Power of Hatred, Heart of Fire

Summary: Uzumaki Naruto is the jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune. Or is he? Due to a series of twisted misfortune Naruto has not gained one but two powers from two different villages, one of which was from Konoha's greatest traitor, Uchiha Madara

AN: Okay due to my rereading of my story Nidaime Uchiha Madara, which I find that it really sucks in my opinion now, and the revelation of new information I decided to abandon it and write this (Mainly the fact that Kamui is tied to Obito's sharingan and I gave it to Naruto in that story who doesn't have Obito's sharingan).

This is somewhat of a rewrite of Nidaime Uchiha Madara but it is partially inspired by Embodiment of the Curse of Hatred and Will of Fire. This will share some similarities between Nidaime Uchiha Madara and my second Madara powered Naruto fic, Crimson-Eyed God.

Hope you enjoy

Disclaimer: I'm only going to say this once, I don't own Naruto. Kishimoto does…lucky bastard.

Talking- "Yo"

Thoughts- 'Idiot'

Jutsu- Gokakyu no Jutsu (Great Fireball Technique)

Demon/Summon Talk- "Brat!"

Chapter 1: Naruto

"Kukuku…" Orochimaru made a chuckle as he watched the spar below from the observatory deck above the training ground.

The training was a large space underground in one of the snake sannin's secret bases that he created. The training ground at the moment was only occupied by only two people, two people that Orochimaru had great interest in.

One of them was Kaguya Kimimaro, the last of the Kaguya and the strongest bearer of the clan's Kekkai Genkai the Shikotsumyaku (Dead Bone Pulse). He was originally going to be Orochimaru's next body but unfortunately Kimimaro had a terminal disease that neither he nor Kabuto could cure. Partly because of the radically different body structure that Kaguya Clan members had and the fact that their medical skills weren't competent enough.

The other was Orochimaru's main interest Uzumaki Naruto, the jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune. Or so he had thought. The snake sannin had originally kidnapped the young blond mostly to turn his loyalty to himself and gain a loyal weapon, but when he found out about Naruto's real condition he didn't know what to think.

You see Orochimaru had checked Naruto's body only to find out that the young blonde did not hold the Kyuubi. He was quite displeased at that moment, from all the information he had gathered and with the addition of young Naruto's treatment he was quite sure Naruto was the jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi. But he wasn't. Perhaps it was a lie to make the other's fear Konoha? It did make sense after all Orochimaru thought and it did explain many things.

For one thing it did explain why Naruto wasn't trained at a young age as most jinchuuriki were and the lack of security the Hokage spared to protect the young boy as he was easily kidnapped by the sannin. But even then Orochimaru was sure the Kyuubi was sealed that night as a demon's attack and consequence disappearance couldn't be kept under close cover. And there was another fact that Bijus can't be killed no matter what the fools said.

Despite all this Orochimaru was at least pleasantly surprised by one fact, Naruto had immense potential. He had only done on a whim but he had tested his learning capabilities and to say he was surprise was an understatement. The solutions Naruto came up with were simply ingenious no matter unconventional they were.

Plus the fact that Naruto had a large amount of chakra for his age, Orochimaru shouldn't have been surprised after all Naruto's surname was Uzumaki the name of a clan infamous for their mastery over Fuinjutsu, longevity, and large chakra capacity. At first he thought he was Uzumaki in name only since Naruto didn't have the trademark red hair but there were always exceptions.

Naruto happened to be one of those exceptions.

Orochimaru had decided to experiment on Naruto as he had no use for him otherwise Uzumaki or not. He had injected the DNA of not only Uchiha Madara into him but also Kimimaro's. Granted he had to make a few 'adjustments' to the DNA so Naruto didn't get the disease. Sure it decreased the power of the Shikotsumyaku but it was a compromise he was willing to make.

That was one and half a year ago.

