It had been a long day and I was tired. All I wanted to do was go home and fall asleep on the couch watching reruns of Fraiser. All I wanted to do, was that so much to ask? Apparently so because I was currently lying on the floor with seven other people while a man wielded a gun above our heads. He was stressed because his robbery didn't go as planned. He didn't expect the owner to have a gun behind the counter and when he shot at the robber he missed and the guy spooked and shot him. He was still alive but he wouldn't last much longer unless he got help. I sighed and got on my knees,

"Sir." He reeled around, wide eyed and scarred. I needed to handle this delicately.

"Get down!" he pointed the gun at me and I held my hands above my head and nodded toward the owner,

"He needs medical attention."

"Well he shouldn't have pulled a gun! I wasn't gonna hurt nobody! I didn't wanna shoot anyone!" I kept calm,

"I know you didn't. It was supposed to be an easy grab and go, but it didn't go that way." He ran a hand over his face as tears streamed down his face,

"Why don't you let him and the others go?"

"If I let them go who will I have left?!"

"Me. You can keep me. He needs help and look at these people. Three women, a pregnant woman, a child, and a teenage boy. You don't want them here. There's too many people. Too many things could still go wrong." He thought about as he looked around the room, "If you let them take him out of here and he lives, you can't be charged with murder." His eyes locked with mine for a long time before he nodded.

"Okay, okay. What do I do?"

"Pick up the phone. The cops should pick up. Tell them that you're going to let all but one of the hostages go. Tell them one of them is wounded and he needs medical attention." He nodded and came towards me and grabbed my arm and pulled me up before heading to the phone. He called them and they answered. He relayed the message and I could hear them agree that he made the right choice. He hung up and looked at the boy,

"You help him up." The boy went over and helped the man out. "Now get out. All of you get out!" They quickly ran out the building and he let out a sigh of relief.

Danny watched as seven people came running out. They go them all rounded up and the man into an ambulance. He grabbed the boy because he was the least emotional one and he could probably get a straight answer out him,

"What's your name?"

"K-Keith." He was a bit shaken up but was holding it together pretty well,

"Okay kid, tell me what happened." He took a deep breath,

"A man came, he tried to rob the store but the owner pulled out a gun and shot at him. He missed and the guy freaked out and shot at him. When he realized he'd shot him he started cursing and screaming. Then he tried to get away but you guys got here too quickly and so he took us hostage. Everybody was a mess except this one woman. She was very calm and collected. She patched the owner up as best she could."

"Which woman is she?"

"She's inside. She got him to let us all go. She said she'd stay if he let the rest of us go." Danny sighed.

"Alright, could you give me a description of the man or the woman?" He nodded,

"He was tall, about your height. Blonde hair. He wore a red cap."

"Okay, did you get a look at his eyes? What color they were?"

"Yeah, brown. And he had a bandage around his left hand. It looked a bit swollen like he had punched something." Danny nodded,

"Alright, now what about the woman?"

"She was just a foot or two taller than me. She had reddish brown hair. Um, her eyes were brown as well."

"Anything else?"

"Um oh! Yeah she had a tattoo on her left shoulder and on her forearm."

"Okay good, what were they?"

"The one on her arm was a quote. I recognized it from the Shakespeare play Hamlet that my teacher made us read. To thine own self be true." Danny recognized the quote. Not because he had actually read Shakespeare's work but because one of his old friends had it tattooed on their arm. He shook the thought out of his head and focused,

"Okay and the one her shoulder?"

"It was some Celtic design looked like a trinity looking thing and some Latin words on each side." Danny cursed and took his pen and did a quick sketch of the tattoo,

"Is this it? Are these the words that she had around it?" Keith looked at it and nodded,

"Yeah that's it! What do they mean?" He sighed,

"In Nomine Patri, Et Fili, Spiritus Sancti. In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Alright thanks kid." He motioned to one of the officers and pointed at the boy, "This officer is gonna ask you some more questions. Take care kid." Danny cursed as he headed to the negotiations officer, "Call him."

"Regan, we've already been over this you're not-"

"Call him!" Jackie put a hand on his shoulder,

"Danny what is it?" He let out a frustrated sigh,

"I know the hostage Jack. We grew up together." She nodded,

"Okay but-"

"Jack she's a cop." Jackie's jaw dropped and her eyes went wide, "Well, she was. She took a leave of absence a few years ago. She's still of the roster but she hasn't been on duty for almost five years now. That's why she had him keep her and let the others go." He looked at the negotiator, "She's trying to get him to give himself up, now call him before I call her." The man grumbled and called him.

