Character Stat Sheet

As the name implies this is where I will give the stats of the of the more important characters introduce. I will do this every once in awhile once there are sufficient characters to make it, just like I am doing with my other Naruto fanfic, Inheritor of Madara's Legacy.

I will also be using Iron Monkey Fist's (author of Potential Realised; read it, it's epic) version of the Character Stats with a few changes. Here's the excerpt from his page.

The data books would have believe that there are eight criterias by which a shinobi's prowess can be gauged: ninjutsu, taijutsu, genjutsu, intelligence, strength, speed, stamina and hand seals. The first are pretty much straightforward: ninjutsu refers to all branches of ninjutsu arts such as ninpou techniques, elemental techniques, fuuinjutsu and of course medical ninjutsu. Taijutsu refers to hand to hand combat, including kenjutsu and all other weapon-based techniques. You know how to goes from there. Now my problem lies with the last two: stamina and hand seals. See, if you go to the Naruto Wiki (I do not care it is a wiki and can be edited by anyone; it is extremely up to date and well maintained), under several characters they will show the stats given to them by Kishimoto. If you click on 'stamina' and 'hand seals', the former will redirect you to chakra, which makes sense as chakra is stamina, more or less, and the later to the page of all hand seals, in which the first sentence it talks about chakra control. I find this really vague and annoying and have therefore changed the gauging system in my stories, which goes as follows: ninjutsu, taijutsu, bukijutsu, genjutsu, intelligence, strength, speed, stamina, chakra and chakra control.

This is a more clearer approach. Bukijutsu refers to the use of weapons techniques; this can mean both swords and other common melee weapons in the Naruto world, and other weapons such as the Aburame Clan's insects techniques, the Inuzuka Clan's ninken and so on. Why have I added this? Simple. Taijutsu refers to hand-to-hand combat, that's clear enough. However, it is very much so possible a shinobi would be crap at hand-to-hand, but excellent at using weapons, i.e. Kankurou. He uses puppets as weapons, and does a great job at it, but he would most likely be worth next to nothing without them. The same would likely apply to Temari and Tenten, both whom are weapon experts and likely would not be much of a threat without their weapons. As for the last three changes: though chakra can be converted to stamina, it is not necessarily needed to have stamina in the first place. Look at Lee, yes, he can use chakra through the eight gates, but on the face of it, he can't have that much chakra, can he? Yet, he is one of the toughest characters out there and regularly takes on incredibly tough opponents, who do have access to their chakra and usually have a lot of it (Kisame), and other crazy activities like running 500 laps around Konoha. Rock Lee and several other non-chakra using characters in the series (usually non-shinobi) prove that chakra and stamina are not synonymous. Lastly in my system, 'chakra control', is pretty simple: how ept is a character and controlling their chakra and fine tuning it to specific purposes? The average shinobi/warrior will score around 2.5-3.5 on the chakra control scale; those who are medical ninjutsu users and kinjutsu users will have to have a higher control, ranging from 3.5-4. In most cases, if a character has a high intelligence, chakra control is also likely to be high: e.g. Sakura.

Having explained that, the 'chakra' I use in my system refers to the amount of chakra someone has:

Chakra Index

0-1: academy students

1-2: genin, chuunin

2-3: elite chuunin, tokubetsu jounin

3-4: elite jounin, ANBU

4-5: Kage, jinchuuriki

This is the index for overall skill.

Overall Skill Index

0-10: academy students, rounin and most non-shinobi fodder. They are weak individually, but may pose a threat in the dozens.

10-15: genin with average skill sets will be in this category.

15-20: talented genin with a lot of potential, usually with some mission experience.

20-25: chuunin who are well-versed in most of basic shinobi combat.

25-30: elite chuunin and tokubetsu jounin will fit in this category; they will have specific skills sets that aren't necessarily for the battlefield, e.g. interrogation techniques.

