Title: Did You Forget

Summary: But somewhere we went wrong.

Disclaimer: Kishimoto is a troll. I don't own Naruto or Don't Forget by Demi Lovato.

"Sasuke!" When had she stopped using the suffix she always added to his name? She didn't know.

She had long forgotten.

Did you forget

That I was even alive

"Sakura." There was nothing there, not even the barest trace of any emotion.

He had long forgotten.

Did you forget

Everything that we ever had

She stared at him, a bloody mess. Those dark, dark eyes were so flat. Too flat. So unlike the old him.

When had he become so cold?

Did you forget

About me

He looked at her coolly. She was still the same, big forehead and all. She was still playing ninja.

When had she grown up?

Did you forget

What we were feeling inside

Steadying the poisoned kunai in her hand, she charged towards him, hesitation in every step.

She couldn't do this.

Did you regret

Ever standing by my side

He parried blow for blow, knocking aside her weak attempts.

He couldn't do this.

Did you regret

Ever holding my hand

With a swift kick, the kunai was knocked out of her grasp. She stood there, dumbfounded.

Why was she so weak?

Never again

He should've dealt the finishing blow then and there.

Now I'm left

But he didn't.

To forget

Why was he so weak?

About us

She trembled slightly, but her resolve was not deterred as she settled with punching and kicking.

She wouldn't give up.

But somewhere we went wrong

Her punches and kicks were far too weak to deal any damage, as he evaded one after another.

He wouldn't give up.

We were once so strong

He caught one fist in his hand and pulled her close.

You can't forget it

She gasped.

So now I guess


Why had he pulled her into an embrace?

This is where we have to stand


Why had he pulled her into an embrace?

Please don't forget

In the three years he had left, she still hadn't grown an inch.

She hadn't changed.

Had she?

Don't forget

In the three years he had left, he had grown. Now, he towered over her.

He had changed.

Had he?

We had it all

She was still the same. Still the same little girl he had left behind three years ago.

It was convincing.


We were just about to fall even more in love

He was still the same. Still the same apathetic boy genius of Konoha. He had never left.

A lie can eventually become the truth.


Than we were before

"I'm sorry." It was a hushed whisper, but she caught the two words. It was enough.

I won't forget

"Thank you." This time around, she would do the leaving.

About us

She would do the leaving.

You can't forget it

Her kunai was positioned near his neck, meant for a swift death.

At all

His Kusanagi was angled towards her heart, meant to pierce straight through its target.

And at last

If only they weren't shinobi.

All the pictures have been burned

If only it wasn't their mission.

All the past

If only it wasn't fate.

Is just a lesson that we've learned

"If only we had never met."

I won't forget

Both weapons came down at the same time.

Please don't forget

Blood gushed out, a thick puddle around their feet.

About us

His eyes widened.

It wasn't supposed to be like this.

Somewhere we went wrong


You've forgotten…

"Why… Sakura…"


Kusanagi had pierced her heart from the back.

The poisoned kunai had pierced her heart from the front.

From the very start, her target was not him.

It was herself.


"Because I love you, Sasuke."

She would be the one leaving this time around.

She had never forgotten.

A/N: A really quick one-shot I wrote. I seem to have a thing for writing tragic stories... Oh well.
If you couldn't tell, I kind of re-wrote the scene where Sakura meets Sasuke, and she's supposed to kill him, but in the end, she kills herself instead.

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