Power of Hatred, Heart of Fire

Summary: Uzumaki Naruto is the jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune. Or is he? Due to a series of twisted misfortune Naruto has not gained one but two powers from two different villages, one of which was from Konoha's greatest traitor, Uchiha Madara

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Chapter 3: Gains and Losses Part

For the past few months Naruto was quite happy, for one he had gained a closer bond with his mother now that he officially acknowledged her, and the other…well it was all the techniques he was able to learn.

Although it wasn't Tsunade or Shizune that taught him anything much, besides sparring with him, he was fine with that. Besides teaching him, or at least attempting, some medical jutsus were enough. Naruto could already tell that he wasn't going to excel in being a medical shinobi, but he did like the chakra scalpel.

Besides that he had been refining his taijutsu by sparring with arguably the strongest taijutsu user of the legendary Sannin. Naruto's adoptive mother's continual training him in chakra has helped him loads and loads more than before.

Not to mention that they are and still helping him build some of the fundamental knowledge a shinobi needs. Yes Orochimaru did train him to be the strongest body so that he could possess him, but that was it. He was only trained to be strong, so his knowledge was genin at best, far too low for a shinobi of his current strength,

But back to the techniques

They had visited one of the Senju clan's hidden bases that was used in the clan wars. It was a bit dreary due to the age that has passed since it was last inhabited. But the real treasures were the clan scrolls that held numerous jutsus among other stuff.

Of course Naruto refrained from asking too much from his surrogate mother, it was only polite after all. He wasn't a Senju by blood, but thankfully Tsunade was quite generous with the amount of scrolls she was giving.

Most of them were genjutsu scrolls, while the others were among a mix of taijutsu and katon jutsus for Naruto to read. Sure he had to teach most of it to himself since Tsunade's and Shizune's specialty lied in his style of fighting, namely gentaijutsu.

In Naruto's opinion it was quite powerful already, after it did let him a nine year old injure Orochimaru of the three Sannin. But that was because Orochimaru wasn't a genjutsu specialist, if he was than Naruto would have far more trouble, although a regular genjutsu specialist would probably fall to his Shikotsumyaku (Dead Bone Pulse) if his regular taijutsu would work.

But that wasn't enough; he wanted his style to be undefeatable. Sure it was an impossible dream, as there is nothing without a weakness, but if he didn't strive higher he would never make anything decent.

So far his taijutsu was going along nicely, but it was his genjutsu that needed the most improvement as Orochimaru had actively try to limit that ability of his.

So far he had been practicing many C-rank genjutsus, so that his regular and subtler genjutsu would increase with his knowledge and process of the larger and more powerful ones.

His training was…irregular as normally a sensei would teach the student and let the student test it out on him. But Naruto trained differently, his mother Tsunade had taught him the Kage Bunshin after hearing his dilemma.

He would be the practice target while his two clones - he didn't dare make more per his mother's instructions as from what he knew the influx of information could potentially send him into a coma.

This way not only would he learn the genjutsu, but also his mind would be made stronger thanks to being practiced on. A genjutsu specialist or user must have a strong mind after all.

Naruto dispelled his two clones as he saw the sun barely touch the horizon. Thankfully for Naruto he had gotten used to the influx of information, so he didn't stagger any more.

Naruto let a small smile grace his lip as he went over what he learned. He had learned two C-rank genjutsus, and finally one B-rank. His first official B-rank or higher genjutsu I might add, Tsukuyomi doesn't count.

Naruto started to walk to whatever no named town that he was currently visiting after deactivating his sharingan and sealing away his gunbai. His mother had told him to seal it away when he wasn't training, as it would attract too much attention. 'Like I can attract anymore attention with everyone staring at you Kaa-chan, you are known as the most beautiful kunoichi for a reason.' Naruto thought

Naruto didn't pay attention much as he walked through the busy streets of the town near their local casino. Although he hardly saw any other children and a few adults even openly stared at him, not doubt wondering why he was here.


Said person turned his head towards the voice that croaked out his name. For a brief moment he wondered if it was one of Orochimaru's minions, but quickly threw that thought out of his mind as the voice sounded more surprise and held little malice.

The source of the voice was what appeared a man in his late forties or at least in Naruto's opinion. He had long spiky white hair, two red lines that ran down the sides of his face from the edge of his eyes, he wore what appeared to a kabuki outfit with a large scroll, and there was a customized forehead protector with the kanji for oil.

But what caught Naruto's eyes far more than the tall man's expression was the person beside the man. He had sky blue eyes much Naruto once had; his hair color was that of Naruto's too only it was spiked downward instead of Naruto's all over the place. Overall he looked almost like Naruto except for a more square-ish face and broader body.

Intrigued Naruto walked over to them even, although he noticed that his gut was telling him to watch out for the white haired man. And given the confident way that the man held himself, Naruto believed that he was a highly skilled shinobi.

"Yes? Do you know me?" Naruto asked as he stopped front of the duo.

Jiraiya who had regained his composure by now, started to speak "Yes, well I recognized you from the description Sarutobi-sensei told me, well you know him as the Sandaime Hokage." That was a total lie of course; Jiraiya had only recognized Naruto thanks to the resemblance between Minato and him. Well the pretty boy look that they both had helped too.

Naruto open hearing this, tensed. He was sure The Jiraiya the toad Sannin noticed too, although the boy didn't seem to notice. "What of it?" Naruto asked in his sub-zero tone. As he asked that he began to observe them with his "extra" sense.

He mentally berated himself for not realizing it was The Jiraiya of the Sannin sooner. If he had known he would have walked away and tried to reach to his mother first before confronting him.

There was no way an inexperienced shinobi even one trained by the genius Orochimaru could escaped from a Sannin normally.

Jiraiya's aura was almost normal in Naruto's opinion. On one side it was a dark emotion that Naruto had come to identify as self-loathing that appears the most, and the other side was a myriad of light. It was all so jumbled up that he couldn't determine if it was happiness, love, joy, or something. It was unlike his mother's light, which comprised mostly of love now. If anything it was like mix of all positive emotion. But it was weird, normal humans shouldn't even be like that at least from what he had seen with his extra sense. Overall Jiraiya was slightly darker than an average person not counting the weird light within him.

