The current of the water stopped. Leina woke up to see Juan passed out by her. "Juan..." She said getting up. "Juan! Get up!" She shook him up. The rebel woke up shaking his head. "I think we're safe."

"Hope so..." He said standing up. The rebel grabbed his guitar case and sword at is was to the side of him. Leina took a notice that his arm shook a bit as she saw some blood going down his arm.

"Juan you're hurt!" Leina worried as she grabbed his hand. Juan blushed and pulled it away from her.

"It's nothing." He said still shaking. "To be honest it hurts like a motherfucker! I can heal it when we get to a village." He thought in his mind. The two travellers then heard the sounds of someone near them. They looked to see Nanael under a big tree branch, looked heavy. Juan went to remove the branch, but as he threw it to the side, the forest in front of them turned black and scary. They saw in fear that the tree died in a quick second. "My god..." The two of them looked up to see a girl, flying in the air. She wore a french maid outfit with a large scythe. Her hair was red with two pig tails as her eyes were a blue color.

"Nanael!" Leina ran to the angel, shaking her abit. "Nanael! Wake up! What's going on?" She tryed to wake her up but the angel gave a blush.

"No! Please!" She said letting out a cute like voice. "I'm just a little girl." The two of them looked at her in confusion. The angel finally woke up to see her two friends. "Leina? Juan?"

"Nanael, who's that girl?" She asked as she pointed up to the girl in the sky.

"That's Airi. The Infernal Temptress." Nanael had her book filled with fighters in it. The two of them looked at the page with her. It was in a language Juan couldn't understand but the others could. "Right now she's attacking the elf forest. The place where Alleyne is at!" The name sounds like it belongs to a strong woman. "I'm going!" The angel flew off as the two began thinking. Leina looked up with Juan opening his guitar case. He grabbed out his two guns and started checking the mags. The they were set and ready. More of the forest was dying as a girl with strange ears came by.

"How horrible!" She said looking at Airi. The girl wielded a bo staff like weapon with a monkey on her shoulder. She had long brown hair with two pig tails. "Did you do this?!" She asked the red head.

"And if I did?" She gave a smirk at her.

"My captain told me something was going on! I'm believing your the cause of it!" She said as the maid only attack her. The attack she made was a wave of enregy, but the girl dodged it.

"Amazing! You dodged my attack." She examined the girl. "Are you the daughter of the elven forest?"

"Leave this forest alone!" She had a serious demanding voice to her. "If you don't you'll pay!" The girl with the elf ears jumped up and cuted of some of the maids clothing.

"Do you wish to punish me?" She asked as she slammed the girl down to the ground.

"Leina! Let's go!" Juan said grabbing his guns.

"Right!" The two headed into the forest, heading in to stop the fight. Nanael however was getting ready to start a Queen's Blade match.

"Excuse me? But who are you?" She asked the girl as she was looking through her book.

"Nowa. Nowa the Forest Keeper." Nowa said getting right back up from the ground. "I'll end this evil at once!"

"Alrighty! You are now a participant! Now let the battle begin!" The barrier began to run up. Juan and Leina saw the barrier come their way, as they were now in the fight as well. The spheres began glowing, showing images of Nowa and Airi. The two began to engage in battle, making a few sparks.

"I'm taking you out you trash!" Airi said kicking Nowa away from her. She was heading to cut Nowa's arm off, but the monkey on her shoulder became a shield or something.

"Thanks Ruh!" She said getting back in battle. Nanael was cheering from the side, but Leina and Juan couldn't stand it. Nowa only breathed heavy, she was nervous. Juan could sense Airi's soul. She was a powerful one alright.

"Go on! Run away!" She said taunting her. "I love the taste of fear! You'll be more delectable!" Airi slashed her weapon, but Nowa dodged into the woods. "You won't escape..." Airi made her way into the woods, followed by Leina, Juan and Nanael. Nowa was thinking of a way to protect the forest, that was her main goal. Airi kept following her, but Ruh tryed a sneak attack. "Nice try!" She said dodging the monkey, but Nowa came in with a dive kick. Airi slammed and slid on the grass.

"Nice kick." Juan said watching the fight.

"Look's like she's in charge now." Leina also said as they watched the fight. Nowa tryed to get a good hit, but The maid dodged and healed herself.

