. Doing good is always a pain!"

I sighed then turned towards Murt. "So? What should we do?"

He turned towards me then flashed me a crooked smile. "You're the detective. I bet some plot is already bubbling inside that head of yours."

I returned a knowing smirk then closed my eyes for a second. "Well, I guess we'd just have to do it the old school style?"

He snorted. "Oh, those memories make my head hurt already." He turned towards Alex. "There's no need to worry Stevens. Your name will be cleared soon enough."

Alex looked suspicious, but he just brushed it off. "Then I give you my life, Half Moon."

My eyes widened in a fraction then snapped my gaze towards Alex. He just grinned at me.

"Half Moon. Cause you're small."

I felt a small, sincere smile made its way towards my lips. "Half Moon…" I mumbled to myself then sent a half-hearted glare towards him. "You're the one to talk; you're barely taller than me."

The door suddenly burst open, revealing Callum's sweat stricken, panicked face. "A-Are you okay, Sir Moon?" He yelled.

The three of us looked at him with wide eyes. "Callum?" Murt questioned.

The blond field agent sighed when he laid his eyes at me. He collapsed on his knees and showed me an exasperated smile. "I'm so glad that you're okay! I didn't have time to visit before!"

"I-I'm fine, Matthews," I stuttered, still a little shocked. "Thank you for the concern…"

He shot up and saluted. "I'll be taking my leave then," he grinned almost childishly "I have to file some cases." Then he left the room a second later.

"What was that all about…?" Alex muttered.


I lied down on my bed with darkness embracing my whole body, alone in the room with only my thoughts accompanying me. I sighed then covered my eyes with my wrist. "Such a pain…"

The knob on my door jerked. I thought it was just my imagination, but realized it wasn't when it was pushed open. My wrist remained over my eyes. "Look, Alex, I want to be alone."

"Looks like you'll have to bear with my company, Fletcher."

I immediately shot up, disregarding the pain from my injuries as I looked at the man in front of me. His eyes hid behind a pair of thick framed glasses, a coat over his fairly thin yet well-built body and a hat nestled on top of his pitch black hair.

I felt my body relaxed as I looked at the stranger in front of me.

"Well, what a surprise. It's nice of you to visit, Red Sharkey."


Red kicked the door close then took his hat off, revealing his thick bed of jet black hair. "I thought I could trick you." He said as he removed his glasses and stared at me with his sharp, green eyes.

"Your voice is a dead giveaway. No matter how much you disguise yourself, I can tell everything from your voice." I said confidently. "So? How's the targeting-blonde-bimbo-business lately?"

His expression darkened, his sharp features heightened. "Fletcher, you know-"

"I do, Red." I cut him off. "You're innocent. That much I know."

Red's face softened then he walked towards me. "What the hell happened to you? I heard there was an explosion at the crime scene."

I thoughtfully touched the prominent burn on my arm. "I got caught up; good thing another officer pushed me away from getting fried."

"You idiot. You always get in trouble even if you're not capable of getting away from it."

I snorted at him. "Like you're the one to talk. You're the prime suspect of April's death, Red."

He sighed then sat on the bridge of my bed. "Seems like it. We're both trouble magnets, better be used to it."

"Tell me what happened."

He smirked at me. "Really? Do we really have to talk about this right away?"

I sighed at him. "Let's talk with what matters most, Red. I don't have time for this. Once we're both behind bars, we can't do anything about it."

I also heard a sigh from him. "What's with the cryptic message you left me with before, Fletcher? Can't you just tell me what's wrong?"

"Just tell me what happened, Red, so we can get this over-"

What happened next caught me by surprise. At first I was sitting with Red beside me and the next my back was flat against the bed with Red looming over me, my shoulders pinned by his firm hold. "God damnit, Fletcher." He hissed, although his eyes showed pure anguish.

Once again I ignored the pain and just looked him straight in the eyes. I was about to speak, that was until the door jerked open, only to slam close right after.

"Looks like your reunion got a little too heated, huh?"

The voice was enough to tell me who it is, but I still struggled to take a glance at the other visitor I had that night.

"Genie." I noted absently. Red pushed himself away from me and stood up; I could've sworn I saw him glare at the older woman.

Genie Sharkey grinned at me then twirled a key on her finger, in her other hand held a massive bag. "Hello, detective, wow, you've gotten hot, huh?" She said with a wink.