I looked at him and saw a broken man. Something had pushed him to do this. This wasn't something he chose to do. That's why he was so sloppy. The phone rang and he jumped,

"It's okay. It's just the phone." He stared at it, "Do you want me to answer it?" He hesitated before nodding,

"I want to know what they're saying and you don't say anything without me telling you. Got it?" I nodded it and picked up the phone,


"Kyla?" My eyes widened a bit. I knew that voice,

"Yes, I'm speaking for him."

"Are you alright?" I looked at the man and decided to improvise a bit,

"They want to know if you need anything." He thought about it and glanced at the door,

"They need to leave! I don't want anything! Just leave!" I winced a bit at the desperate cry.

"Give me a moment."

"No, Kyla don't you dare." I sat the phone on the counter so he could still hear. I walked slowly toward to the man,

"Hey, I need you to relax. Okay? You know they aren't going anywhere. What's your name?"

"Mack." Tears streamed down his face,

"You didn't choose to come in here and rob the store did you?" He shook his head and started to cry,

"No… I just needed the money... f-for my brother."

"Why does your brother need the money?"

"H-He's twelve, and l-last year a guy hit him when he w-was walking home from school." He started sobbing, "H-he didn't even stop! He-he left him there!" I tried to calm him down a bit,

"Hey, it's okay. Tell me what happened next."

"He was in a comma, for-for nine months. W-when he woke… he couldn't feel his legs. T-the doctors… they-they say that if he has this one operation that-that he could walk again with the help of a cane… but-but…" he sobbed again,

"But you don't have the money." He nodded,

"I'm all he has left! Our parents left us when I turned eighteen. I didn't go to college and I picked up two jobs to take care of us." My heart broke for him,

"But robbing a store won't help him. You'd only get at the most a hundred bucks or so. And that won't be enough. How much is the surgery?"

"T-thirteen thousand."

"What's your brother's name?"

"Kyle." I gently put my hand on Mack's arm,

"Mack, what Kyle needs is his brother. If I found a way for your brother to get that operation would you let the police take you?" He looked me in the eye,

"C-could you do that?" Clearly his brother was more important to him than his freedom. I nodded,

"Yes, I could." He sniffed a bit,

"Oaky. I'll do it." I smiled at him and held my hand out to him,

"Then you can start by handing me the gun." He hesitantly handed it over and with my free hand I put my hand on his back and gently lead him to the door. I opened it and we walked out. The cops moved in and took him,

"How will I know you kept your promise?"

"I'll bring him to you." He nodded. I handed the gun to one of the cops and then I saw Danny come running towards me. When he reached me he pulled me into a tight hug,

"You stupid woman." I laughed,

"Is that any way to greet an old friend?" He pulled back and gave me a look,

"What the heck's wrong with you? Offering yourself up as a hostage, putting the phone down, and talking him into giving himself up? Clearly you're still a cop at heart." I chuckled,

"Of course I am." His eyes softened a bit,

"You're gonna pay for his brothers operation aren't you?" I nodded a bit,

"Yeah, I am." He shook his head with a small smile and pulled me into a hug before kissing my head and muttered,

"Stupid girl." I laughed. Another cop came over and asked to talk to me to get a statement. "You know you've gotta meet with the PC now right?" I chuckled,

"Six o'clock. Top floor. I know the drill." He chuckled and I went off with the officer.

Danny knew that look that Jack was giving him and decided to answer her unasked question,

"No Jack." She held her hands up,

"I didn't say anything." Danny gave her look that said yeah right and she shrugged,

"She's pretty. And you seem to care a lot about her."

"We grew up together Jack. She's like eight years younger than me."