And the blond boy next to Jiraiya…it was an impossible existence per say. There was not a single shred nor speck of darkness that Naruto could find in him. It was as if the boy was literally the embodiment of light and everything associated with it.

It wasn't right, it was possible, it wasn't human.

But Naruto didn't have time to analyze the boy; no he was more concern about Jiraiya at the moment.

Would he kidnap him?

Would he try to kill him?

What would he do?

Those questions shot through Naruto's mind as his stare off with Jiraiya continued.

"Naruto!" Naruto looked back to see his mother calling out towards him with Shizune besides her.

"What are you do-" Tsunade stopped mid sentence as she noticed Jiraiya in front of Naruto



-Inside Restaurant-

"Why are you here?" Tsunade asked, no, it was more of a demand judging from her tone of voice.

Jiraiya knew Tsunade wasn't happy to see him at all even though she hid it well.

No, his clue wasn't the fact that she was murdering him with her eyes right, nor the fact that she had a scowl on her face, nor was the fact that she wasn't drinking sake when it was available.

No, it wasn't obvious at all.

Ok, well maybe the fact that she was releasing enough killing intent to make the whole restaurant faint was a giant clue.

Thank god he had Menma go with Naruto and Shizune.

Jiraiya had two reasons for doing this, one to avoid facing Tsunade's wrath no matter how small the chance that he might get involved with his hot headedness, and the other was to befriend Naruto.

Perhaps he could use it to persuade Naruto back to Konohagakure.

"I want to bring Naruto back," Jiraiya said, in truth that wasn't his real reason but it seemed that he was going to need to negotiated some things with Tsunade judging by her demeanor right now, and generally when negotiating you need to ask for more so that when you bargain you can seem like you get less than you want.

But it appeared that it was the wrong thing to say, because as soon as he said that Tsunade grabbed him by the cuff of his clothes. "ARE YOU CRAZY!? WHY WOULD I LET NARUTO GO BACK TO THAT HELL!?"

Jiraiya winced at the volume of his former teammate's voice, normally a waiter or waitress would have come and told them to quiet down, but with the amount of killing intent Tsunade was releasing at the moment made them think a twice before coming close to her.

"What do you mean Tsunade-hime? Konohagakure is Naruto's home of course he should go back there." Jiraiya rebutted.

Tsunade's anger just increased as she heard this, "AS I SAID ARE YOU CRAZY!? WHY WOULD LE-"

"Tsunade! Whether you like it or not Konoha is where Naruto was born and he belongs there."

Tsunade made a bitter laugh as she to calm down a bit as she let go of Jiraiya's cloth, "Yes I admit Naruto was born in Konoha, but in no way is that place his home."

"But-" Jiraiya started but he was soon interrupted.

"Don't play dumb with me Jiraiya, a spymaster of your caliber should know what Naruto has been through in that place you claim as his home."

Jiraiya grimaced, he knew exactly Tsunade was talking about. "But Tsunade Naruto will be protected there!"

Again the bitter laugh of the blond woman reached Jiraiya's ears, "Protect? Are you kidding me! From what I know Konoha would rather kill him, that includes the shinobi portion too."

Jiraiya gritted his teeth, "But Sarutobi-sensei would protect Naruto!"

"Sarutobi-sensei? That's just one person! Yes Sarutobi-sensei is the Kami no Shinobi (God of Ninja) but he is only one person, he cannot protect Naruto by himself! Hell Orochimaru did more good to Naruto than all of Konoha!"

"Orochimaru!?" Jiraiya gasped, not that he should've been surprised, after all from the rumors of the battle between the Slug and Snake Sannin he should've known Orochimaru was involved.

"Yes, that Orochimaru," Tsunade said as she practically spat out the Konoha traitor's name, "He experimented with Naruto with Kekkai Genkai yes, but he at least taught Naruto how to defend himself and to take care of himself!"


Jiraiya slammed his hands onto the table in rage as he stood straight up, "HOW CAN YOU SAY SUCH A THING!?"

"How easily, he's far more for Naruto than you or anyone in Konoha have." That simple statement caused far more damage than anything else Tsunade said or anything that was thrown at him before, especially with the amount of venom Tsunade spat out along with it.

The worst thing about it? She was probably right.

"Either way I have to take Naruto back now that I know Orochimaru experimented with him." Jiraiya spoke resolutely as he stared straight at Tsunade's eyes.

Tsunade didn't say anything, all she did was take the cup of sake that she ordered but never drank into her hand before she gulped it down in one shot and slammed it on the table as she too stood up, "Then you'll have to go through me."

-With Naruto Earlier-

"Hello! My name is Menma!" The said blond haired boy said as he extended his hand towards Naruto.

Naruto just stared at him, but after a moment or two Naruto extended his hand, "I'm Naruto." He said softly.

Shizune was by the side watching the two young boys. She felt as if she shouldn't interfere with the interaction between them, as if it was wrong. But she was immensely curious as to what Menma's connection to Naruto was.

They were just too similar not to be related.

"So…um why do you look like me?" Menma asked trying to break up the awkward silence.

Naruto in response just shrugged his shoulder in a "I don't know" manner, as he discreetly looked at Menma trying to figure out how a person could be so unnatural.

"Hey, who is Tsunade-sama to you?" Menma asked as he suddenly remembered wondering why this boy the same age as him was traveling with a Sannin like him.

Naruto seemed to hesitate for a moment before he finally answered, "She's my adoptive mother."

"Oh…" Menma said as an even more intense silence settled in. Suddenly his face lit up, "Hey! Do want to spar?"

Seeing Naruto's confused face, Menma decided to clarify "You travel with Tsunade-sama, you must be strong."

Naruto seemed to think about it for a moment or two before he finally said, "Yes."

Naruto despite himself knowing he shouldn't, he still wanted to find out who was stronger, after all judging from the Menma's appearance he must have been trained by Jiraiya, just like how Tsunade and Orochimaru trained him.

Besides Shizune didn't seem to object and luckily for them it was night time already and there was hardly any people out in the wide street lined with buildings.

Both of them walked to about ten meters apart as they faced each other and went into their fighting stance.


A small explosion occurred at the restaurant that both Jiraiya and Tsunade went into, drawing the attention of the two shinobis and single kunoichi.

