The tune of a violin echoed throughout the woods, causing the breeze to weaken and reduced the swinging of the trees to a steady sway. Kiku

shuddered as the hidden melody rung throughout his body, and he followed the music, knowing what he will find if he kept going. The long white robe

swished side to side near his ankles as he walked forward in a steady pace, his black straight locks swaying near his cheek bones. The consonance of

the violin grew stronger with each step the young angel took. When he finally reached his destination, Kiku observed the young boy who was his friend

and the scene around him between two trees quietly.

The young boy was sitting against the Tree of Life, the only tree in Heaven that makes lives and sends them to the land of mortals. Just like plants

grow by water and sunlight, this special tree is fueled by music, and that job is no other than Feliciano Vargas, or God's grandson. Kiku watched in

astonishment as the cobalt tree glowed a white haze, and everything around the angel came to life. The fresh grass became a healthier green, and

started to sway to the sound of the music. Birds started to chirp and dance around Feliciano in glee, and some other animals kept their distance, but

stood still as they watched the young boy in bewilderment. Kiku almost fell backwards in surprise as he felt the heart of the land beat underneath

his bare feet. He gazed at the ground in curiosity as it started to glow, revealing every single root that led to the Tree of Life.

But the most astounding sight was to watch the golden orbs of light rise from the land, accelerate to the sky, and get lost in the clouds. Although Kiku

couldn't see them anymore, he knew where they were going. To Earth, where those balls of light grew into people, and then after their time on Earth is

up, they die and come back here, as angels. Well, that was mostly the case.

During this beautiful display, Felciano sat against the tree, unbothered. His eyes were closed and there was a serene look on his face. He almost would

have looked as if he had been asleep, if it wasn't for the violin and bow in his hands.

Kiku closed his eyes and lets himself get caught in a web of music. The sound of the violin echoed in his eardrums and then he himself, felt as if he was

those illuminated balls of life, slowly rising to the sky, soaring through the clouds, the land beneath him getting smaller and smaller and-


He crashed straight back to his body, and is taken out of his stupor. He stared at him questioningly, remembering where he was. Feliciano's music did

that to people, it took them to places they could have never imagined and when he stopped it would be like waking up from a dream.

"I didn't see you here! People don't come here that often since it is at the edge of the woods. Did you like my playing?" Feliciano's hopeful eyes pierced

Kiku. Kiku smiled gently and nodded.

"Hai, it was very beautiful." he replied, receiving a sigh of relief and a big smile from Feliciano.

"So why did you come all the way here? The sun is coming down!"

Kiku almost forgot the reason why he was here in the first place. "He asked me to come here and get you. He has a mission for you."

Feliciano's eyes widened at the news. A mission? The only people who received missions were only important angels, and that required- Feliciano

gasped- going to the land of mortals! This was such a rare chance for an angel like Felciano. As excitement ran through his veins, he put his violin back

in his case and slung it around his shoulder, then he stood up and brushed the dirt off of his pants.

"But why would nonno want me to do a mission?"

"I don't really know, but he said it was urgent."

"O.K, I got it, now let's go!" Feliciano smiled and grabbed Kiku's wrists and led him away from the Tree of Life and back into the woods. Kiku noticed

how easily and with ease Feliciano weaved through the trees, while it took Kiku almost an hour just to get there.

As they got closer and closer to leaving the woods, Feliciano could hear the noises of the village becoming louder with each step. He heard birds

chirping, dogs barking and cats meowing, laughter and chatter, the occasional rumble of a car engine passing. He heard the strumming of the guitar

and the banging of drums. When the two finally stepped out of the woods and into the village Feliciano's mouth almost watered at the smell of pasta

coming from a restaurant not too far away. He looked forward and admired the mountains far away from civilization, protecting his village. Yes

this was Heaven, but angels were allowed to live in places that they felt most comfortable and content in staying. Feliciano loved the noise and the

liveliness of his little village. He looked back at Kiku behind him, looking shy and almost kind of scared. Feliciano smiled at him, reassuring him they were

almost there. How did Kiku manage to get to him on his own? He wondered what kind of place he lived in...maybe somewhere quiet and tranquil, it fit

him perfectly. In the middle of the village was a golden bricked road, which lead to his grandfather's palace. As they walked through the road, Feliciano

waved at people he knew and greeted them happily, while Kiku trailed behind him and bowed humbly to the people Feliciano met.

