Hi my name is Danielle Fenton, but most people call me Dani for short. I am a c-clone of the world famous, Danny Phantom/Fenton, and after he revealed his secret to the world, I knew I had to find him because his secret was the only thing holding me back. I am half ghost like him but much weaker due to the fact that I haven't had a decent meal in two or three months or a decent nights sleep.

I looked around, subconsciously checking for bystanders, while I let the cool blue ring wash over my body and shout Danny's/my catchphrase.

I take off into the air, flying in the direction I'm assuming Amity Park is in. After flying at 112 mph for a good 30-40 minutes, an Amity Park welcome sign comes into view and I spot a stretch of trees in a nearby park.

Deciding to land between an oak and a cypress tree I allowed the transformation from ghost to human to take place. After turning human I figured that I probably wasn't going to be able to find Danny without help, even though the last time it didn't go so well. I considered my options but I couldn't find a solution so I just started walking in a random direction, hoping that I could find a way out of these woods.


After walking around in what I'm guessing is east, I see the trees start to thin out and I know I'm getting close to the exit.


I turned around to see who called my name.

"Valerie! I am so happy to see you" and I was because I had absolutely no idea where I was going.

"Danielle, what are you doing here? Are you hurt?!"

"No I'm fine but I need to find Danny and I can't find my way out of these woods" I said sheepishly while looking at my /very/ interesting shoelaces.

"why didn't you just transform and fly over the trees?" She asked and I suddenly felt very stupid.

"...I forgot?" I say but it came out more like a question and I hear her mutter 'clueless' or 'useless' but I'm not sure...




"...Can we please stop with the awkward stares and the silent questions!" I say because I was starting to get really uncomfortable.

"Uhhhhh, ok? You, um, said you needed to find Danny right?" she said, I guess she was a little bit shocked by my sudden outburst but I was un-phazed by it.

"Yeah!" I responded enthusiastically.

"Okay, I'll take you to him but the reporters might be a tough crowd to get through." she says and as soon as we get there I know why. There was an ocean of people surrounding Fenton Works...


Valerie and I were trying to get through the huge crowd when I had a brilliant idea.

"Hey! Why don't I just go ghost and fly us through the crowd?" I suggested.

"...ok, I guess it's worth a shot" she responded so I grabbed her by the arm and dragged her into a nearby alley out of habit. When I was sure no one was watching I let the rings wash over my body and transform me into Danielle Phantom (dani for short).

I turned both me and Valerie invisible and intangible and fly us to the building. As I phased through the wall I saw Danny, and his ghost sense went off. He looked startled but battle-ready at the same time and I chose that moment to turn visible (and tangible of coarse).

"Hey cuz.." I said shyly and looked down while he gasped.

"Danielle" he breathed and his family started to look at me funny "What are you doing here?" he asks

"Oh you know, just chilling" I say weakly while I'm looking down at my feet and I can feel his eyes on me. I then look up and we stare at each other for a minute but Jazz decides to speak up.

"Umm, not to be rude or anything but... Who are you?" she asks and before I can say any thing Danny starts talking.

"Her name is Danielle and she is a...clone" he says and takes a pause before he says the 'c' word "she was created by Vlad and we had a huge mixup with DNA and all that good stuff. She is her own person though so she prefers I call her my cousin."

"Ok so if she's a clone then wouldnt she have a human half?" and I transform back to a human and watch as the rest of the family gasp.

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