Out of the small smoke cloud that the explosion made jumped out Tsunade and Jiraiya.

"Kaa-chan! /Jiraiya-sensei!" Naruto and Menma both called out respectively at their loved ones.

Both Jiraiya and Tsunade noticed their charge and jumped to them in a protective manner.

"Naruto come here!" Jiraiya called out, "I'll make sure to take you home back to Konoha and protect you!"

It wasn't Naruto that answered but Tsunade instead, "ARE INSANE THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL I'LL LET YOU TAKE NARUTO AWAY FROM ME!"

"Then you leave me no choice!" Jiraiya called out as he made a blue ball of spinning chakra.

Tsunade narrowed her eyes at the jutsu, even though she had never actually seen it she had heard of many stories about it. "Rasengan."

Suddenly Naruto moved next to Tsunade with his two wrist blades out.

"Naruto what are you doing!?" Tsunade cried out. "Run away with Shizune, I'll meet up with you later!"

Tsunade held no illusion that after years of inactivity as a kunoichi her skills were going to rusty and she held no notion that she could beat Jiraiya. But she could stall Jiraiya so that Shizune and Naruto escaped, after that she could also escape.

But instead of obeying his mother Naruto just glared at the Toad Sannin, "I can't kaa-chan, you're an important person to me. I. Will. Not. Abandon. You."

Tsunade's eyes widened as she heard those words, it reminded her so much of Dan and Nawaki. No matter the odds they wouldn't abandon their important people, it may not be exactly the way Dan or Nawaki said, but the intent was the same.

Jiraiya bit the inside of his mouth in frustration, his enhanced hearing as a shinobi had allowed him to pick up what Naruto just said. It was what Minato would've done.

Even the same way that Naruto was glaring at him was the way Minato would glare at his enemies while protecting his loved ones.

It tore Jiraiya's heart in two to be on the receiving end of that glare. Suddenly the thought of bringing Naruto back to a place that would only scorn made him hesitate

Up until now he had tried to think of Naruto as a stranger with Minato's blood…but now with such a resemblance with his genius student, Jiraiya just couldn't bare to do it.

'No! I can't waver now! This is so that I can get Naruto back to his home and make up for my past mistakes!' Jiraiya encouraged himself as he resolve once again strengthened.

"Menma get back or you might get hurt in the crossfire." Jiraiya ordered his young charge.

"But-" Menma started to protest however…

"No buts! This is serious Menma! This is a battle between two kage level shinobis, you can easily die if you get in the crossfire!" Jiraiya harshly berated Menma when he tried to protest.

"What about Naruto!?" Menma asked as he pointed to the said person.

Jiraiya inwardly winced, the thought of Naruto and Menma being siblings fresh in his mind. He regretted that he hadn't persevered because if he did, Menma and Naruto would've grown up together like the brother they were supposed to be. "Don't worry Menma, I won't let Naruto get hurt."

Menma's eyes widened as he heard his sensei Jiriaya say those words. Because it was said with a certain kind of fondness that he only used when he was talking about his greatest student, Namikaze Minato.

Menma was certain that Naruto was somehow related to the Yondaime Hokage now. He just didn't know how. Despite his curiosity, Menma held his tongue as he started to run away from the battle knowing that he stood no chance.

When Jiraiya saw that Menma had run far enough from the battle from the corner of his eye, his leg muscles tensed and soon he had jumped high into the air with his Rasengan in hand.

Naruto and Tsunade who saw this naturally leapt out of the way as the chakra sphere made contact with the earth, causing a large explosion as it made a large hole in the ground but that was soon covered up by the dust clouds made by the attack.

Naruto and Tsunade who were on opposite sides of the brown cloud, having jumped to the opposite side to dodge the blow. Both of them tensed and waited for the white haired shinobi to come out, it was too dangerous for them to recklessly charge into it against someone of Jiraiya's caliber

Naruto quickly activated his sharingan; he knew that he could not hold back against a Sannin, even if he was fighting him with the help of another Sannin.

Then it happened, two shadows burst out of the cloud, two identical figure of the Toad Sage.

Naruto narrowed his eyes as he readied himself, he knew that at least one of them was a clone. After all he was under the tutelage of Orochimaru, and Orochimaru was a person who believed in strength gained from experience. The snake Sannin had set up many exercises for Naruto to gain experience some of which pitted Naruto against clone users sometimes Orochimaru himself.

In truth both of them were clones Jiraiya had created. No matter what kind of prodigy Naruto was, no nine year old could stand against one of his clones much less two.

While the original Jiraiya would go against Tsunade, his two clones would knock him out and bring him far away enough so that Jiraiya could retreat from Tsunade.

The first Jiraiya clone reared his fist back and brought forward with a large amount of force as he punched Naruto, who in the nick of time brought his two wrist blades up in a X like fashion to block the blow.

"Urk!" Naruto gritted his teeth as he glared at the clone with his sharingan eyes. That was the clone's crucial mistake as he stared into Naruto enchanting red eyes that led him to be caught in genjutsu.

The clone of course soon broke out of it, but the second that the clone took to break out of the genjutsu was all Naruto needed as he stabbed one of his wrist blades into the clone's stomach resulting in dispelling it.

Naruto's eyes widened as he suddenly felt a kick to his left rib from behind resulting him in flying through the air due to the strength of the kick.

Glaring at the clone that had surprised Naruto flipped in midair and landed onto his feet, but winced as he felt a throbbing pain in where he was kicked.

Out of the corner of his eyes he saw Jiraiya and Tsunade engaged in combat.

Jiraiya who had seen Naruto's sharingan eyes thanks to the influx of information from his newly dispelled clone had widened his eyes but quickly put it under control as he continued to fight Tsunade.

Jiraiya had arrived at the conclusion that Orochimaru must have experimented on Naruto with the Uchiha Clan's bloodline.

But he schooled his surprise and continued his battle with Tsunade resolving to find out more about the subject after his fight.

Naruto glared as his hand sped through a series of hand seals.

"Katon: Great Fireball Jutsu!"

Inhaling a large amount of oxygen necessary for the jutsu, Naruto unleashed a fire twice his size at the elder male Sannin.