Now Naruto stood there decked in Uchiha styled clothing. He had a long sleeved high collared black colored shirt that reached past his knees, with a white sash around his waist that give it an appearance of a waist cape. The sleeves were also modified as they were actually separate sleeves that were connected to the sleeveless side of the actual shirt so that the top parts of Naruto shoulders were not clothed. This was done so Naruto could pull out bone swords using the Shikotsumyaku. Naruto's pant were of the same black color shinobi pants with white bandages below the knee that wrapped around all the way to his ankle although that part was covered by his open toed black shinobi sandals. Naruto also wore bracers on his forearms that held wrist blades made from his bones.

Naruto's face had changed a bit too. His skin had lost some of its natural tan and become paler; his face had become more narrow and feminine, and his hair had become slightly darker and grown longer with spiking all over and reaching past his neck (a young Madara look). But the biggest change was the lost of whisker marks and eye color which used to be cerulean blue but was now royal navy blue.

But that wasn't all that changed, Naruto's combat abilities had had shot up under the tutelage of the traitorous sannin.

Naruto had awakened a fully mature sharingan due to the strenuous and often life threatening training that Orochimaru put him through. It was a surprise to the snake sannin that when he first activated it that it was fully mature but Orochimaru reasoned that it was because Madara's DNA was used.

Taijutsu was coming along nicely, well as nicely as the body of an eight year almost nine year old could do. With Kimimaro helping him, Naruto's skills in taijutsu was solid high C-rank possibly low B-rank. What he lacked was the refined movement but it was slightly made up for with the help predictive capabilities of the sharingan, and with the Kaguya Clan's personal taijutsu that involved the Shikotsumyaku.

Shikotsumyaku another of Naruto's new bloodline. It was not on par with Kimimaro's Shikotsumyaku, but that was to be expected. Unlike the natural Kaguya who could manipulate the bone expertly from nearly every part of his body, Naruto could only strengthen the bones. The only part were Naruto could actually manipulate and change the shape and use as something akin to a weapon were from his arms , hence the sleeve's design, and possibly the legs but that wasn't confirmed yet.

Ninjutsu was pleasing too, he learned at an accelerating rate. Not only that, Naruto had developed two elemental affinities, lightning and fire (I'm thinking of changing lightning to wind though). But it wasn't Naruto's preferred shinobi art, but Orochimaru made sure that Naruto learned a few jutsu such as the Uchiha clan's coming of age jutsu, Katon: Gokakyu no Jutsu (Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique).

Genjutsu was where Naruto truly shone, it was his preferred way of battle. Naruto's take on genjutsu during combat was… unique to say the least. He would engage the opponent in a taijutsu spar and use sharingan based genjutsu while battling. Sure those techniques were mostly simple, but the time they gave young Naruto was critical in a shinobi's life where a few seconds could be a difference from life and death. Granted it took a lot of concentration which was why it only simple genjutsu was used but with a few years to mature Naruto could truly be a force to be reckoned with due to his unique fighting style.

In fact Orochimaru hardly taught Naruto genjutsu because of this. He knew better than most the devastating power it could unleash having experienced it on the hands of Uchiha Itachi. However Naruto was different in his use of genjutsu than Itachi. Itachi would first use a genjutsu and if that didn't work, it mostly worked as his forte was genjutsu; he would engage in a taijutsu and ninjutsu battle and hardly used genjutsu. Naruto on the other hand would first use taijutsu and if he couldn't beat his opponent with just that he would subtly use genjutsu to give him a critical point of weakness in his opponent's defense with them none the wiser.

Overall Orochimaru was very pleased with his future new body, granted he had to wait for Naruto's body to mature to fifteen or at lease twelve to reap the benefits of all the hard work he poured into Naruto.