30-35: jounin and ANBU; they are well-versed in combat, experienced and knowledgeable. They are dangerous individuals you should not trifle with: e.g. Akimichi Chouza (Ninjutsu: 4.5 Taijutsu: 5 Bukijutsu: 4 Genjutsu: 2.5 Intelligence: 2.5 Strength: 5 Speed: 2 Stamina: 3.5 Chakra: 4 Chakra Control: 3.5 Total: 36.5)

35-40: elite jounin and Kage-level shinobi, e.g. Kakashi (Ninjutsu: 5 Taijutsu: 4 Bukijutsu: 3.5 Genjutsu: 4 Intelligence: 4.5 Strength: 3.5 Speed: 3.5 Stamina: 3 Chakra: 3.5 Chakra Control: 4.5 Total: 39)

40-45: Kage level, e.g. Jiraiya ( Ninjutsu: 5 Taijutsu: 4.5 Bukijutsu: 3 Genjutsu: 3.5 Intelligence: 4.5 Strength: 4.5 Speed: 4 Stamina: 5 Chakra: 5 Chakra Control: 4 Total: 43)

45-50: Run, e.g. Namikaze Minato (Ninjutsu: 5 Taijutsu: 5 Bukijutsu: 4.5 Genjutsu: 4.5 Intelligence: 5 Strength: 4.5 Speed: 5 Stamina: 5 Chakra: 4 Chakra Control: 4.5 Total: 47)

Everyone is free to use this system if they so choose - I doubt I'm the only one that used something like anyway.

Template: Ninjutsu: 0 Taijutsu: 0 Bukijutsu: 0 Genjutsu: 0 Intelligence: 0 Strength: 0 Speed: 0 Stamina: 0 Chakra: 0 Chakra Control: 0 Total: 0

I will using this system except for one change...well can't really call it a change since it hasn't been done before and theoretically it's possible. Character can score past five, but in order to do so they must be super exceptional (Example a 6 in strength and chakra control for Tsunade.)

Also there will be a different set of stats for character and super modes, such as sage mode or in my story Susano'o armored Naruto. When characters get stronger their stats will also be updated.

And now without further ado:

Naruto (Age 12):

Ninjutsu: 3

Taijutsu: 3.5

Bukijutsu: 3

Genjutsu: 3.5

Intelligence: 3

Strength: 3

Speed: 4

Stamina: 3.5

Chakra: 4

Chakra Control: 3

Total: 33.5

Notes/Thoughts: I'm worried that I may have overpowered Naruto a bit too much. Originally by Iron Monkey Fist's classification Naruto would have been at a special jonin level with his first adjusted stat, but I changed my mind as Naruto needed to be at least jonin level hence the current results.

Senju Tenten (Age 13):

Ninjutsu: 3

Taijutsu: 2.5

Bukijutsu: 2

Genjutsu: 1.5

Intelligence: 2.5

Strength: 2.5

Speed: 3

Stamina: 2

Chakra: 3

Chakra Control: 3.5

Total: 25.5

Notes/Thoughts: Unlike Canon Tenten who focused on weapons, my Tenten would primary be a ninjutsu master with taijutsu thanks to being on Gai's team not to mention Tsunade's own tutoring. And she knows the importance of not using her mokuton since it will bring great infamy onto her name.

Uchiha Setsuna (Age 13):

Ninjutsu: 2

Taijutsu: 2

Bukijutsu: 3

Genjutsu: 2.5

Intelligence: 2.5

Strength: 2.5

Speed: 3

Stamina: 2.5

Chakra: 2.5

Chakra Control: 3

Total: 25.5

Notes/Thoughts: Well Setsuna will be bit more like Itachi in her stamina and chakra levels compared to Sasuke. She isn't a ninjutsu specialist but prefers bukijutsu with the weapons Naruto crafted for her (I'm thinking of her learning sword techniques like Negima's Setsuna thanks to a review). She is a more balanced type of kunoichi again like Itachi except for her bukijutsu.

Uchiha Sasuke (Age 12):

Ninjutsu: 2.5

Taijutsu: 2.5

Bukijutsu: 2.5

Genjutsu: 1.5

Intelligence: 2

Strength: 2

Speed: 3

Stamina: 2

Chakra: 3

Chakra Control: 2.5

Total: 23.5

Notes/Thoughts: Not much difference except he will be a bit stronger thanks to sparring with his sister. He will love his sister and make sure she isn't harmed but he places revenge first but not enough that he would kill or harm her.