However to Naruto's surprise the Jiraiya clone also started running threw hand seals at a very fast pace that was undoubtly faster than Naruto's hand and slammed his hand onto the ground.

"Doton: Great Earth Upheaval!"

The ground before the clone cracked as noticeable cracks formed four large squares each having sides greater than two meters. With a loud sound and shaking of the ground, the four pieces of squares were launches form the ground revealing that they were actually perfectly shaped cubes as well as the holes in the ground.

Naruto's fireball stood no chance as the four pieces of rock were no doubt larger than his fireball and only one of them was destroyed by Naruto's jutsu before it was extinguished, this still left three rocks coming at Naruto.

Naruto knew that he did not have any time to weave any more hand seals for a jutsu big enough to strike down those rocks nor did he have the arm strength necessary to slice through the rock cubes.

And so Naruto ran straight towards the rocks and just moments before colliding he jumped up and used one of the rock cubes as a jumping allowing him to jump higher than he normally could, heading straight towards the Jiraiya clone with his wrist blades out.

Sharingan blazing Naruto made the first move with a slash towards the Sannin and so they began their taijutsu battle, well taijutsu for Jiraiya and gentaijutsu for Naruto.

But as they kept on clashing and clashing, it was soon evident that the Jiraiya clone held the upper hand.

Naruto cursed in his head. Orochimaru was no doubt faster and struck with more finesse than Jiraiya and the snake Sannin's greater chakra control allowed little opportunity for Naruto to cast genjutsu on him unlike Jiraiya who was more susceptible. It was only thanks to Naruto's sharingan and gentaijutsu that allowed Naruto to even land a single hit, so logically, Orochimaru should have been the harder opponent.

He was not.

Jiraiya though he did not possess Orochimaru's finesse and he had far greater strength behind his blows which made Naruto's hand numb. And while Jiriaya was susceptible to genjutsu more, it was not by much and this was also a moment that Naruto noticed another weakness to his gentaijutsu fighting style.

His genjutsu had little variety and changed the perceptions only a little bit in which a strong opponent like Naruto could exploit the small weakness made, however Jiriaya was far too strong and Naruto's genjutsu didn't alter his perception great enough to allow an opening for him to exploit.

Hell, Naruto suspected the only reason he was able to land a hit on Orochimaru was because he was toying with him, that or sheer luck.

Naruto was now doing his best to dodge every one of Jiraiya's blows now that he had exhausted most of his strength blocking his blows, Naruto knew he wouldn't last long, with no other choice Naruto decided to end it with one jutsu, sure it might cost him a large amount of chakra but it was better than losing.

Adding more chakra to his eyes, Naruto activated his EMS.

"GAH!" Naruto cried out as he felt Jiraiya's fist embedded itself into his stomach, but that was on purpose. With a smirk Naruto grabbed onto Jiraiya's clone's arm as he glared at Jiraiya with his EMS.


Without warning black flames appeared on Jiraiya's clone's face as Naruto let go of the clones arms to catch his breathe. Despite being on prupose and reinforcing his stomach with chakra that punch still did a large amount of damage to Naruto's adolescent body.

Naruto started to cough as Jiraiya's clone began to roll on the ground trying to put out the fire, Naruto turned away intent on helping his mother however just as he turned around a kick connected to his side.

"GAH!" The force must have broken a rib or two, but Naruto didn't care as he turned around and stabbed the clone that had somehow miraculously got up in the stomach making it disappear.

Falling onto his knees, Naruto hunched over with his hands keeping him from the ground as he spat out blood, obviously from the damage from the kick.

"NARUTO GET OUT OF THE WAY!" Naruto head jerked up towards his mother desperate voice of warning, however all he saw was a dark grey color with a black v-shaped line.

Not a second later a loud hard sound could be heard as Jiraiya's kick connected with Naruto's head.

Naturally although Jiraiya was only trying to knock Naruto out as soon as possible as soon as he received the information that Naruto had the MS –Naturally Jiraiya didn't know that Naruto had the EMS, as far as he was aware there was only the MS stage after the regular three tomoe sharingan- and so with as much speed as he could muster he ran towards Naruto unless he wanted Naruto to cause some large scaled damage accidently.

Unfortunately his kicked had too much power as it sent Naruto crashing into a building. Jiraiya looked in horror at the crash, as he had not intended to do that. However Naruto's blood curdling scream that came afterwards positively chilled his blood to sub zero degrees.

Naruto was on the ground writhing in pain on the ground with his hands over his left eyes, blood could be seen leaking through the openings between Naruto's finger as he continued to writhe still screaming.

Jiraiya could only freeze at what he had done.

Walking through the streets of Konoha again felt strange to Naruto. Not once had anyone glared at him or muttered about Naruto, not a single derogatory word. In fact the citizens of Konoha smiled at him once in awhile instead. It was far cry from what Naruto was used to at the hidden village of Hi no Kuni.

Perhaps it was because of the lost of his most distinctive trait that sold him out as the false jinchuuriki of Konoha, Uzumaki Naruto. To them right now he just looked like another long blond haired boy who had injured the left side of his face as hinted by the bandage around Naruto's left eye.

Naruto unconsciously touched his bandaged left eye as he walked through the streets. His left eye was still in recovery after all it was only a day since he had awakened and it was only an hour ago that he was allowed out of the hospital by his mother.

Thinking back, Naruto thought again of how he ended in Konoha after he passed out from the shock of having his left eye pierced by the wood when he crashed into building courtesy of the Jiraiya's blow.

It was one among the other things that was added to Naruto's list of reason to kill or at least main Jiraiya in the future. Naruto held no illusions that he was too weak to do that at the moment being only nine and all.

But back to the main point, apparently he would have never been able to use his left eye again, which meant that his Tsukuyomi and Susanoo technique would have been locked away. It was a prospect that honestly scared Naruto, those two techniques along with his Amaterasu were his trump cards in battle without them Naruto wasn't quite sure he could even afford to distract shinobi of Orochimaru's caliber, hell a majority of other skilled shinobis were an even greater risk. It was also at that moment Naruto understood how much he relied on his eyes.

That was why Naruto understood why Tsunade, his mother, accepted Jiraiya's offer, but not before beating him within an inch of his life though.