If there was one thing that Orochimaru was displeased about, it was Naruto's stance towards him. He had expected the blond to be completely loyal to him due to the fact that Orochimaru treated better than most of Konoha and that he was respected and treated with fear at the bases. But Naruto was extremely conscious around him, the snake sannin. Whenever he came within three meters of him he would be able to sense him no matter how stealthy he was. Orochimaru knew it was just him and a few others that Naruto sensed, because others could creep up to Naruto without him knowing, well the one with the skills necessary to such as Kimimaro. Now that he thought about it, Naruto could only sense the more… evil people, especially Orochimaru as if he was a large monster that radiated pure evil,

Orochimaru chuckled at the thought. It was quite the irony when Orochimaru thought that if Naruto could sense him as a being made of pure evil. Ever since the experiment, Naruto's chakra had the most sinister feeling that Orochimaru had ever faced, not even when he felt the Kyuubi's chakra did it feel more foul or evil than Naruto's.

Because of this Orochimaru suspected that Naruto was hiding his full capabilities from the snake sannin such as his mastery over genjutsu. But Orochimaru suspected that wasn't all, he would be a fool to underestimate Naruto after he was surprised by the number one unpredictable shinobi he ever met.

None the less Orochimaru gazed at the spar below with slight envy in his eyes. He original planned to 'persuade' the last 'loyal' Uchiha to his side after he failed to commandeer Itachi's body, but now he didn't have to. Naruto's body was now far more desirable now.

Down below in the training ground a fierce sparring match was going where one mistake could cost the whole match for either contestant.

Naruto was currently on the defense from the swift yet devastating stabs Kimimaro was utilizing using one of the bone swords that he made.

Naruto was using a large gunbai (army arrangement fan), well large for him that is, to block most of the strikes. Naruto had gained an interest in it after Orochimaru had told what he 'gifted' Naruto with, the power of Uchiha Madara. Naruto had gained an interest in Madara soon after he calmed from what happened to him and begun to research on Madara and consequently Senju Hashirama.

When Naruto heard that Madara used a gunbai he too, wanted to use one and somehow convinced Orochimaru to get a custom made for his size. Orochimaru to this day couldn't figure out how Naruto had convinced him, but he was quite pleased with how Naruto was able to use the unusual weapon. In fact he had thought of teaching Naruto chakra flow, but decided against it for two reasons. One Naruto was still young and he might not be able to use such a technique and two he didn't want Naruto to have too much power as he suspected he might escape.

At the end of the handle was a chain attached to the bracer on Naruto's right hand. Usually the chain was only long enough for Naruto to move his freely when it was slung on his back, but thanks to the Fuinjutsu used to create the chain and fan it could do much more.

For one thing it was possible to lengthen the chain by pushing chakra into the chain and retract it when the chakra wasn't pushing into it anymore. It was useful for when Naruto would throw it out at his opponent and swing it around if it missed. The Fuinjutsu on the fan was useful too. When it was swung a large gust of wind would be made if chakra was pushed into the fan like the chain. This wouldn't usually be anything special except for the fact that it would increase the power of the fire jutsus.

However at this time due to its large size it was more of a hindrance. Normally the spar would be more even but Orochimaru forbid him to use genjutsu and ninjutsu, so he was stuck with taijutsu.

Naruto jumped back with a chakra reinforced kick to the ground to gain some distance from Kimimaro. Before the Kaguya could close the distance between them again, Naruto threw the gunbai at him.

Kimimaro for his part moved out of the way as he knew Naruto had used chakra in his arm to strengthen the throw and the recoil from blocking could make him lose his balance. To his surprise the fan didn't stop and embedded itself in the crack on the walls that it made from the impact.

He was further surprised when he saw Naruto in front of him with his wrist blades out and tried to stab him. Using his quick reflexes Kimimaro used the short sword in his right hand to block the wrist blade on Naruto's left hand and sprouted four bones from his left arm to block the right wrist blade.

Kimimaro took this chance to glance at Naruto right hand to see that his suspicions were correct as he didn't see the chain on Naruto's right bracer that was once connected to the fan. He knew that Naruto would be at a disadvantage if he continued to use the cumbersome gunbai, so it wasn't out of his expectation for Naruto to discard it.