Uzumaki (Namikaze) Menma (Age 12):

Ninjutsu: 3

Taijutsu: 2.5

Bukijutsu: 1.5

Genjutsu: 1.5

Intelligence: 2.5

Strength: 2.5

Speed: 2.5

Stamina: 4

Chakra: 4

Chakra Control: 2

Total: 26

Notes/Thoughts: Thanks to learning and traveling with Jiraiya his style mostly reflects Jiraiya's fighting style. So a fire affinity with a current low affinity for earth. Thanks to his immense chakra levels his chakra control is sucky but is actually quite good for him seeing as how high his chakra levels are. Like Tenten his main specialty is ninjutsu but thanks to his use of shadow clones he can also be considered a taijutsu specialist thanks to the fact that he can cover both roles with techniques like Rasengan that he will learn for the Chunin Exams.

Also he can summon toads like Jiraiya who let him signed the toad summoning contract, but he can't summon Gamabunta without Kurama's help. Mentioning about Kurama he and the fox are still hostile at best but they struck a deal that Kurama will supply chakra if the fight gets dangerous.

Jiraiya (Normal) (Age: Old):

Ninjutsu: 5

Taijutsu: 4.5

Bukijutsu: 3

Genjutsu: 3.5

Intelligence: 4.5

Strength: 4.5

Speed: 4.5

Stamina: 5

Chakra: 5

Chakra Control: 5

Total: 44.5

Senju Tsunade (Age: Don't ask and no one will die):

Ninjutsu: 5

Taijutsu: 5

Bukijutsu: 2.5

Genjutsu: 4

Intelligence: 5

Strength: 6

Speed: 3.5

Stamina: 4.5

Chakra: 4

Chakra Control: 6

Total: 45.5

And Once again for answers to some of the reviewer's questions:

clizasanimeluver98-Well he isn't THE prophecy child in canon just a different one from the one trained by Jiraiya.

Ddragon21- Well he won't really allie himself with any villages to be said. He doesn't like Konoha but that doesn't mean he will just go berserk and try to destroy it. And well he is more neutral eliminating any threats that will harm his precious ones.

darkanomoly- Well for now no rinnegan but maybe some time far off in the distant future he will have rinnegan but that is only after a long long time. He still has to master the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan first after all.

lightning king- That's true in my fanfic at least

daniel 29 - whoops XP

Qzh- Sorry but Naruto isn't staying in Konoha. Although he will visit it for the Chunin Exams but that's just to see his mother and wait for Tenten to become Chunin so that his mother will be free.

animenaruto46- Thank you and yes that is the plan for Setsuna.

Andre 'Vortex' Prower- Well no, but now that I think about it. I can implement Negima's Setsuna swordsmanship for my Setsuna

Namikaze- Well now that you mentioned it, I could write an omake from his point of view but I remembered writing Jiraiya telling Menma to get away.

mfmxxx- Danzo already took one eye, but the other eye was taken by Konoha since in this fanfic Shisui told Itachi to kill him and Itachi gave the eye to the Sandaime for safekeeping in this. And as for losing the left eye well don't all stories have cliches? But yea I could probably do better but I needed more reasons for Tsunade to go to Konoha along with the promise of another living Senju.

deadsoulalchemist- Naruto will not join Konoha, but he won't hate Sarutobi either. He feels betrayed but he can't bring himself to kill the affections he still have for him either.

BR0TH3R MENACE- Ahahahaha, thank you for your concern.

Uchiha Naruto- Well you'll have to wait for the next few chapters to see if anyone that can force him to use the dead bone pulse

Rikudou Naruto- Yes to Setsuna, but no for Itachi since it would be to suspicious plus Itachi doesn't even know that Naruto wa kidnapped.

kkrar00- No, Naruto will not stay in Konoha. And as for the marks you will just have to see.

55- Both

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