I struggled to sit up, eyeing the bag in her hand. "What's that?" I questioned.

She grinned at me then dropped the bag beside her. "My disguising skills have improved a lot!" She cheered then waltzed around her younger brother. "What do you think?"

I just smiled at her. "A lot better than a henna and patchy tan."

Genie smirked at me then walked over towards her bag. "You can't do all your magical detective shit without a disguise ya know, so…" She opened the bag and pulled out a massive box I could tell was filled with makeup.

"Ready to get in touch with your feminine side?"

"Ready to get in touch with your feminine side?" She grinned.

My eyes widened.



"Red, be a dear and lock the door for me," Genie sang as she walked toward me, a look of pure horror crossing my face. Red did what he was told, a small apologetic smile focused toward me.

"W-Wait," I stuttered, nearly unable to form coherent thoughts with my mind clouded with shock and fear. "Y-You can't be serious… Genie... I-I'm a guy."

The auburnette just shrugged as she assembled the makeup over on the nearby table. "Don't be such a pussy, Fletcher, I've done my research on makeup, and men can look girly, you know."

She winked at me, which felt like a wolf winking on a cornered rabbit. "I bet you'd make a fabulous lady."

I looked at my last chance of escape to this insanity, which happened to be Red. "R-Red, help me out here." I almost pleaded.

He looked at me with a small, pitiful smile on his face. "Sorry, Fletch, we need to solve this case, after all."

I was about to yell at him, but that was until Genie Sharkey caught my chin in her fingers, tilting my face up to look at her.

"Now, now, Fletcher," she whimsically said. "Don't move, else I might accidentallypoke your eyes blind." Her green eyes sparkled menacingly. "We don't want that, do we?"

Only one coherent thought crossed my mind…

Holy shit…

Right after applying tons of makeup to my face, dressing me with a tight fitting dark suit, s-stuffing my chest, and placing a long blonde wig over my head, I looked like another person.

"Voila," Genie said as she pushed a mirror in front of my face.

"Mo dhia…" I groaned then my face fell in my hands.

The ginger haired woman snorted then placed her hands on her hips. "What? You look hot!"

I lifted my face just enough to look at her. "I look like a slut."

"Precisely!" she cheered while clapping her hands. "That way no one will suspect you as tight-ass Fletcher Moon!"

Red walked towards me and placed a hand over my shoulder. "You look fine, Fletcher," he smiled, trying to console me, but I could see that he was fighting back a smirk.

I fixed him with a weak glare. "Damn you, Red, you fucking traitor." I once again hid in my hands' comfort. "I want to die, someone please kill me." I moaned.

Genie began fixing her things. "Stop overreacting, Moon." She pulled a pair of black high heels from her bag. "I thought you should wear miniskirts, but we have no time for shaving so I'll just do that later at the house." She grinned at me.

I felt mortified at what she said. I was so stunned that I couldn't pull words from my mouth. "Y-You can't be serio-"

"Enough chit chat," she snapped then tossed the high heels in front of me. "Wear those and let's get a move on."

Murt walked towards Fletcher's room, a cup of coffee in his hand. He held the knob and pushed the door open, only to see the bed empty and a note lying over onthe desk.

He walked towards the note and took it in his hand.


I'm going through with the investigation, just leave it in my care and you won't be disappointed.

Fletcher Moon


If I happen to die, blame Genie Sharkey.

The sergeant laughed to himself then slid the note in his pocket.

"Fletcher, Red, and now Genie Sharkey," He took a sip from his cup. "What a formidable group."

"Ow!" I hissed as I tripped the umpteenth time while walking toward the parking lot. Red took hold of my arm, supporting me all the way.

Genie frowned at me. "C'mon, Half Moon," she clucked her tongue. "You're blowing our cover."

I glared at her. "You do know that I'm still injured, right?" I glared at the tall heels I was wearing, "and these heels are making walking impossible."

Red grinned at me. "You can pull it off Fletch-"

I wanted to slam my head on a nearby wall and just sleep the rest of my life. "I'd like to see you in my position, Red." I hissed at him.

He just laughed then we turned toward a blazing red sports car. How cliché.

Genie took the driver's seat, Red in shotgun, and I sat alone in the back seat.

Red glanced at me while fixing his seatbelt. "You better wear yours, Half Moon, you don't want to die from a heart attack."

I immediately did what I was told.