"Nice manuever." She said complementing her. "But, it won't be enough to defeat me." The maid colsed her eyes, as spirits came from behind her and attacked Nowa. Airi attacked her as Nowa fell. "Your more of an animal than a girl." She said looking up her skirt. "You're not wearing any underwear." The said, both Leina and Juan blushed. Mostly Juan since he couldn't say anything.

"You're kidding!" Leina was blushing by this. "They don't wear underwear?"

"Their elves... That's the way they like it..." She said making Juan thinking it was a free ballin joke. Ghost came behind Airi again and pulled Nowa to Airi.

"That's it my dear." She said suductingly. "Fear is the best sauce, show me some anguish." Airi began sucking some energy as she then began kissing her too.

"We have to do something!" Leina said talking to Nanael.

"We can't interfere!" She said arguing with Leina, but Juan however ran to them. Nanael saw what he was doing. "Don't do it!" She said screaming. Airi stopped sucking Nowa's energy and began touching her breast.

"Show's over!" Juan said pushing Airi and placing Nowa in his arms. "Hey! Stay with me!" Juan walked over to a tree.

"Juan! Get over now!" Nanael screamed at him, but he didn't listen. Airi looked at him and his energy.

"I've heard of you from Melona and Menace." She said looking at him. Juan grabbed his gun and pointed it at her. "My oh my. You have a very courages spirit." She said looking through him. "Not to mention the death stare of your body." Airi only smiled as this. "How amazing... I can't wait to have your essence!" Ghost started charging in at Juan. Nanael only complained that the match was dissrupted. The ghost surrounded Juan, making him panic. Airi saw an opening and cutted his opened wounded arm. He screamed in pain, making Leina worried.

"Juan!" She screamed running to him. Airi began kissing him but also suck out his energy. When she stopped, she only smiled.

"Amazing..." She said. "This is a very new flavor I have never tasted!"

"Oh yeah?" He asked her giving a smirk. "I have something very tasty in mind..."

"And what's that?" She then flet something being pressed against her stomach. She saw the guns Juan had. His left one hurt like hell, but he had to deal with it.

"Lead..." He started firing his gun into Airi's stomachs, making even Risty hear. She heard Juan scream, making her very worried. Leina had to be worried sick too. Juan used a bullet to shoot the scythe Airi had into a tree and pointed the one in his right at her sideways. "Listen. I don't want to hurt you, so leave and never return..." He said making it very clearly. Airi's clothes began fading away, making the boy blush bright. Airi grabbed her scythe and was about to kill Juan. Leina however jumped and was cut pretty bad inbetween her breast. The maid jumped in the air, dissapearing. The two fell to the ground with badly injured cuts.

"Leina! Juan!" Nanael was worried about them. Although a certain someone was watching and went over to them. After about 3 hours, Leina and Juan woke up to find themselves in a hut. Juan was in a chair as Leina was in the bed.

"Leina?" He asked as they felt woozie. The door opened showing the same girl they saw today.

"Hey are you guys feeling any better?" She asked as they nodded. "That's good." Nowa gave a sigh of relief. "I'm Nowa, and this is my partner Ruh." The moneky gave a sound of hello. "I'm the Keeper of the Forest."

"Keeper of the Forest?" Leina questioned a bit. It was then Nowa relised somthing.

"Oh no! I shouldn't have let humans gone this deep!" The young elf gave a sigh.

"We're sorry Nowa." Juan said apologizing. Nowa turned to Juan, and raised her hands in defense.

"No sweat. You guys saved me so I should thank you." She was a polite girl. "My captain should be coming here in a minute."

"Captain?" Both of them were thinking of what he or she would look like. The door open showing a yound girl that looked like she was in her 20's. Juan blushed at the sight of her, but went back to reality.

"Long ago, the elven race was brutaly attacked by the humans." She said telling a story. "Since then, we've hold humans responsible for being cruel. That's why their presence in this forest in strictly forbidden."

"Captain!" Nowa made everyone shock.

"But it looks like my student let one in." She looked at Leina then at Juan. "Or two as it looks more like it. Nowa, you scored 0 points!" Nowa hung her head down. "But we never forget the favors someone gives, even if it's from a human." The two girls looked happy when she said that. "I am Allyene. The Combat Master of this forest."

"You're combat master Allyene?" Leina asked her.