The deal was simple, in exchange for being able to use Konoha's medical facilities and provided a sharingan to implant for Naruto's lost left eye, which just so happened to be caused by Konoha, Tsunade would have to stay and take an apprentice until she is promoted to Chunin.

But of course that simple request came with strings.

One Naruto wasn't' allowed to walk past the walls surrounding Konoha. At first it wasn't exactly phrased that way but after much arguing Tsunade had managed to negotiated to that exact phrase. Naruto wasn't sure why but he knew his mother made that way for a specific purpose.

The second was that Tsunade's apprentice must be in a team despite being her apprentice. Naruto suspected that this was done to make sure the apprentice had an anchor to the village to ensure that he would never betray or go rogue.

The second was that Tsunade would never leave whenever her apprentice would for a village outside of Konoha.

Third was that Tsunade may only leave when her apprentice became a Chunin.

And fourth while Tsunade was in Konoha, she was to upgrade the Medic Shinobi program.

Naruto realized that Konoha held no illusion that if Tsunade wanted she would be able t leave whenever she wanted to, even if she had to use force.

But that was why they made it such a deal, in order to ensure that Tsunade would stay in Konoha and letting her leave after the task was completed to give her a sense of need to do whatever she needed to the best of her ability as to well to some degree of freedom.

While Tsunade was in Konoha, they were going to milk it for all it was worth.

But this brought another question.

Who was this person that Tsunade had to apprentice?

He obviously had to be special. Maybe someone who was a genius? A prodigy?

If Naruto was truthful, he would admit that the prospect of forcing his mother to apprentice someone irked him a lot, but when Tsunade told him this she didn't seem to annoyed but rather...anxious?

Something was up and Naruto knew it, but the question was what.

Naruto once again touched his bandaged left eye but this time he consciously did so.

Uchiha Shisui

The name of the man who used to own his current left eye, Shisui was considered a shinobi on the same caliber as Itachi and the Uchiha clan's greatest genjutsu user.

It piqued Naruto's interest as to why Konoha would give him this eye. Maybe because they thought he couldn't use it, or maybe it was because Shisui's left eye was the only sharingan available to transplant.

But this raised another question what happened to the other eyes of the members of the dead Uchiha clan? The Uchiha Massacre was no great secret after all, but no one knew what happened to the member's eyes.

With a sigh Naruto kept walking ignoring the occasional smiled, it annoyed him to no end that these pleasant looking people were the ones who scorned him years ago. Frankly Naruto found it disgusting how they had treated him like a blotch on the proud land of Konoha and treat others so differently.

Idly Naruto kept walking and without realizing it Naruto had walked to a relatively secluded area behind some sort of building, right in front of a girl training with kunais.

Kunais that were currently heading towards him, and judging by the look of horror on the girl's face it wasn't on purpose, just a coincidence where Naruto unconsciously walked into the line of fire.

Aside from the two buns of hair that made her resemble a panda, Tenten just looked like the average orphan, an average orphan with an ambitious dream or goal that is.

Tenten wanted to become a legendary kunoichi like her idol, Senju Tsunade, and prove to the world that kunoichis could be just as strong as shinobis.

Hence why she was training at this very moment, but being only a ten year old academy student there was very little Tenten could do except hone what skills she already had.

From what Tenten knew of herself she no special abilities that would distinguish her form her peers, but she had dedication. Tenten also knew that she had near perfect hand eye coordination that made her quite lethal as a long-range specialist. But Tenten wasn't satisfied with just that, she wanted to be more than that, but for now she would hone her abilities to the greatest of her abilities.

Her dedication must have shown, because a week ago she was asked for by the hokage himself! The hokage called for her: an ordinary orphan!

Said hokage had arranged for her to be apprenticed by someone, her Tenten a no-named civilian who was just an academy student was important enough for the hokage to arrange to be someone's apprentice. A someone that the hokage reassured her that she would not disappoint, in fact the hokage had a small smiled as he said "This someone will be someone beyond your expectations by at least a mile."

Those words made Tenten feel small, oh so very small. Somewhere in her heart Tenten was afraid that she might disappoint her future master causing him to ditch her and not take her as an apprentice.

That was why Tenten resolved to train enough to impress her future master. The first thing Tenten wanted to master or at least improve enough to impress was her throwing skills.

Well that was all she could do, she didn't have access to any scrolls that would teach her ninjutsu.

Currently she was training in the training ground behind the shinobi academy building practicing with kunais and shurikens, but her shock and horror just as she threw three kunais at the target a blond hair boy who seemed to be younger than her walked right into the line of fire.

However to her shock and relief, the blond boy had caught all of the kunais by their tips with one hand in a flash.

They stared awkwardly at each other, both of them scrutinizing each other.

Finally Tenten spoke, "Sorry about that, you see I was training and I thought no one would be here since there was no school today." She said as she walked towards the blond haired boy. "My name's Tenten by the way."

The blond boy continued to stare at the slightly taller girl for a little bit longer, "No, it was my fault I wasn't paying attention to where I was going."

"Ahahaha…I guess we're both at fault. So what's your name?" Tenten asked, as she chuckled a bit.

"…Naruto, my name is Naruto." Naruto said as he handed the kunais back to the girl in the blue Chinese blouse and pants.

Tenten accepted her weapons as she placed them back into her pouch, "So why are you here, are you an academy student?"

Naruto hesitated a bit before replying, "No, but you could say I'm visiting."

"Visiting huh?" Tenten said rhetorically as she placed a hand on her chin.

A few more awkward silence seconds passed before Naruto started to talk, "So you're training right?"

Tenten nodded.

"Why?" Naruto asked genuinely curious. From what he had seen, no one was here training for the day and judging from that Tenten wasn't training because she had to but because she wanted to, and for quite a while judging by her dirty and ragged appearance.

Tenten gave a hearty smile, "I want to impress my future master! You see Lord Hokage has arranged for someone to apprentice me! But I don't have any noteworthy skills so I'm training to improve myself to impress my future master!"

Naruto raised an eyebrow at that. 'Could she be the one mother is going to take as an apprentice? She doesn't look special…' "Tenten-san, so what are you good at?"