Genie snorted as she slipped on a pair of sunglasses. "Pussies," she said then she slammed her foot on the gas.

As I stepped outside the car, I was fighting the nauseating feeling inside of me that threatened to spill out in the form of vomit. Genie casually stepped outside the car and headed inside a rundown apartment. Red walked toward me, seeing me in my miserable dizzy state. I've driven fast in my life, sometimes exceeding the speed limit, but my driving speed and Genie's were very different. Where I was fast and careful, she was fast and inexplicably reckless, slamming on the brakes and turning sharp corners quickly.

I coughed a few times then straightened my back, finally sober enough to acknowledge my surroundings. In front of me was the crime scene area where I had been two days ago. The place was swarming with police and the concrete was tainted with ash from the explosion. Red grabbed the sleeve of my coat and yanked it hastily.

"Hurry up, Half Moon," he said in a hushed voice.

"Where to?" I asked him, my eyes still focused on the crime scene.

"Up." He said then pointed at the old building.

"What took you two so long?" Genie said as she turned toward me, a pair of binoculars in her hands, and still leaning over the window.

"Sorry." I casually said then limped toward her. "What are we doing here?"

She rolled her eyes like the answer was the most obvious thing in the world. "We're searching the crime scene, idiot. It's not like we can just strut over there like bosses, ya know."

Red knelt beside her and held the binoculars in front of his eyes. I struggled to do the same, which was a difficult feat considering the body pains and the feeling of straining clothes against me.

I looked at the crimes scene with magnified lenses… and saw nothing.

"Got something detective?" Genie questioned. Obviously, stakeouts weren't her thing.

I groaned in frustration then slumped back, dropping the binoculars beside me. "Nothing. I have to get closer."

Red remained looking through his. Suddenly his body twitched. "Hey, Fletcher," he called out, waving his hand towards me. "Look at this."

I huffed then knelt beside him, taking my own binoculars and looked at the scene. "What am I supposed to be looking at?" I asked him.

"Look at that tree over there, isn't it different from the others?"

I focused on what Red was referring to, and, at first, I just thought that Red was assuming things. But when I looked hard over the leaves, I realized his point.

"There's a mark…" I whispered almost breathlessly. A breakthrough.

Genie walked toward me and looked over my shoulder with her binoculars. "What mark?" she asked.

"There's a pattern over there, if only I could see up close-"

"Thought so." She said then stood up. "You need to see closer, right?" She questioned me.

I put the binoculars down and nodded toward her.

She sighed then fished something from her pocket. "I really didn't want to resort to this but," she pulled out a black leather wallet, which looked very similar to… wait-

"That's my badge!" I yelled in surprise.

She winked at me. "Precisely. I'm just going to violate it for a while, if you don't mind."

Genie walked toward a attaché case that I hadn't noticed earlier and opened it, turning it on, and started typing away. "Red, get the printer from the car." She ordered dryly, her younger brother doing as he was told.

"What are you going to do?" I asked her, looking at the laptop beside her.

She didn't stop typing as she answered me. "I'm going to create a profile."

The door opened with Red carrying a massive bag in his hands. He placed it beside the laptop and pulled the bag off, revealing a classy printer.

Genie took my ID from the wallet and scanned it on the printer, pulling it out right after, and tossing it to me. She once again resumed speed typing then hit print.

"Now all we do is wait."

"What did you do?" I queried.

She took a pack of cigarettes from her pocket, slipping a stick between her dyed lips and tossing the box to me. "I scanned your ID and made a similar one." She said then turned toward me, blowing a puff of smoke as she did so. "I make forged ID's all the time," she grinned proudly.

I placed the box beside me, not really in the mood for a drag.

The printer beeped and she turned toward it, taking the finished product in her hands and tossing it to me. "Looks real enough?" She asked.

I looked at the ID, noted that it looked real, like it was the exact same thing as my own. The only difference was that the name stated 'Jasmine Paradizo' and my picture had been replaced with Genie's.

She snatched the ID back, slid it inside the wallet and stood up. "Let's go, ladies, we've got some investigating to do."

I groaned at her joke.

Red just stood up and walked behind her. I limped beside him and elbowed his side. "How did Genie learn forgery?" I asked him.

He just smirked at me. "All those activities she used to enter needed the applicant to be eighteen and above, and, well, you get the picture." He winked at me, which was something I haven't seen for a very long time.

"Ol' habits die hard."

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