Soon the deadlock was broken as Kimimaro used his physically more mature body to overwhelm Naruto. Naruto in response jumped back.

But Kimimaro wasn't going to give him time to rest as he jumped after Naruto and used both hands to continually attack the young blond. Naruto in response used his wrist blades to attack back.

The battle of the bone swords was swift and fast as both users tried to hit a vital point on the other. Kimimaro was clearly faster but Naruto had the advantage of the sharingan that helped him predict Kimimaro's moves before they were being made.

Naruto held on albeit barely. It was only a matter time before Naruto lost and they both knew it.

"Stop!" A voice above them said. They didn't even need to look up to see that it was Orochimaru as they both knew he had been watching them from the beginning. "Naruto-kun, Kimimaro-kun that's enough you two can both go back to rest now." He said and began to walk off without further ado.

Naruto and Kimimaro began to walk off by themselves through the large door that led to the training ground without so much of a word. Once upon a time Naruto may have try to have small talk but now he knew that it would hardly useful as most of the shinobi here would not be much to talk with.

They respected him, feared him, envied him.

Naruto and Kimimaro split off at a fork with Kimimaro probably going to his quarters to rest and to prolong his life as long as possible. Sparring weekly with Naruto was already lessening his life already but Orochimaru didn't seem to care and they both knew that he didn't care. Kimimaro just didn't care about that as he was fanatically loyal to the snake.

Naruto had already given trying to question him about along with several others about their loyalty to Orochimaru as he knew it would bring unwanted attention him, which was why he asked it with the intent for them to think it was curiosity. If Orochimaru gets suspicious, he would watch him closer and it would make it harder for him to escape.

One might wonder why Naruto would want to escape when Orochimaru 'saved' him from his hated life in Konoha. It definitely wasn't because he was loyal to his former home, in fact he was quite grateful that Orochimaru took him from his old home and gave him these abilities.

The thing that made him wary was another… ability he gained or rather developed soon after the experiments. He could feel and sense the negative emotions of those that came within about three meters within him.

At the top of the list of negative emotions he sensed was Orochimaru. All he could feel was ill intent coming from the snake sannin. In addition to the hungry looks the sannin would send him, Naruto was sure that whatever the snake planned for him, he wouldn't like and might even die, which was why he planned to escape.

From what snippets Naruto had gathered from the older and more senior members of the snake sannin's empire, otherwise known as Otogakure(Village hidden in the Sound), in recent years Orochimaru for whatever reason would become weakened every three years. And from Naruto estimated Orochimaru would be at his weakest in another couple of days, and that was when he would attempt to escape. Of course he didn't tell anyone of this as it would jeopardize his plans.

He was confident he could escape unnoticed as he was known to wander a lot, but if he was confronted he was positive he could take most of them out with some genjutsu he developed that only he knew about. If those weren't enough… then there was always 'that'…

He had unlocked 'that' about two months ago, but he never told anyone.


The sound of the door opening was heard as Naruto pushed open the door and walked into what seemed to be a miniature library. This was where he spent most of his time. Mostly because of 'mysterious' disappearance of genjutsu scrolls, Naruto would come here often to read scrolls on the genjutsu creation.

As a result Naruto had come to create a few personalized genjutsu. However more often than not he would test it on the any unfortunate shinobi that would pass him in the halls. In fact he did it so much that it wouldn't be a surprise to find a knocked out lackey in the hallways or one that was mumbling or had gone crazy.

As a result most of them tend to avoid Naruto whenever possible or they scrammed for their mental health as soon as they see him. It was kinda funny in a dark humor kind of way but funny none the less.

-Several Days Later-

'Finally!' Naruto thought to himself as he walked out of the underground base. Behind him in the corridors several unconscious bodies could be seen lying on the floor. Normally it would raise suspicions, but if there was one thing Naruto was infamous for it was to use random passerby he sees in the corridors as genjutsu test subjects.