As they walked, the road thinned out until there were no people and no buildings, and all that was in front of them was a wide field of grass that went

up to their knees. In the middle of the field was a water fountain. They trudged through the grass up to the water fountain. Feliciano dug his hand in

his back pocket until he found a golden coin, and then he tossed it into the fountain. Feliciano backed away as the water shot up to the sky, causing a

rainbow to form, and then under the arch of the rainbow, a long set of stairs aiming up to the sky appeared.

"I will be taking my leave then, Feliciano-san. Good luck with your mission." Kiku said nervously. Feliciano smiled in understanding. A lot of people were

very stiff in front of his grandfather, he is the ruler of Heaven after all. But to Feliciano it was just a visit to his beloved grandpa Roma.

"Alright, Kiku. See you later!" Feliciano waved cheerfully.

Kiku bowed and scurried off to the village. Feliciano turned and went up the golden staircase leading to the clouds. As he got higher and higher, the

view in front of him became foggier and foggier with clouds, and his village became smaller and smaller. Feliciano started to sweat and pant.

"It would be so much easier if your palace was closer to the ground, nonno." mumbled Feliciano.

As he reached the top stair, he could finally see the castle, standing on clouds. The castle stretched high into the blue sky and loomed over the clouds.

Feliciano always loved how there was never any rain or bad weather here, unless Roma was in a bad mood. Roma's castle was a wide and tall palace

that looked as if everything was made of gold. A short Swiss man with blonde hair to his chin and sharp green eyes that could stare daggers at anyone

stood on guard by the tall wooden doors. He nodded at Feliciano when he recognized him and let him through the door.

Feliciano walked through the long corridor filled with paintings and the quiet sound of music playing in the background. He walked past doors that led to

different rooms and floors of the castle. People could so easily get lost in this palace. He remembered when he and his older twin, Lovino would play

hide and seek in this very palace. He now knew this place inside and out. He went through curves and staircases and doors until finally, he was in front

of the golden doors that led to his Grandpa Roma. The two guards in front of him pushed the doors open with a grunt, and he found a man sitting

proudly on a velvet armchair. His back was straight, and his chin was up. He had an air of intimidation, and something about him was ancient yet so

young. His lips were turned up in a small smile, and his eyebrows were furrowed slightly, it was almost as if he had some mischievous plan up his

sleeve. His chin was painted with a bit of stubble. He had the buff body and face of a young man, but his eyes were of a person who have met many

people, fought many battles, and knew many wisdom. When he saw his grandson walk through the doors he relaxed and his lips grew into a big smile.

"My little nipote! How have you been doing?" He ruffled the young Italian's hair and gave him a back-breaking hug. Feliciano smiled as they parted.

"I'm good nonno! I heard from Kiku that I have a mission from you!" He started to bounce on his toes, eyes pleading and full of excitement. "What is it?

Tell me, tell me please?"

The older Italian chuckled and ruffled Feliciano's hair. "Alright, alright, calm down I'll tell you! It has to do with your brother." he said, his smile faltering


"What happened to him?"

"Well," he frowned. "I'm afraid he's gone missing."

Feliciano's face turned into a mix of worry and concern. "Missing? What happened? Did it have to do with the fight you guys had? Oh no! What if-"

Roma raised his hand to make him stop talking. "Relax, Feli. It isn't that big of a deal. We did get into a bit of a heated argument and he left to go off to

the mortal world. He's been there for quite some time and hasn't contacted anyone here. I'm pretty sure being the hot headed idiota he is he got lost.

So I'm sending you to go bring him back."

"Of course I will! But..."he glared at his grandfather, a glare Roma didn't know he was capable of making. Although his glare looked angry, it didn't look

the least bit threatening and Roma thought it was adorable. "What did you guys argue about that made him go all the way to mortal world?"

Roma gave a nervous smile, rubbing his hand behind his neck.

