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Kevin's P.O.V

Yes, it was definitely Ace Merrill, there was no question. He sat by himself in the diner, secluded in the back, looking utterly miserable. I wanted to laugh, knowing he deserved this new life that he now had. He was overweight and depressed, probably had no friends or family anymore.

I continued to stand outside of the Blue Point Diner, too in thought to budge. The silence of the town was almost hypnotizing, that I complete forgot what my original goal had been. Ace didn't look up as I stared continuously through the open entrance of the diner. The old woman seemed to be too focused on her cheeseburger and the waitress in the back looked bored out of her mind.

For a brief moment, I considered going in, but I dismissed the thought quickly and decided to walk on. I walked past more shut down businesses, rent signs, for sale signs, brick buildings standing lonely and forgotten. I tried to imagine life here years before, the life that my father had had. I tried to picture more livelihood, trying to put it together in my mind. But even my dad had told me his stories, explaining that the town was always quiet, not many people living there.

I didn't understand why we had moved.


I heard a sudden voice behind me. I nearly jumped up two feet out of shock, for everything had been silent just two moments ago.

I turned around slowly. The voice had come from a boy my age. He was short and had sandy blonde hair. I noticed he wore old sneakers and a red shirt with light blue jeans. To complete the look, he had two dog tags hanging around his neck.

"Hi," I said, trying to undo the look of pure shock from my face.

"I'm Gordie," he said to me. I tried to ignore the horrible awkwardness I was feeling at the moment.

But then I heard his name sink in.

"Gordie?" I asked, to make sure I had heard right.

He nodded, "Yep, that's me."

I stared at him wide-eyed and he looked back at me like I was crazy.

"Something wrong?"

I stuttered quickly, "Um well, it's just that-." I didn't want to sound insane to some kid I didn't even know, "I know a Gordie."

I realized how stupid it sounded after I said it.

"You do? A Gordie that lived here?"

"Yeah, he's my dad."

Gordie stared at me blankly, "Your dad? Is your dad Gordie LaChance?"

I nodded quickly, not quite believing what I was hearing.

"No way," he said, a look of amazement spreading over his face, "I was named after a Gordie LaChance."

I tried piecing together all the things I was hearing. Who would name their child after my father? It barely required any thought. Of course, it could only be Christopher Chambers, my dads childhood best friend.