"Ah…well I know the basic academy style taijutsu, I've mastered the transformation and body replacement technique, I know the leaf sticking chakra exercise…that's about it but the only thing special about me is that have superior hand eye coordination I guess." Tenten listed as she used her fingers to count.

Naruto wasn't impressed but he didn't let it show of course.

"Hehehe I guess you don't know much about it since you're not an academy student." Tenten's finger scratched her cheek as she said that, embarrassed that she was talking about something that someone besides an academy student should not know and not to mention the fact that Naruto was probably younger than her.

Naruto felt indignant at what Tenten said, sure he knew that the kunoichi in training before him probably didn't have a single hint that he was more than a match for most chunins and many jounins with his EMS but that still didn't help with the indignant feelings inside of the blond boy.

"I may not look like it but I'm stronger than most chunins." Tenten looked shock for a second before her shocked look was replaced with an understanding look.

"Sure sure…" Tenten said trying to appease the boy before her as she tried to pat him on the head but to her shock the boy had grabbed her wrist with a speed too fast for her eyes to follow.

"Then let's spar and see if I'm lying." Naruto evenly said as he stared right into Tenten's eyes.

Tenten who at first thought to write it off as a spur of the moment thing the 'kid' in front of her said but the moment she stared into Naruto's eyes all words of protest stopped. She didn't know why but she felt compelled to listen to Naruto. "Alright fine have it your way."

Naruto nodded as and walked a few meters away after Tenten agreed to the spar after he released her wrist of course.

"Ready…" Naruto started to speak as Tenten moved into a stance while he himself just stood there with his arms crossed, "set go!"

Not wasting a minute Tenten rushed towards Naruto aiming for a punch to the stomach, however Naruto just unfolded his arms and used his left arm to grab Tenten's fist.

'What strength! Despite it not being my strongest punch Naruto just grabbed it like it was nothing despite being smaller and younger than me!' Unknown to Tenten, Naruto was using his chakra to strengthen his arm to be able to muster enough strength to grip Tenten's hand like it was at the moment. Sure his body was currently stronger than nine year olds but he was still a nine year old.

'I know that I have above average strength at least equivalent to that of some average teenagers but this girl's strength is even stronger than mine…perhaps she is a bit special after all.'

"What's wrong? At this level of skill you won't be able to impress your future master." As Naruto expected, his comment had gotten a rise out of Tenten as she gritted her teeth and launched a side kick from her left side, the same side that her arm was currently immobilized by Naruto's right hand.

Naruto let go of Tenten's fist and used the back of his arm to block the kick with no apparent effort on his part. Tenten who saw this took this chance to jump back and observe Naruto.

"What's wrong? Are you going to give up?" Naruto taunted one more time seeing Tenten stop attacking him for the past thirty seconds. Tenten gritted her teeth at the obvious provocation but still she didn't do anything.

Finally Tenten took out three kunais and threw one at Naruto. Naruto of course was unimpressed and just grabbed the kunai by the handle right before it hit him. Tenten who saw this narrowed her eyes even further as she threw the other two kunais to which Naruto easily used the kunai he grabbed to block the two coming at him.

Tenten took this time to charge towards Naruto while going through handseals.

Naruto threw the kunai in his hand right at Tenten's face; Tenten who was surprised at the speed of the object barely moved her head in time to dodge the sharp projectile only to see Naruto's face right in front of her.

"Guah!" Naruto's right fisted had embedded itself into Tenten's stomach causing her to spit out saliva due to the unexpected attack.


'Tenten' was enveloped with a puff of smoke before it was quickly cleared revealing that Tenten has used the substitution technique.

"Hyahhhh!" Turning his head slightly Naruto raised his arm to block the kick horizontal kick from behind him.

Tenten who was still in midair stood no chance as Naruto twisted one-eighty degrees and this time successfully knock the wind out of Tenten's lungs with a punch to the stomach. "Words of advice when trying to attack someone from behind, don't shout."

"Hey Tenten-san do you have a dream?" Naruto asked out of the blue, or rather out of the red since he and Tenten were sitting on the trees of academy staring at the red-lit sky.

"Hmm what do you mean Naruto-san?" Tenten asked. After the spar they had trained together for some more, or rather Naruto gave some pointers to her after he proved he wasn't lying about being strong or at least stronger than her: Tenten of course apologized for not believing him.

Naruto who wasn't even looking at Tenten had a contemplative look in his face when he answered, "Why do you want to train to impress you master? Is it so that she will teach you to be strong? And if so for what reason?"

Tenten looked at Naruto for a second before turning her head to stare at the red horizon contemplatively. "...for as long as I could remember I was alone. All the other kids at the orphanage were also like me but at the same time they were not. Then I heard of Tsunade of the Legendary Sannin, I was mesmerized and I realized at the moment I wanted to be just like her, a strong kunoichi. But when I said me dream the other kids just laughed at me and called me a nameless orphan, never acknowledging my dream. I guess I just want to prove them wrong. Haha...It really is quite childish don't you think?"

"I don't think it's that childish Tenten-san, it's in human nature to want to be acknowledged." Naruto said thinking back during his day in Konoha playing pranks just to get attention. "Well I used to have a dream that would make people acknowledge me...but I gave up on that dream because of some things out of my control I can no longer achieve that dream. So don't give up on your dream okay Tenten-san."

Tenten just observed Naruto. She knew that he wasn't regular nine year old, but he had a distant and haunted look in his eyes that she had seen in some of the village's shinobi, the sadness that every shinobi had within their gaze. "Yeah I won't Naruto-san." Tenten said as she gave a toothy grin at Naruto.

"Well I should be going now. I hope to see you again in the future." with that said Naruto made a ram seal and disappeared with a shunshin.

Naruto appeared in a puff of smoke in the middle of the streets of Konoha surprisingly some of the people while attracting a few stares. It didn't really bother Naruto much as long as he didn't do anything suspicious nothing would happen to him.

He already knew that there were ANBUs tailing him, after all someone had to look after him and with what Orochimaru did to him the Sandaime Hokage wanted to make sure Naruto wasn't a threat or run away.

With a sigh Naruto continued to walk the streets however before he could even walk ten steps someone blocked his way, or rather two children his age blocked his way.

He recognized them from his days at the shinobi academy, the top student of his class Uchiha Sasuke and Uchiha Setsuna, Sasuke's one year older sister.