He had prepared days for this moment as evident of the storage scrolls on his sash and the pouch which did not usual carry. Another big feature that stood out was the gunbai on slung on his back, something that he hardly carried unless it was for training.

Without waiting another moment, Naruto closed the base's door place several explosive tags on it in case someone tried to open it and ran off away from Orochimaru as fast as he could.

It had been nearly a week since Naruto had escaped from Orochimaru and he was content. Sure when he walked through there would be stares from people but other than that they treated with him smiles and waves, not looks of scorn. It wasn't like in Oto either where he was feared. No he was treated like a fellow human being.


At this moment Naruto couldn't enjoy it anymore.


Currently he was in a clearing facing about twelve Oto shinobis. Among them was Guren one of the people he didn't want to meet as he wasn't sure he could take her on without exposing his secret.

"Hey brat, you better come back quietly or I can't guarantee your health!" Guren shouted to Naruto not sounding as if she wanted him to come back quietly, rather she sounded like she actually wanted him to resist.

"I have another idea, how about you guys go back and kiss Orochimaru's ass!" Naruto replied hotly.

Guren's face scrunched up in anger at Naruto's word. "I was only planning on roughing you up a bit, but now you're in for it big time! Go! Make it as painful as possible or I'll kill you myself!" Guren shouted as she ordered the twelve Oto nins to detain Naruto.

They quickly obeyed her orders and surrounded Naruto as they knew she would carry out her threats. Naruto smirked as he saw them surround him. He used his right hand and grabbed the handle of his gunbai. "Let's see how well you can dance."

Without warning Naruto activated his sharingan and charged at the first nin at swung the gunbai at his head. The sound of bones breaking could be heard from the unfortunate nin's head from the force Naruto swung the gunbai at.

Naruto however didn't stop there; he used his left foot that just touched the ground as a pivot and turned his body towards the right where he nailed another Oto nin in the stomach with a kick from his right foot.

Naruto at that moment still didn't stop, once he regained his footing from kicking the nin he swung the gunbai at another nin. Unfortunately by then the Oto nins had recovered from their shock and defended against the blow with a kunai.

Naruto at that moment had to jump out of the way as another nin jumped at him with a kunai. It didn't take long for the other eleven shinobis to gang up and attack Naruto. Unfortunately for Naruto he was hard press on the defense and was soon overwhelmed.

"Tch what's so special about this guy anyway, we easily defeated him." One of the Oto nin said with disdain as he stared at the fallen for of Naruto who was breathing heavily from all the cuts on him that made him lose a lot of blood.

"YOU IDIOTS! YOU'RE UNDER GENJUTSU!" Guren shouted at them when she suddenly saw them stop and stare at an empty space on the ground. She had already suspected they were under genjutsu when she saw their attacks go uncoordinated.

"Wha!?" The Oto shinobi could stare at their leader in surprise, before they look back at Naruto's body only for it to dissolve into a murder of crows.

"Katon: Gokakyu no Jutsu (Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique)!"

Screams could be heard as the eleven unsuspecting Oto nins burned without so much of a chance to scream.

Naruto who had placed them under genjutsu when he was engaging all of them in taijutsu by staring each one of them in the eye one at a time didn't have a chance to admire his work as he was forced to block a hail of crystal shurikens from Guren.

"Perhaps you can dance better then these trashes!" Naruto shouted as he ran towards Guren who was already charging at him with crystal wrist blades on her forearms.


The sound of the impact as the crystal blade clashed against the metal gunbai could be heard as they locked their weapon neither trying to give an inch.

"Who do you think I am!? I am worth more than these trashes!" Guren shouted before they both jumped before once again charging at each other engaging in a taijutsu match.

Naruto swung first, with a downward strike only for Guren to side step the attack and trying to stab Naruto with her right blade. Naruto took a full step back and out of the blade's range only for him to see Guren's left blade coming towards him with a slash. Quickly he used his gunbai and blocked it, but was force to duck as the right blade came at him again.