"Wow. Then that means your the one who dose all the ass kicking in these parts, huh?" Juan asked in a tounge Allyene tryed to understand. Nowa and Allyene started taking off the bandages of Leina's chest as Juan looked the other way. They applied some sort of ointment on her chest.

"Amazing!" Leina said in awe. "The medicine is working very quickly. It hurts still, but I'll be okay." Allyene walked over to Juan as she untied the bandages. She applied the medicine to the wound as Juan let her do her thing.

"You're reckless you know that?" Allyene said to him, making Juan look at her. "You were very injured but you kept on fighting anyway. That could get you killed." She finished applying the ointment and leaves on the cut. Juan grabbed a bandages tape from his bag and started rolling it around his arm. "Still it amazes me that the medicine would save a human."

"Captain, you would do that all for me?" Nowa asked.

"Don't be foolish!" She said harshly. "As your teacher, it is my responsiblity to clean up your messes!" Allyene was pretty stricked. "And your battle, what were you thinking?!" Nowa backed up. "Those tactics were completely innappropriate! I give you a score 35."

"Give her a break..." Juan saisd quiet but Allyene heard it loud enough. She ignored it though.

"Don't worry, the elder has let you stay here until you get better."

"Thank you." Leina said nicely. "If you don't mind, I would like to thank your elder directly."

"Understood." Everyone packed up and left to the village. Nowa was a teenager, so she had fun. Leina smiled at her. Juan knew that she was smiling because Nowa was energetic. When the two got a look, they saw that Nowa wasn't really wearing any underwear. That made them think. They looked back to look at Allyenes bottom part. They both blushed but Juan got a nosebleed.

"Leaves?!" They thought of the same thing.

"What's wrong?" Allyene said care free.

"Nothing!" Leina gave a nervous chuckle, as they saw Juan, leaving a blood trail. "J-Juan!?"

"You fool! Did you open your wounds?!"

"No... Just something else..." He said turning to them with his hand on his nose and blood on it. "Let's just keep going." Leina noticed something that Juan was too busy fantasizing.

"Hey... Where's Nanael?" She thought to herself as Nanael was up in the sky. She had the look of evil planning. The group finally arrived at the city. Leina, Allyene and Juan were inside the elders hut. "It's our deepest graditude." Leina said as she smiled. The elder nodded at her thanks. "They seem like good people, but only on the soulin side." The two walked out as the elder looked at both of them. He however felt like he was gonna see Juan again. The two walked out as the elves looked at them.

"Look the humans..." One elf said to another.

"I heard Nowa brought them." The other said worried. "Do you think she's up to something terrible?"

"Judging by the way they dress, their dangerous." The two of them looked at the elves.

"I've never felt so unconfortable." Leina said quietly to Juan. He nodded in agreeing with her.

"This is an outrage!" The two of them turned their heads to see Nowa and for other elves. They were male. "The elder may forgive you, but we will not!"

"You're the one to blame Nowa!" The other elf said. Nowa only began bowing in forgiveness.

"I know I'm to blame, but leave Leina and her friend alone!" She said trying to get them to forgive. "Please! They did nothing wrong!" Leina and Juan came to her rescue. Nanael was laying on a tree, watching them as she gave a chuckle.

"Looks like the tentions is rising..." She said smiling. "I could use this." Some time as passed since what happen this morning. Nowa was on a platform, looking down at the ground.

"Nowa!" Leina called out to her as she saw her and Juan. "Mind if we come up?" She asked as she smiled. The two climbed up to see the sunset with her.

"Everyone is afraid of me." Nowa said sounding sad.

"What do you mean?" Juan asked in confusion.

"Well you see... Half of my blood is human so I'm not really a pure elf." Nowa was very sad in her voice. "Because of that, all the other elves think something horrible will happen because of me..."

"That's not even fair!" Leina said making a point. "You didn't have a choice on becoming what you are." Leina made a good point. Nowa was lonely in the forest, no one ever cared for her. Juan felt her pain.

"I know." Nowa nodded.

"Besides, arn't you the Guradian of the Forest?" Juan asked as she smiled thinking about it.

"It's a great honor. I'm happy that I've been entrusted to such an important job as protecting the forest." The half-elf girl smiled about it. She had a bright smile on her face. "I can protect everyone. Besides it dosen't matter what anyone says! I'm still me!"

