Saturday, January 21.

It's tough being a renegade. You have many enemies on your head. Cops, theives, people and the government. Well you know what I mean. I was born into a rebellion with my family, so I guess I'm the next heir or something. People might be thinking of that assassins game, but trust me it's not. I do wear hoodies and all but I have a lot of darkness in me. "Juan! Come and help me for a sec!" That's Naomi, my childhood friend, and my first crush. She was awesome looking! Her long black hair, those blue eyes, that nice body- WAIT! I'm not a perv! Anyway She's been very good at fighting. Me? I'm good but I mostly use a sword or guns. I was helping unload some boxes for her, today is the last day of summer, and my birthday. I never told her this because I hate it when people think of me. I was the kind of kid who would chill in the back of home room and let them think I was goofing off or an outcast.

"That's the last box." I placed it on the floor. Naomi was still in school, I was a 20 year old guy while she was 18. "I should head back." I began to head outside, but I felt her hand on my shoulder. I turned around to make eye contact.

"Hey thanks for the help." She said giving a smile. "We're heading to the park later today. Wanna come?"

"Sure why not." I said only giving a shrug. She gave me a look that had her a bit mad. "What?"

"You're so boring! Have a bit of fun in your damn life!" I hated when people told me to do things! It pissed me off, but I couldn't yell. It's good being a guy who has a distance from everyone, the only problem is that they always point the guilt on you.

"Sorry..." I turned away to head outside closing the door quietly. "Man, I hate Mondays." I went home at night, the moon out, the stars shining, man I wish I had a hot date. Who would want to go with me? I have shoulder length brown hair, my personality is boring and I have green eyes. I was slim, but no muscles. I wasn't ripped with pex, I found it weird and gay. I came into my apartment to find it simple, posters of rock bands from the 70's or 80's, a couch that turned into a small bed, a TV, and a minifridge. "Home sweet home." I said sitting on the couch. I closed my eyes that night, just entering my dreams.

The place was strange, the view was beautiful. Juan saw the grass field, the mountains and a giant city, bigger than anything he saw. "What the hell?" He looked around to see someone there. She wore strange armor, her hair was blond and braided in two. "What is this place? Excuse me!" He tried to get the attention of the woman, she stopped to see him, she looked beautiful! Her eyes, her smile, her everything! "Who might you be? I'm Juan." He said to her. As soon as he said his name, more woman started appearing. One appeared as a shrine maiden with a katana on her back.

"Tomoe." She said. Another appeared wearing a white ress with blue hair and an angel wing!

"Nanael, I'm an angel." More came, one was in pink, with bunny ears! Her hair covered her breast and she had a mischevious smile.

"Melona. How you doin'?" Another appeared wearing a snake as her underwear, she had elf ears with a look of lust.

"Echidna. What's up handsome?" She gave a wink. Another appeared wearing a red dress with long brown hair. She had a purple staff with an eye ball on it.

"I'm Nyx. Hello there." Her smile was innocent. A woman appeared wearing a nun outfit.

"I am Melpha. I'm a nun." She had long blond hair, wearing glasses and she looked beautiful herself. More appeared with a girl appearing a princess.

"I am the princess of Amara, Menace." Princess, clothing, no simple detail there. A girl with an armor with a cat. She had red eyes, light blue hair, and dark skin.

"Irma..." She said her name. They were beautiful woman he had to admit. The girl he first saw didn't say her name. Many of them apperead in front of them. One had a black sword, with long red hair. Another had long blond hair, with a cat like armor. A woman with elf ears holding a staff, with a serious look. Another elf girl apperead with a monkey on her back. One came wearing an apron, with glasses and a child. A maid, with a large scythe was near the child. A light started to blind his vision, only hearing the girls voice.

"Leina... I am Leina." Her name was heard, the women he saw were strange.

"WAKE UP!" Juan shot out of bed to see Naomi there, wearing a highschool uniform. "Man! School's done and you're still asleep? Damn you're useless!" She said giving a me glare. I couldn't take it anymore, I had to let it out.

"If I'm so fucking useless, then why do you keep depending on me!?" I yelled at her. She jumped back a bit, she never saw me like this before. "I'm sorry..." She saw me getting out of bed to take a shower. I only wanted peace in my life. 15 minutes went by in falling water from a pipe, I placed on my clothes for the day. A pair of white boxers, baggy blue jeans, a black belt to hold them up. I opened the door to see that Naomi was still there, looking at the ground. She looked me with a tear.

"I'm sorry..." She said under her breath. "I've been a jerk to you for a while I know... and I'm sorry."

"Don't worry about it." I walked to my closet to find my shirt. "Look, I'm traveling and I have to keep moving on. Remember, I need to get out of town." She looked at me. "Don't worry, I'll come back." I placed on my gray blue t-shirt, a pair of my black nike shoes, a hoodie for style. I grabbed my keys with my googles and my fingerless gloves. "I'll see ya later." Naomi stopped me before I went out the door. I was about to face her, but I felt lips on my cheek, I blushed. Naomi looked at me with a smile, it was a goodluck kiss.

"Best of luck. Please come back again." She hugged me, as I hugged her. I didn't know if I could of kept that promise, but I had to try. "Juan, before you go..." She began to blush. "Take me..."

"Naomi?" I looked as she began to strip of her clothes. We closed the door, and slept with each other that day. I took her virginity and she took mine. She wanted to give it to me. Time went by, we placed on our clothes back on and we shared a kiss that we would never forget. I grabbed my bag full of traveling gear, clothes, bottle water, and dry food. That's not the only thing I brought with me. I grabbed my custom guitar case, wanna know what's inside? I'll tell you later. I went outside to grabbed my Suzuki Hayabusa, it was a brown color, like a horse. Naomi saw me with her clothes on and a smile. I waved good-bye to her, riding out of the city. I haven't traveled in so long, I forgot how it felt. I kept riding to see the ocean on my right side of view, I loved this sight whenever I was with my family. I lost foucsed as something went wrong, my bike started to work weird, sounded different. I try to control it, but it wouldn't turn or anything, at that, I saw only one thing. A light of a bus, about to hit me, I only had Naomi and that promise on my mind. The bus collided with me, killing me in the process. "Naomi... I'm sorry..." My final words...

"You think you're gonna die?!" A voice said to Juan in light. "No way! You're gonna live, in a world where you belong!" The light vanished, leaving Juan's body falling to the ground.

The Continent, a land of where the Queen's Blade is held every 4 years. Leina was traveling with Risty, a Bandit of the wild, to Gainos. The city where the tornament was held every year. She's has been through alot recently. Fighting Melona, her home being blown up, it was alot to her. As they were heading up the hill, they saw something in the sky, or was it someone? Leina's eyes saw a man falling to the ground, about to crash. His landing was loud, with the duo running towards the sight, they ran as fast as they could. When they got there, they saw the most strangest thing, a man in weird clothing, carrying a backpack and a case of some sort. "Excuse me? Are you alright?" Leina said to the man. He moved his finger, his eyes were blurry.

"Where am I?" He asked himself. His vision became clear, he saw the two women in front of him. "Who are you?"

"I'm Leina of the Vance family." She said holding out her hand. "And you are?"

"I'm Juan." He took her hand and got up. "Leina, your name it sounds familiar."

"Well, since you fell from the sky, thing should pop into your head." She gave a giggle. Juan was confused, he fell from the sky? "You are welcome to travel along with us."

"I'd love that. Thank you." They began the journey to Gainos!