Naruto quickly let go of the gunbai and twisted his body so that both his hand were on the ground. Guren was caught off guard at Naruto's unconventional movement. Naruto had used that moment to push his body away from the ground towards Guren with his feet poised for a kick. The kick sent the breath out of Guren's mouth as she was flung a few meters away.

Naruto took this chance as Guren was still down to throw his gunbai to the side. He pushed chakra into the chain so that it was that the distance he wanted it to be before he swung it at Guren.

Guren who saw it coming towards her left side jumped up and shouted while looking at Naruto. "You're going to have to do better than that!"


"GAH!" Guren cried out in pain as she felt the bones in her left arm break as she was flung to her right. She stared at her left arm while she was still in the air wondering why it broke or why she was tossed in midair.

Her vision blurred for second before it became clear again. 'Genjutsu!'Guren thought in surprise as she now saw the gunbai that was still flinging her in the air. She looked back at Naruto with contempt where all she saw was that damnable shit eating smirk on him.

Suddenly Guren felt the pressure from the gunbai disappear as she saw Naruto pull the chain attacked to the gunbai. Her short relief disappeared as she saw Naruto make seals.

"Katon: Gokakyu no Jutsu (Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique)!"

"Shit!" Guren coursed out loud not caring if anyone heard her.

Naruto smirked as he slowly walked towards the downed kunoichi. When Naruto was a foot away he stopped. "Your don't dance very well do you?"

His eyes widen as he suddenly saw the charred 'body' break down into tiny crystal pieces.

"Shōton: Hashō Kōryū (Crystal Release: Tearing Crystal Falling Dragon)!"

Naruto turned his head toward the sound only to come face to face with a crystal dragon with Guren on its head charging at him. Naruto did the only thing he could he placed the gunbai in front of him as a shield as it was too late to dodge.

"So who's the one that doesn't dance well now bastard!" Guren mocked as she looked down at the lying form of Naruto who was glaring at her with his sharingan eyes.

One thing Naruto hated about his body was the fact that it was too young and as a result it couldn't take much damage. And despite him lessening the damage from the crystal dragon with his gunbai it was still enough to immobilize hime.

Guren smirked as she saw Naruto close his eyes in defeat or at least what she thought was defeat.

Suddenly he opened his eyes and Guren saw that his sharingan had changed into a new design totally different than the usual three tomoes (Madara's Eien Mangekyou Sharingan design).

She suddenly felt a weird pressure around but before she could question it she heard the last words of her life.


Guren started to scream as the black flames consumed her. She tried flailing around, she tried to stop drop and roll (Admit you remember this from elementary school), she tried everything she could but it was no use as it burned her into nothingness.

Naruto stayed still lying on the ground hearing Guren's screams. Once upon a time he might've regretted his action but after spending a year and a half with Orochimaru it had stopped bothering since a long time ago.

Naruto didn't know how long he lied there, but he knew he got up as soon as he could and slung his gunbai onto his back once more and began walking.

Despite his body protesting against such actions, he knew he had to move away from there unless he wanted to Orochimaru to find him.

Naruto didn't know how long he had walked the damage done to him had slightly affected his thinking process but he knew it was a long time as the sun had already rose in contrast to the moon of the night sky when he fought the Oto nins.

Then he soon he saw two people.

The first one he was a large breasted and long haired blonde that seemed somewhere in her mid twenties, she had a diamond on her forehead. She wore a grey kimono top with a green haori over it with black pants and high heels. Naruto thought she was the most beautiful person he ever saw.

The second one had neck length black hair and wore a black kimono. She too was quite beautiful in Naruto opinion, but what stood out the most was the small pig she carried in her arms.

Both the women froze as they saw Naruto who was trudging towards them.

'Shit I'm losing consciousness…' Naruto thought to himself not paying attention to the women in front of anymore as he promptly fell face first in front of them.

"Nawaki!?" he heard one of them say, and it was the last thing he heard before he slipped into blissful unconsciousness.

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