"Well, he told me to get my ass off of the throne and to stop eating pasta 24/7, and I told him to buzz off and stop stuffing his mouth with tomatoes."

his eyes became distant and the corner of his lips pulled down into a frown, remembering the argument. "He started to curse at me on how tomatoes

are better than pasta, and...well you get the idea. We had a heated argument about it and he just left." he finished.

Feliciano could hear the guard outside scoff and mutter, "'Heated argument' my ass. A total fist fight is more like it."

He shook his head and sighed. "O.K, I'll do it. But, how do I get to the land of mortals? I've never done it before!"

"Oh right, right. Well one way to do it is if you can go to the Tree of Life, and play music for a bit. When you see the lives rise from the ground, they all

go to Earth, right? Follow them and you'll be in the land of mortals in a heartbeat. Got it?"

Feliciano nodded his head enthusiastically, nervous and excited at the same time. He's never been to Earth before, what will it be like? Where will he

stay? Who will he meet? How can he ever find Lovino in such a big place? All of these thoughts ran through his mind as he ran past the door, out of the

castle, down the giant staircase, through the village, weaving through trees of the woods and finally stopping in front of the Tree of Life.




He set his case on the ground next to the bark of the tree gently. He unbuckled the latch and opened the case, revealing his precious violin. The sunset

beaming on the wooden instrument gave it a golden gleam in Feliciano's grasp. He plucked the strings gently to check if it was in tune. After a bit

screwing and twisting, he set the violin under his chin firmly. He clutched the bow and set the hairs of it onto the violin. He took a deep breath, closed

his eyes, and began to play. It was the same melody he played earlier, a gentle melody that repeated like a waltz, but sounded like a lullaby. He could

almost hear the words of the song in his head.

With the courage to live,

The future I embrace,

and the strength everyone gave me,

I believe in love.

Memories of his grandfather singing this to him and Lovino while they were little filled his mind. He smiled slightly, remembering when he had a

nightmare, he would cry out and Lovino sleeping next to him would curse at him, but his grandpa would come running in and comfort him. When the

tears would come to an end and he was all snug in his covers, his grandfather would sing.

On the other side of the sky,

My wish to reach you

Allows my heart to fly away...

Walk with me.

Images of fields of sunflowers, laughter, sloppy kisses on the cheek from his grandfather, and unconditional love fills up Feliciano's heart. The small

smile stayed on his face throughout the song.

Into the breaks of the clouds

I offer my prayer

Of our unrequited feelings

And we walk into the future.

He feels the heart of the roots beat underneath his feet, acting as his metronome. Just about now the lives should be rising from the ground. He

finished the song slowly and quietly.

We'll always be together right?

Together, forever.

Chin still resting on the violin and bow still on strings, Feliciano opened his eyes. Just like he thought, the golden orbs of light have risen from the roots

and are now heading to the sky. I've always wondered how a life gets to Earth. Now would be a good time to find out, before it gets dark, Feliciano thought.

He set his violin in its case and closed the latch. He stood up, case hanging on his shoulders and stood in the middle of the orbs of light. He took a

deep breath and stretched his wings behind him. They spread apart, and they glowed white in the dim light. Feliciano bent his legs and pushed up with

his feet, and then he was in the sky, the balls of light following him. His face lit up in glee as his wings flapped by his side, his feet pointed and his arms

stretched out in front of him. He always loved to fly, it was so exhilarating! It was a mix of thrill and excitement. Feliciano never did it much since he was

so accident prone, but he always felt the same rush every single time he did it.

He noticed the pace of the tiny balls of light seemed to increase the higher they got. Soon he was in the clouds, not being able to see anything in front

of him except the lives next to him. Then out of nowhere, they stopped.

"What's going on..." Feliciano thought out loud. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, they started crashing down to earth at an immense speed. Feliciano

followed them at the same speed, but realized as they got closer to Earth they slowed down, while he couldn't stop. Panic filled his body as he tried to

stop his body from crashing rapidly to the Earth. He noticed the buildings becoming bigger and closer. He stopped panicking for a second and noticed

the details of the environment he was going to live in. Now the ground seemed close, too close. Panic coming back, Feliciano tried to grab at something,

anything, but it was too late. He couldn't even feel his body hit the ground beneath him because of the speed, he just a heard a thud and felt nothing,

only seeing black.


Nipote: Grandson

Nonno: Grandfather

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