Lauren and Jacob joined us for mass on Sunday instead of going to their church and followed us over to the Reagan house. The boys arrived shortly after we did and tackled us as soon as they saw us. The boys were grinning from ear to ear as they whispered in my ear,

"Did he ask you?"

"Did you say yes?" I laughed and kissed them both on the cheek before whispering back,

"Yes he asked me and of course I said yes!" They grinned before they hugged me again with such force that the three of us fell over. Danny laughed at us and I couldn't help but grin.

"Come on boys, let Kyla up and go play with Ryan, and be careful of the baby!"

"Yes dad!" They bolted out of the room and soon enough you could hear the laughter of three little boys. Danny chuckled as he helped me up and pulled me close. I grinned,

"You Reagan boys really do get straight to the point don't you?" He smirked at me as he wrapped his arms around my waist,

"Better to get to the point than to beat around the bush and waist time." I chuckled as he kissed me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back,

"Ugh, really? Can't you two do that somewhere else where I don't have to see it? I think I might be sick just looking at you." I laughed as Danny halfheartedly growled,

"Then don't look." Jamie chuckled,

"Kind of hard when you're just standing in the middle of the living room making out." Danny kissed me once,

"Then go somewhere else."

"But I wanted to watch the game." Danny groaned,

"Go away Jamie."

"Come on Danny, please?" Jamie sounded like a little kid and Danny sighed before he gave me a look that I knew all too well,

"Jamie, you might want to-"

"Come here!" Danny turned and chased after Jamie who took off out the back door. I laughed and watched as Danny chased Jamie around the yard. Erin, Lauren, and Frank joined me by the window,

"What are they doing?"

"Acting like children. Jamie was kind of asking for it though. I'm interested to see who wins." Erin rolled her eyes,

"Danny, if he gets ahold of Jamie he's a goner." Lauren shook her head,

"I think Jamie will win, he could outrun Danny easily." The two looked at me and I laughed,

"You really have to ask?" They chuckled and then we all turned to Frank who merely smiled and shook his head,

"Jamie can only run for so long before he makes a mistake and Danny's very good at finding opportunities, and if he can't find one he makes one." Sure enough Frank was right and Jamie made the mistake of trying to make a break for it past Danny and back to the house. Danny tackled him and they began to wrestle. The four of us laughed and walked away from the window. Lauren and Erin walked back into the kitchen to help Henry and Nicky finish making dinner and Frank went into the other room to talk to Jacob. I could hear the boys running around upstairs and Amelia was crying in the other room. Jacob went to get up and go get her but I held my hand up,

"I can do it."

"You sure?" I smiled at him,

"I wouldn't have offered if I wasn't." He chuckled,

"Thanks Kyla." I smiled as I headed into the study where Amelia was. I picked her up and checked her over. There was no mess and she had just been fed so I bounced her up and down lightly,

"It's okay darling. It's okay, Aunt Ky's got you." I held her in my arms and started to hum before I sat down on the chair with her. Eventually she started to get sleepy again and slowly she drifted off. I rocked her in my arms and continued to hum as I laid her back in her carrier. When I turned around I found Danny leaning against the doorframe smiling. I grinned as I silently crept over to him. I followed him out and quietly shut the door behind me. He smiled down at me and kissed me softly,

"You're great with kids." I chuckled,

"So you've said." He grinned before kissing me again,

"Have I told you're beautiful?" I laughed a little,

"Yes, you have." He smiled and kissed me slowly before muttering,

"Then let me tell you that you look positively lovely in every way possible." I felt my cheeks turn pink and he chuckled,

"If you talk any sweeter I'll begin to think that you've replace my Danny with somebody else." He chuckled and kissed me one before Nicky called that it was time for dinner.

"Almost time." I grinned as he took my hand and headed for the dinning room. We had decided to wait until dinner was almost over before we told them.