"Hey that didn't stop my parents." He gave her a look that said shut up. "I'm just saying." He knew she meant well but he still didn't want to go there with her… again. Ever since Linda left he had felt lonely when he was at home. They sold the house and split the money and agreed to switch weeks with the boys but Sunday the boys were always at the Reagan house for Sunday dinner. Linda actually suggested that. She wanted them to still be with their family. He found an apartment closer to his family and spent most of his time with them. That was almost three years ago. Linda and Danny were still friends, she just couldn't deal with the stress of being a cop wife. And he understood that. It's tough to have to constantly be worrying about if the report of a cop being shot is your loved one or that report about shots fired and drug busts gone wrong. He went through that with his dad when he was a kid. She told him when she started seeing a guy. That was five months ago. He had even met him. It was hard to hate him because he told Danny right off the bat that he wouldn't move in on his territory. That his boys would still be his boys. Linda wanted to make sure Danny was okay with it. Truthfully he wasn't but he said he was. She deserved to be happy and have a normal life. Jackie had been constantly trying to get him to go out with someone this last year. He kept saying no. He just couldn't deal with it yet. Then again He couldn't deal with being alone at night anymore. He made his way to the top floor and towards his dad's office,

"Hey Baker."

"He's expecting you." He chuckled,

"Thanks." He walked in and shut the door, "Hey dad." Frank stood and walked over and hugged him,

"Son. I saw the news." Danny nodded,

"She'll be here in a few minutes."

"It's been a while."

"I know. She did good though. She's even gonna pay for his brothers operation." Frank nodded his head,

"So I heard. Danny, I want your opinion on something." Danny crossed his arms and shifted his wait,

"Okay what is it?" Frank pursed his lips a moment before speaking,

"I'm going to offer Kyla her job back." Danny nodded but said nothing so he continued, "I want her to start off as a detective to get back into the swing of things. And then I'd like to move her back up to working undercover again."

"I dunno dad. Being a detective again, she might go for that. But going back undercover? That's another story." Frank nodded,

"I know it's a long shot but maybe if we give her time." Danny nodded understanding what his father was saying. There was a pause before Danny let out a sigh,

"She was one of the best wasn't she?" Frank nodded,

"Still is. That young man never even knew she was a cop. She gained his trust." Danny nodded and his father watched him, "How are you son?"

"I'm fine."

"Danny, I know that you say you're fine but I know that you're not. I know you don't want to talk to the family about it because… well it's your family. So I'm suggesting that after this you talk to Kyla." Danny chuckled,

"She always was a good listener wasn't she?" Frank smiled at him,

"Yeah, and she always had a way of getting things through that thick skull of yours." Danny laughed,

"Hey I got this thick skull from you." Frank laughed,

"Yeah that you did. You got your mother's temper though. That's also something Kyla's good at handling." Danny chuckled,

"Yeah, ya know when I was a teenager and she was still just a kid she still always knew when something was bothering me. She always listened to me and talked to me."

"When Jamie and Joe first brought her home I thought she was younger than Jamie. She was such a small thing for her age but she was also very smart too."

"Yeah… yeah she was." A silence fell over them and neither one said anything as they remembered older days. A knock sounded throughout the room and Frank called for them to enter.

I entered that oh so familiar office to see Frank and Danny standing there. I smiled at them and headed towards them. Frank smiled and held his hand out to me. I shook it before he pulled me into a hug,

"You did a brave thing today."

"I did what any cop would've done." Danny chuckled,

"But you're not just any cop." Frank nodded,

"What you did is worthy of a commendation."

"I'm not active though." Frank put his hands behind his back,

"Would you like to be?" I stared at him for a long time,

"I don't know." He nodded,

"Think about it. You could start off as a detective again and we could go from there." I nodded,

"I'll think about it." He nodded before smiling at me,

"Okay, then I suggest you two go. I'm assuming you have some catching up to do?" Danny and I chuckled and I hugged Frank again,

"It's good to see you again Frank." He chuckled,

"You too sweetie." Danny and I left and headed down the elevator before leaving the building. It was still light out and so we headed to a small pizza joint around the corner. I sat down at a table while Danny got the pizza. He came back with the pizza and two drinks. He slid the bottle to me and I gratefully took a big gulp of it. He chuckled,

"Tough day?" I smirked at him,

"Oh yeah, didn't I tell you I played hostage and negotiator today." He laughed,

"You're such a smart mouth." I laughed and took a bite of pizza,

"I learned from you didn't I?" He smiled,

"Yeah, I'll take credit for that one."

"You also taught me all those swear words I wasn't supposed to say as a kid." He laughed,

"You ratted me out every time!"

"You kept saying them!" He shook his head a bit with a smile,

"I was old enough to say them, you weren't."

"You still got yelled at." He chuckled,

"Yeah I did." There was a slight pause, "Will you do it? Come back I mean?" I shrugged,

"I don't know. I mean, I do miss the job. I just don't know if I'm ready to come back yet. If I'll freeze up or screw up-"

"You won't."

