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The late summer morning air was damp and rather moist at the same time. The sun just then peeked out from under the mountains and sprayed its rays on the Valley of Peace. Birds chirped crickets went to sleep and the grasses stayed wet with dews. The morning was peaceful in the valley, but in the Jade Palace all was awakened by a screaming Tigress, who's wedding day was weeks ahead. So much had to be done. So they hired the cast of Bridezillas, knowing that this would possibly be the last time they would ever see her act so monstrous.

The ruckus first woke Shifu, he grunted as he groggily walked towards the noise. It was way too early to even be awake. The noise got louder and louder. Until it stopped.

"Tigress what is the meaning of thi-"

He paused, not even wanting to finish his sentence. Her face looked too pissed to even speak to her.

"My planner just quit! Ok? That's what happened!" She screamed.

'I don't blame them' he thought, but such thoughts might cost his life at this point.

"Why did she quit?" He asked.

Tigress paced back and forth in disbelief. "Why the hell do you thing she quit?!" she growled. She didn't even think about the way she was speaking to her master. "She thinks I'm 'too mean' what the hell does that even mean?! I'm supposed to get married in 5 weeks! I don't have a receptionist, I don't have a cake' I don't have a limo, and I don't have a whole lot of things!"

Shifu's eye violently twitched.

Shifu: This is not the first time I've seen Tigress act this way, it's actually the second time since her sweet 16. She gave us all hell and now she's about to do it again. Thankfully I'm trained for this so as a father I do what I must do, and that is to give her whatever she wants so she can shut up about it.

"I will get you another planner then." Shifu turned away.

"No! Get her back!" Tigress protested.

"I doubt it seriously if she would want to take you back." Shifu said.

Tigress grew red in fury, Shifu knew what that meant. "I'll see what I can do." He sighed.

"That sounds better." Tigress sneered, as she watched him walk away.

Tigress: Ok here are the rules when it comes to me, I get whatever I want, you shut up about it, and it will be a happy day. If you cross me I will ruin your life. This event is all about the bride! And I will let no one take my spotlight. No one!

Rin's eye blinked multiple times, before she could indicate that she was fully awake. With that, she rolled off the bed and walked out into the hallway. No one was in sight; they were probably hiding from Tigress and her bridal tantrums.

Rin suddenly heard a loud crash, followed by a scream. She found them. Her friends were enslaved by her and she was probably next. Rin was about to turn away until, Chu grabbed her and pulled her away from Tigress' sight. "What just happened?" she asked.

"Well she's making a deception design and the guys keep messing it up, Po went out with Master Shifu to get her another planner." Chu explained.

"Where is everyone else?"

"Viper is training, Mei Ling wants nothing to do with this, Aomi is somewhere in here, Zuko is love sick and whining about it and Tai Lung is enjoying the fact that Tigress is bitching every two seconds." Chu finished.

"Well I'm going back to my room." Rin called.

"Oh no you're not!" Tigress yelled from afar. "You are a Bridesmaid remember?"

"Uh no, since when did we arrange that?" Rin crossed her arms.

"Just now. Let's go." Tigress clenched her teeth.

Rin: 3 words. What. A. bitch!

"Right now! Let's go!" Tigress pulled Rin's arm.

Rin didn't protest she glumly followed Tigress from behind; she looked a Chu who only mouthed the words 'sorry'.

Chu: I don't really have much to say about Tigress' aggressive attitude, but she has to know that people still need their space.

Po and Shifu made their way through the white marble doors of a luxurious mansion. Mostly because Tigress made them go there.

"Are my guests here?" A female voice asked. Then there was whispering. The thin linen curtains whipped open, revealing a snow white wolf with carefully glossed fur, expensive clothing and her small reading glasses. "You must be Shifu, come sit please." She motioned them to the living room that had a large window showing her backyard waterfall, Shifu and po removed their shoes and sat in the poufy white chairs that surrounded the gold and crystal coffee table.

"So I understand that you need a new wedding planner." She smiled.

"Well yes, you see the other one quit." Shifu explained.

"Oh I know, but hear this I will not be considered as a replacement. I have high standards when it comes to weddings." She scowled.

"Um miss-"

"Please call me Isabelle."

"Isabelle, this is my daughter's wedding, and this will be her only one. Please if you can-"

"I can Shifu, Ray! Fetch me my portfolio!" she yelled. The sound of someone's footsteps pounded up the porcelain stairs.

Isabelle: I am one of the best wedding planners China has to offer, I planned for celebrities, models, even sports players. No one is better than me.

Ray came in and handed Isabelle a thick white binder, probably stuffed with photos and invitation designs. "So, when is the wedding?" she asked, flipping through the pages.

"In a few months." Po answered.

"It's fairly possible to create the wedding of her dreams, but it's going to take work; especially if she's hot tempered." Isabelle winked at Shifu.

"Very well, we shall see to it." Shifu agreed.

Isabelle smiled, and then she slammed the binder shut and stood up. "I will arrive at the palace first thing in the morning, she must be awake bright and early, I will take her to my assistant to get her things picked out then her and Po will go will me to pick out a cake the next day, afterwards she and her mother will come with me to pick out her dress. The important things will be done first."

"She only has me." Shifu corrected.

"Then find an older female she looks up to." Isabelle snapped. "This will not be easy if you don't cooperate with me."

Shifu decided not to fight with Isabelle, instead he nodded.

"Good, I'll see you tomorrow then." Isabelle smiled at Po then snapped for one of her servants to escort them out.

Po: Man she's uptight, I hope Tigress likes her and on top of that, I hope Tigress won't fight her.

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