Frank watched Danny and Kyla throughout dinner and noticed that they were both grinning from ear to ear. He knew why and did his best to keep from smiling too much himself. He had noticed the other day when he went to look for a pen that the ring box was missing from his desk drawer. He also knew that it was the anniversary of the day she was taken and that his son was taking her out. His suspicions were only confirmed when Danny had called asking if it would be alright if they incited Lauren and Jacob over for dinner. Danny had said grace and Frank noticed how he had thanked God for every single person around the table and how grateful he was for such a wonderful family. Erin had eyed him suspiciously but said nothing. Jamie however told him he was going soft and Danny's response was that he was just very thankful was all.

As Frank watched his family he thought back to when Tom, Ella, Lauren, and Kyla had come over every Sunday. Kyla was only twenty at the time and Lauren was twenty four and only just started dating Jacob. Mary, Joe, and his mother were all still here as well. He was brought out of his thoughts when he heard Sean whisper to Danny asking when they were going to tell everybody.

"When everybody's done. Now eat your broccoli buddy." He kissed his head and Frank caught his eye. Danny could hardly hide his grin from his father who gave him a smile in return.

Once everyone was finished and they were all just sitting around the table enjoying one another's company Sean tugged on his dad's sleeve again,

"Now?" Danny looked at Kyla who grinned and laughed a little and nodded. Danny smiled at Sean and ruffled his head,

"Yeah kid, now."

Danny took hold of my hand underneath the table and squeezed it before he cleared his throat,

"Lauren, Jacob there's actually a reason why Kyla and I invited you to dinner tonight." Lauren raised an eyebrow at me with a knowing smile and I knew right then that she knew exactly what was happening,

"Really?" Danny chuckled a little,

"You see, Kyla and I thought it would be easier to have you all in one place than trying to call everybody." Nicky gave us a confused look,

"Tell us what Uncle Danny?" Danny smiled at me and took a deep breath,

"Kyla and I are gonna get married." Cheers erupted around the table and soon enough so did the hugs. Erin laughed as she hugged me,

"How you agreed to marry my knucklehead of an older brother I'll never know." Danny shoved her,

"Hey I resent that." She laughed before giving me a serious look,

"I am really happy for you though. Both of you."

"Thanks Erin." Next was Nicky who simply squealed with delight before throwing her arms around my neck,

"I'm so excited for you! You're actually going to be my aunt now." I laughed,

"As long as you don't call me auntie. Then I'll just feel old." She laughed before going to give Danny hug. Jamie gave me a big hug and whispered in my ear,

"You're actually gonna be my sister now." I laughed,

"So does this mean I can call you Jameson?" he laughed,

"No, mom always called me that when I was in trouble." I laughed,

"Which seemed to be a lot when you were younger." He grinned before looking at Danny and I both,

"I'm really happy for both of you." Danny pulled him into a hug as Henry pulled me into a hug,

"Nice to have you be officially part of the family now. Your grandparents would be proud." I smiled at him,

"I know, my grandfather probably never saw this one coming though." Henry laughed,

"Who knows, but I'm sure he's smiling now." I chuckled as he went to hug Danny. Frank was next and didn't hesitate to pull me into a tight hug,

"My son is very lucky to have you."

"I'm the one who's lucky."

"I've always considered you to be like my daughter, and now that you're marrying my son you really will be my daughter now. And I am proud to call you daughter." I felt happy tears well in my eyes,

"And I'm lucky to have you… as a father." He kissed my cheek before pulling away and I noticed he had a few tears in his eyes as well. I felt Danny's arm wrap around my waist and when I looked at him he was smiling. I laughed as he kissed the side of my head. Frank pulled Danny into a hug but before I could say anything I was yanked into another pair of arms,

"I'm happy for you Kyla. I really am." I smiled and hugged her back,

"Thanks Lauren. Thank you for sticking with me through everything."