Naruto recognized them although he wasn't sure if they recognized him, probably not since he had change so much.

"Do you two need something?" Naruto asked not particularly caring. If he remembered correctly from what Orochimaru told him, apparently the sibling's older brother, the prodigy of the Uchiha Clan, Uchiha Itachi had massacred the clan leaving the two as their only survivor and rumor had that Itachi had even used genjutsu to torture Sasuke who had stumbled on the red-eyed murderer and chased him unlike Setsuna who had been blissfully knocked unconscious.

"Fight me." Sasuke said out of the blue.

"What..." Without waiting Sasuke charged at Naruto with what Naruto recognized as the Uchiha style taijutsu. "Why are you fighting with me?" Naruto asked as he calmly dodged all of Sasuke's attack infuriating him.

"Because I have to get stronger to fulfill my ambition to kill THAT man! I'm not getting stronger fast enough, at this age that man was already a chunin! I'm not even a genin yet I suddenly see you use a chunin technique!" Sasuke gritted out in fury as punch after punch missed the blond before him. "You're obviously strong! If I can defeat you it means that I'm not that far from that man!"

Naruto had to sigh he had seen the look in Sasuke's eyes before in the eyes of some of the shinobis of Otogakure. The drive for vengeance. 'Those people everything to fulfill their revenge even, selling their soul to the devil.' Naruto thought.

He wasn't amused and he wasn't interested in testing him like he did with Tenten. Gathering chakra into legs Naruto twisted his body around Sasuke overstretched right handed punch and used the momentum from his spin to perform and chop to Sasuke's neck knocking him out cold.

"So are you looking for a fight too?" Naruto asked Setsuna who was approaching him.

It didn't surprise him much when she said "No" and picked up Sasuke's limp form from the ground. "Sorry about this, it's just that whenever he sees someone who is around his age but stronger than him he picks a fight to prove that he isn't weak."

Naruto just shrugged as he watched Setsuna sling Sasuke's arm around her neck and turned around but made a sudden stop in her turn. "Hey, have you eaten yet?"

"Sorry about your brother, I forgot to regulate my strength and when I chopped his neck I did with the same strength that would knock out an adult." Naruto apologized as he ate the homecooked meal that Setsuna had prepared.

It wasn't as awkward as Naruto thought it would, Sasuke didn't wake up so that was a plus, but the silence was quite unbearable.

Naruto briefly wondered why he accepted, oh yeah his stomach grumbled in hunger.

"It's fine. It may be a good lesson for him you know?" Setsuna replied while she ate with a grace that Naruto doubted he would ever have. "He hasn't been the same since Itachi placed him under a genjutsu always talking about revenge and the like."

Naruto raised his eyebrow. "Forgive me for asking this question as it is quite personal, but don't you want revenge for what Itachi did to your clan?"

"It's fine, I'm not like Sasuke and I'm a realist. Me and Sasuke could never compare to Itachi. He is the greatest genius that the plan produce since Uchiha Madara after all." Setsuna replied with a sad smile. "Don't get me wrong its not that I'm saying I won't kill Itachi if I could, it's just that the chances are so small. Although I am only a year older than Sasuke I know much more about Itachi's strength than Sasuke ever did.

"Then what's your dream?"

"Excuse me?"

"From what you said, you don't lust after revenge for what Itachi did and you seem to know your own limits and doubt you can accomplish much from your own strength. So what pushes you to move forward?"

Setsuna unlike Tenten answered almost immediately. "My dream is nothing big, I just want to protect Sasuke...and I want to find a good and loving husband and have two children and live a happy life. Hahaha...sorry compared to the dreams of other people mine must be really boring."

In response Naruto just shook his head negatively. "No it's a boring dream at all, in facts it's really wonderful. Sometimes the simplest things are the best."

Setsuna let out a giggle, "You know that wasn't exactly what I was expecting but you thank you..."

"It's Naruto, just Naruto." Naruto said giving his name without a second thought.

"...then thank you Naruto-san." Setsuna said as she brought a piece of fish to her mouth but stopped and instead look closely at Naruto's face. "You know...you remind of Sasuke's classmate his...name was...Naruto, yeah his name was Uzumaki Naruto. You look alot like him you know that?"

Naruto inwardly cursed himself, but a sudden question piqued his interest. "I don't know any Uzumaki but I'm am curious about this Uzumaki Naruto. Tell me about him."

Setsuna stared at Naruto before inwardly shrugging, it wouldn't hurt to give information about the blond boy, after all he was no one important. "Well he's shorter than you and he's nine...He has hair like your only shorter with the bluest eyes you would ever see. Oh he had three whisker marks that made him very cute!" Setsuna giggled as she remembered about how she and her friends would talk about how cute and innocent looking Naruto was especially with the whisker marks.

Naruto had a faint blush on his cheek, never in his life had anyone called him cute. Well he was still a cute nine year old, but Naruto refused to think about it. Hoping that Setsuna wouldn't notice his slight blush, Naruto stuff some more food into his mouth hoping to hide it.

'Interesting, he's blushing. He's definitely knows Uzumaki-san but I wonder how? His feature are similar to Uzumaki-san but still too different.' Resolving to figure out the mystery later Setsuna continued talking. "But the thing is, the adults for some reason didn't like Uzumaki-san and that sentiment carried to most of the other children. It's strange and sad at the same time. Whenever I saw him, he was always alone but he always kept that cheerful smile on his face. I respect him now, before I didn't understand being alone but with my clan almost gone except my brother I feel as if I can relate a bit to how Uzumaki-san felt even if it's just a little and how much strength it took to smile so cheerfully like he did."

Naruto looked stun, someone said that she respected him even if she didn't know it. The sense of acknowledgement that he had always craved. Sure Tsunade and Shizune acknowledge him, but it was different not the one that he always wanted.

Naruto smiled. 'Thank you Uchiha Setsuna.'

The rest of the meal continued with small talk before the two of them finally finished. "Thank you." Naruto said as he gathered the dishes.

"Oh no, you're the guest let me clean up." Setsuna said.

"No, it's fine. I should-" Naruto started to say but stopped.

"You're the guess, I insist that you not do any work."