"How do you know? I mean anything could happen."

"And you're good at this. You know how to do your job and stay cool. Today proved that." I chuckled a bit,

"We'll see." Danny nodded and changed the subject,

"So what's new with you?"

"Nothing really. I went to Wales for a month and took a lot of pictures. I came back and worked for a company that specialized in wedding photography. Did that for a few months before quitting and going to work for my cousin. She lets me pick the shoots I want to do and when I want to do them." He nodded,

"You took our family photo." I smiled,

"Yeah, you and Joe wouldn't stop screwing around." He laughed,

"We put a caterpillar on Erin's shoulder." I laughed,

"I remember that! You guys made her cry. You knew she didn't like bugs." He chuckled,

"Mom got so mad."

"Two grown men acting like children, of course she got mad!" We both smiled at the memory, "What about you? Anything new with you?" He shook his head,

"Just the same old stuff. Family's still the same." I nodded knowing that he was avoiding my question,

"How are you Danny? I mean really, how are you?" He sighed, knowing he couldn't avoid this,

"Not so good. Better than before but it still hurts. I miss seeing my boys every day. I miss having someone to come home to."

"You feel alone." He nodded,

"I hate waking up alone. I hate how quiet it is." I nodded,

"You feel like a piece of you is gone."

"Yeah… a big piece." I grabbed his hand and squeezed it,

"You'll get there. It'll be slow but you will get there." He squeezed my hand back,

"I missed having you around. You've always been easy to talk to." I smiled,

"I'm always glad to lend an ear." He smiled and we finished off the pizza. I asked him if I could see his new place and he said yes. So we headed off to his apartment. It was closer to his family and it was smaller than his house. It was one floor but rather spacious. It had two bedrooms and two bathrooms. A good sized kitchen and living room and a small dining room. Danny showed me around and I noticed how they're were pictures hung up all around the place and that some of the decorations just didn't seem like Danny. He laughed,

"Yeah that was all Erin's idea. She thought it would make it seem more like a place to live in than a bachelor pad." I chuckled. The pictures all varied from Danny and the boys to his family and some of his friends from work. I stopped at one though that was in the small hallway. The frame was split into two parts. Both pictures were of me and Danny just after I graduated and became a cop. We were both dressed up and on the top picture we had these stupid looking over exaggerated grins on our faces while hugging each other like fan girls. And in the second picture we were just smiling with his arm wrapped around my shoulder. I smiled at the pictures. That was a good day. My cousin and her husband came to watch and they went out to dinner with me and the Reagan family. Danny chuckled from beside me and I looked over at him. He was very close and was smiling at the picture as well, "Jamie found those pictures when he was going through some of my boxes that I brought from home."

"I remember this day. We had a lot of fun partying afterwards." He chuckled,

"You got seriously drunk for the first time." I shoved him a bit and he laughed,

"You were the one who kept pushing the liquor." He shrugged,

"I thought ya could handle it."

"Apparently not. I made it through about five dances sober and the rest are just a blur." He chuckled,

"You were a hot mess."

"Yeah well thankfully it was only you and Joe that saw me like that. I think I would've died of embarrassment if your parents saw me like that." He laughed and we went back into the living room. We ended up sitting on the couch and just watching TV. We talked about old memories, what we did when we lost touch, and what we were currently up to. Danny was handling this separated thing better than I thought he would. I could still see the hurt and the pain in his eyes but I knew he was slowly starting to heal. He told me about how the boys were starting to get used to it as well. I thought back to the last time I had seen the boys. I wondered if they'd even really remember me. Danny assured me that they could forget Aunt Ky. I smiled at the old name. When they were younger neither one could pronounce Kyla very well so I became Ky. Eventually I fell asleep with my head on Danny's shoulder.

Danny smirked when he felt her head hit his shoulder and saw that she was asleep. He moved his arm and pulled a blanket off the back of the couch and covered her up with it before wrapping his arm around her shoulder. She snuggled into his chest and he couldn't help but chuckle. He thought back to when they used to do this when they were younger. She hated watching scary movies but Joe, Jamie, and Danny loved them. She would always hide her face in his shoulder and he held her to "keep the monsters away." Danny slowly felt sleep start to take him and for the first time in three years he slept peacefully, because for the first time in a long time he wasn't alone.