"I love you kid." I laughed,

"I love you too." Jacob hugged me next and chuckled,

"I take it you'll need a photographer for this thing won't you?" I chuckled and Danny put his arm around my shoulder,

"Actually, we did want to ask you if you would take the pictures for us." Lauren grinned,

"Of course we would!" Danny shook his head with a smile,

"Not you Lauren, Jacob?" They both gave us questioning looks and I elaborated,

"Lauren, I'd like for you to be my maid of honor." A big grin broke across her face and she threw her arms around my neck,

"Yes!" She laughed, "Of course I will!" I laughed and hugged her back. Danny looked at Jamie and clapped him on the shoulder,

"Hey kid, would you wanna be my best man?" Jamie looked rather shocked actually,

"Me?" Danny chuckled,

"If you don't think you can handle it then-"

"No! No, I mean of course I will. I just didn't expect you to ask me." He laughed and pulled his younger brother into hug,

"There's nobody else I'd rather ask." Danny took my hand again and looked at Henry and Nicky,

"We were wondering if you two would consider making the cake." Nicky's eyes went wide,

"Really?" We nodded and Henry put his arm around her shoulder,

"We'll do it." Nicky grinned and nodded her head vigorously. I smiled,

"Nicky, Erin would you two be my bridesmaids?" Erin surprised me by giggling and hugging me again,

"Yes! Of course we will!" I laughed at her excitement. Danny then leaned down and put his hands on his knees so we was at eye level with his boys,

"Would you two be my groomsmen?" Jack grinned but Sean furrowed his brow,

"What's a groomsmen?" The family laughed and Jack rolled his eyes,

"We'll do it dad." Danny grinned before pulling them both into a bear hug and kissing them. Danny looked at me and pulled me close again. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder and squeezed it. I took a deep breath,



"I have something I'd like to ask you. I really do think of you like a father and I… well, I was hoping that you would walk me down the isle." A smile spread across his face as he opened his arms and pulled me into a hug,

"I would be honored to." I smiled as he kissed my cheek and stepped back looking at Danny and I, "Twenty years ago if someone told me that you two would be getting married I would have laughed at them. I remember when you were just kids and fighting over who got the last piece of pie at Thanksgiving." Everyone laughed and Erin shook her head,

"They still do!" Everyone laughed and I couldn't keep the grin off my face. These people were actually going to become my family. Not that they already weren't but it's going to be official.

As everyone gathered in the living room Danny couldn't help but watch his fiancé as she showed Erin, Lauren, and Nicky her ring and explained it to him. Fiancé, he loved calling her that. He couldn't wait until he could call her his wife. Jamie put his hand on Danny's shoulder, making him look at him. Jamie grinned,

"You're really happy aren't you?" Danny beamed at him,

"Yeah, I am. She makes me happy." Jamie chuckled,

"You make her happy too... Joe would've loved to see this." Danny laughed a little,

"Imagine what he would say, I mean he was the one who decided to bring her home." Danny chuckled as looked back at a bright eyed, grinning Kyla, "If only he knew that that clever, feisty little girl sitting on the couch would one day be my wife." Jamie chuckled,

"He would've been really happy for you. He probably would've made fun of you too because you married the one girl who could tell you off and put you in your place." Danny chuckled as he playfully shoved his brother. The girls all went over to Danny and Erin and Lauren pinched his cheeks saying,

"Aw, who knew my tough older brother could be so sweet?"

"I think my cousin's made you soft Danny." He groaned and Kyla could only laugh. Nicky chuckled,

"You better be careful Uncle Danny, you wouldn't want to lose that rough and tough image you have." Kyla laughed as she made her way over to them,

"Please it's more like a brash and bullheaded than rough and tough. He's just a big old soft teddy bear underneath." Danny started to turn red and this caused them to laugh,

"You've made him blush! I never thought I'd see the day when my brother would actually blush."

"Shut up Erin." He shot Kyla a look and she merely grinned at him. The rest of the night was cheery and upbeat with the thought of a wedding in everyone's minds. There were still three major holidays until they would be married but that still didn't mean that they wouldn't be special. No, as Danny sat there with his family and his one arm wrapped around his fiancé and the other around his boys he already began planning for them. Jacob said something funny bringing him back to reality and he smiled as he watched them all. He couldn't wait until Kyla and he were married. She really was turning him into a softy, but then again he had always been soft when it came to her. He'd never admit that though and there was no way he would let his "rough and tough" image take too much of a beating, but he'd always be a "teddy bear" just for her. He felt whole again, and he loved the way if felt.