"Yes...-th-thank you Setsuna-san." Naruto gulped. Setsuna was like the perfect yamato nadeshiko, but the way she talked reminded Naruto of the way his mother talked to him when she was angry and wanted things to go her way.

Waiting for Setsuna to finish, Naruto started to produce a multitude of weapons using his Dead Bone Pulse bloodline. White kunais slimmer and more lethal, a kodachi, a small staff, knives, a tsurugi, amongst other things.

When Setsuna came finished washing and putting the dishes away she was quite surprised to find an assortment of pure white weapons laid neatly on the table. "What's all this?"

"It's a thank you." Naruto replied with a straight face.

Setsuna couldn't contain her surprise as she gasped. "All this for a free dinner!?"

"No, of course not." Naruto said which caused Setsuna to calm down. "I also giving you this scroll on how to handle the weapons, a scroll for some low ranked fire release techniques along with another scroll for low ranked genjutsus, and a scroll with training techniques such as tree walking, anyways thank you for the meal." Putting the described scrolls on the table Naruto stood up to leave.

Setsuna who was floored by Naruto's gracious gift regained her bearings as Naruto reached the doors. "Why are you giving such a gracious gift?"

Naruto paused as he gave a large grin, one that he hadn't given in a long time. "Compared to your words, this is a cheap. You have no idea how thankful I am to you at this moment."

With that said Naruto left, leaving a curious female Uchiha.

"Naruto watch carefully these are the signs for the kuchiyose no jutsu." Tsunade as she demonstrated the handseals for naruto to see.

It was the day after Naruto had the meeting with Tenten and Uchiha Setsuna of which Naruto informed Tsunade.

Naruto found out that Tenten indeed was the future apprentice Tsunade would have, but it was shocking to find out that she was actually a lost member of the Senju Clan, something Tsunade confirmed herself. What's more it was suspected that she may have the wood release bloodline.

Now Naruto understood why Tsunade would accept, it wasn't everyday a family member lost from your clan suddenly popped up.

What shocked Naruto more was that Tsunade said about Setsuna. Namely that she seemed to one of those one in a million decent Uchihas. Of course it was an exaggeration but Naruto learned that the Uchiha Clan wasn't exactly the most humble bunch. Naruto had to scoffed at that, he could already back in his pranking days within Konoha.

And as for the reason for showing Naruto the handseals for the kuchiyose no jutsu, well it was fairly simple. Tsunade knew that Naruto would try to escape and not meet the Sandaime Hokage who he felt betrayed him.

It was natural and Tsunade would have like to leave too, but had her last family member left in Konoha.

She did promise Naruto would not walk pass the surrounding walls, but that didn't mean he couldn't reverse summon himself, which was why Tsunade was going to teach Naruto the technique and let him sign with the slug summons. When there Naruto could be protected and safe while he learned from the slugs and if he so wished to, leave the Shikkotsu Forest and travel. Tsunade trusted Naruto to be strong enough to avoid Orochimaru and he could always reverse summon himself if he needed to.

"Okay...Boar, Dog, Bird, Monkey, Ram!" Naruto said as he went through the handseals and slapped his hand onto the floor like he saw his mother do many times before to summon a slug for whatever reason. "Kuchiyose no Jutsu!"

"What Naruto I haven't let you sign the Slug Contract...yet" But it was too late for Tsunade's yell.

Naruto disappeared in a poof of smoke.

Tsunade in response had only one word. "Sh*t"

Naruto gulped as he stared at the dozen of man sized birds that surrounded him almost immediately after the smoke disappeared. 'Well I guess this isn't the home of the slug summons.'

Popping his wrist blades out, Naruto activated his Sharingan and glared at the birds.

Without warning a torrent of wind nearly blasted Naruto off his feet forcing him to cover his eyes. When it died down Naruto tried to show fear to the large scarlet bird in front of him.

The bird stretched out to its full sizes spreading its two pairs of wings. "I am Suzaku, leader of the phoenix summons, how dare you trespass onto these holy lands human!"

"What are you talking about!? I just tried to use the kuchiyose no jutsu and it brought me here!" Naruto yelled out not liking how he was viewed as an intruder.

"Kuchiyose no jutsu you say..." Suzaku folded his wings back but even so his large figure still imposed fear in Naruto, not that hard considering he was about Gamabunta's size. "Tell me child, what is your name?"

"My name? It's Naruto, just Naruto." Naruto said still not letting his guard down.

The phoenix boss just stared at Naruto before he suddenly started to talk.

"A great disaster will befall the world and return it to it's once despairing sake before the time of the Rikudo Sennin,

The Juubi will live once more.

However all hope is not lost as the Rikudo Sennin's descendant will rise carrying the name of the storm.

Not of his eldest son, but not of his youngest either.

Yet the descendant will bear the mark of the eldest and the youngest,

unlocking the power that the Rikudo Sennin could not.

The savior bearing the name of the storm will appear and kill the Juubi."

Naruto just stared at Suzaku not exactly comprehending the what he had just heard.

"Naruto follow me, I will introduce you to Shuiro-sama and see if you are the one spoken of within the prophecy."

Author Note: I'm just waiting for the flames now for those of you who hate the fact that I forced Tsunade to stay in Konoha.

But in my opinion if Tsunade were given the offer to be able to restore Naruto's left eye and meet her last living relative, she would take it.

Plus only Konoha has sharingan and I'm pretty sure they stocked up on some of the eyes after the Uchiha died, or Danzo took them, or it could be that since Itachi and Tobi/Obito killed before they had the chance to activate their sharingan and fight back thus leading to the leaf having no excess sharingan. Or Tobi just gouged them out while he killed them.

And yes I know that Shisui gave Itachi his left eye but for the sake of this fanfic Konoha will have Shisui's left eye.

Also there will be a time skip after this, so Naruto's life with the phoenix won't be really explained well in detail.

And I just suddenly have an urge to have a female Sasuke but I didn't want to get rid of Sasuke so I made an OC sister for him. Speaking that I could probably make her Tenten's rival in the future.

Also I will be posting a Character Stat Sheet for the next chapter for the time skip so Naruto would be twelve along with the other Konoha 11 with the exception of Tenten, Rock Lee, Hyuuga Neji, and Uchiha Setsuna.