"That's the spirit!" Juan said with both girls looking at him. Juan knew she felt lonely, they had it incommon. "It dosen't matter where you come from or who or what you are. What matters is the size of your heart!" Juan looked at Nowa with a smirk. "And Nowa, you've got one that filled with much strength that no one in this village could compete with!"

"Thank you. I never got your name though."

"Juan. Call me Juan." The two smiled as Leina smiled too. Leina went to bed, but Juan stayed with Nowa as the night became dark.

"Aren't you going to bed?" Nowa asked him as he sat next to her.

"Nah. I'm not really tired." He said smiling. "Nowa, you and I have something in common."

"What is it?"

"We were both lonely when we were both little right?" He asked as she nodded. "You see, I've been alone for many years since I was 5. It wasn't easy taking care of yourself where I come from. I had to steal food to survive." Nowa was surprised at this. They weren't so different after all.

"I've been lonely since I was little too. I wandered into this forest because all the other kids picked on me because of my half blood. That's when I was found by Captain Allyene."

"She was like a mother and sister to you?"

"She sure was." The two of them smiled. "I've been training hard all my life. I keep training to become strong."

"Well your strong enough. I can tell when you were fighting that maid girl."

"Thanks." They gave a laugh. Juan stood up and streched a bit. "Heading to bed?"

"Maybe, but listen Nowa." She had her ears up. "One day you'll get strong enough to protect this forest on your own. All you have to do is follow your heart." The young man climbed down the ladder, leaving Nowa to think. Juan had entered the village when he heard some others talking.

"I heard their sending Nowa to fight in the Queen's Blade as in exile."

"Really? Good! Maybe we can finally be okay without worrying." Juan heard them correctly as she got mad. Nowa might have been strong but in the Queen's Blade? She could get seriously hurt! Juan ran quietly to the place where the elders are as he saw some guards there. He was walking slowly as they caught him.

"What are you doing here!?" The guard said as Juan kept walking towards them. "Stand down!" The guards charged at them but the spears went flying out of the way with loud bangs. They saw a weapon like no other and paniced. "Are you a d-demon?!"

"No... I'm a renegade!" He punched both guards into the ground and kicked the door open. He saw the elders as well as Allyene. "Knock knock!" He said giving a dangerous tone of voice.

"Human! What are you doing here?!" One of the elders yelled at him.

"This is strictly forbidden! Only the elders and Allyene is only allowed in here!"

"Well that's too fucking bad cause I don't give a flying fuck!" He had an agressive look on his face. Allyene jumped at him as she got a clear hit on his head. He stood for a moment until she saw him grab her staff. He beld but didn't care.

"What are you doing you fool!" Allyene asked him. "We healed you and this is how you repay us?! By attacking us?!"

"I wasn't attacking, I just want a chat..." He said giving a soul piercing gaze that made Allyene shiver a bit. "Out of my way Allyene..." He said pushing her back as she tryed to fight. Was he this strong?

"Allyene! Enough!" The head elder said making her stop. She stepped out of the way. "What can we do for you?"

"You can start by asking my question." He pointed a finger at him. "What did Nowa ever do to deserve a life like this?" He asked as they became confused. "Answer me... WHAT THE FUCK HAS SHE EVER DONE TO YOU?!" His voice rised as one of them stood up. Juan fired a bullet between his legs. "You better sit the fuck down or a bullet will go in your knee... Got it Tinkerbell?" The elf sat back down afraid.

"It's because we are having a time of trouble." The elder said. "8 years ago we have been having diffcult time since then. They assume it's Nowa."

"When it's clearly not?" They all became confused. "You know it's not her fault, but you guys think it is?" He pointed at the others. "That's the problem with guys like you! It makes me sick because you judge her because she's part human!"

"It is her fault! The oracle has sensed something horrible with a fire heading into this forest!"

"Does a fire sound like Nowa? NO! She more of a strong protecitve shield instead of a sword of destruction!"

"What do you know?!"

"Everything! I know that bastards like you only judge her becuase of her blood." They got angry at his words. "It's not her fault she became like that! Nowa's a good kid, she has a strong soul in her body. The ultimate weapon to anyone and everyone is their heart! Let me tell you guys something! She has the strongest one of all in this goddamn forest!" He walked away. "Think about a person's heart instead of their race and body. Maybe then people won't kill you!" The doors slammed as he walked away having everyone thinking. Leina and Nanael were watching him as he walked to the house he was staying at.

"That was impressive." A female voice came from behind him. "I've never seen anyone stand up to the elders like you." Juan turned around to see Echidna there. "Hiya."

"Echidna? How did you get here?" He asked the snake elf beauty as she spinned around him.

"I'm pretty fast on my feet." She said wrapping her arms around him. The man blushed at her as he felt her breast pressed up against his back. "You had enough courage to stand up for the human elf girl, and you stood up to the elders. YOU are my type of guy..." Echidna began kissing Juan. This was his second kiss with her. The two went inside the house as they started striping eachother. They layed on the bed, as they kissed and slept together. Juan found Echidna very beautiful, her body, her eyes, and her heart. After some time, Echidna woke up before Juan, as she smiled at him.

"I can't wait to see you again." She said as she placed her clothes back on as her snake slithered up to cover herself. She bend down to kiss Juan on the lips with a tounge real quick. The elf dissapeared into the forest, leaving before Allyene could find her. Juan woke up after a couple of minutes and saw that she was gone. He got up and grabbed his gear, as it was almost morning.

"Nowa!" He placed on his shoes and ran outside with his guitar case and everything he had. It took him some time, but he found Nowa walking with a bag over shoulder, as he saw Leina attacking her. "What the fuck?" He cursed under his breath. He not only saw those two but Allyene watching them as well. Allyene had the look of memories from her past while looking at Nowa, she could've been thinking of the first time they met.

"I don't understand!" Leina said as Nowa pushed her back. "If you participate in the Queen's Blade, you will never come back home." She said keeping her guard up. "Why go if no one thinks you can win?" Nowa got in a position of offense.

"Listen! I always knew that the people here hate me. They just want me to leave!" She tried to ram the staff into Leina but dodged it by jumping onto a branch.

"How can you be happy about it? Answer me that!" Leina said with the half elf breed looking down in sadness.

"This forest is something I love and I love the captain too. To be honest I could never leave here" The girl looked back up with a smile. "I do it because it's for them and not me. This my real home and my real family!" Juan smiled as Allyene looked surprised that she said that. "And I'll protect this forest, because I follow my heart!" They were surprised at that statement. Leina giggled a bit. "That's what your friend Juan told me, and my captian always says, 'one can only count on one's self to determine their own future." Leina looked at with a smile as Juan smiled as well. Time after their fight, Leina, Juan, Nowa and Allyene were at the exit of the forest.

"Thank you kindly for the food and medicine. They'll be of much help to us." Leina said thanking Allyene.

"I wish you the best of luck, finding your freedom is tough." Allyene said with Nowa crying a bit. "Don't cry Nowa. You represent us in the Queen's Blade. Be you should be proud." Nowa only cryed more with a smile.

"Thank you captain! For everything!" She saidd with her smile on, bright with a joy.

"If we keep talking you won't make it to the capital. Good luck." Allyene turned around and walked back as Nowa ran to her to give her a hug.

"Captain! I'll never forget the times we spent together!" She said. Leina smiled as Juan did too. He saw that Allyene was sad aswell, the girl she found all those years ago was now leaving to the Queen's Blade.

"Come back safe and sound Nowa." Allyene smiled at her with the two of them departing. They were now ready to go, with Nanael coming down.

"Ah man!" She complained. "I never got to broadcast a fight! Hey! Why don't you guys fight right now?" She asked as Leina gave a look.

"No way! Nowa is way too strong for me."

"Our next fight will be in the capital at the Queen's Blade." Nowa said.

"Maybe so. We'll fight one day perhaps."

"Well I'm off." Nowa said grabbing her bag.

"Wait." Leina said as she looked at her. "You taught me something Nowa, that everyone lives their own lives. I think I can go on more easily now." Nowa smiled at this. "And another thing..."


"Well it's been bothering from the start and I uh..." The wind blew as they revealed something Leina and Juan blushed at. Well Juan saw good enough at it and had a massive nosebleed falling back. "J-Juan! Are you okay?!" The nosebleeding rebel lefted up his arm shakingly and slowly as he gave a thumbs up. Leina only sweat dropped at this. The three departed as Nowa went her way and the other two their own. They smiled and began walking to Gainos once again.