This Chapter is Mainly about Andrew and Xander, with Xander learning about Andrew past… I thought this was important for later chapters to help explain the Friendship (relationship) that grows between them.

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A HP/Buffy the Vampire Slayer Crossover

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chap 3~~~~~~~~~~~~

Andrew was excited and nervous; Mr. Giles package would be coming today. There would be books on magic theory, Potions, Transformations, and Simple spell's for beginners. Plus a wand, his very own wand, Andrew could hardly sit still. Xander had to send him out of the office because he was getting a headache.

Walking around outside Andrew remembered when he was 11 years old and his letter from the San Francisco School of Witchcraft and Wizardries came. His parents thought it was a joke from one of their friends. Even when the Headmaster from the school came Andrews parent did not believe and told the Headmaster to shove it.

When the postman came with the package Xander had to apologize to him because Andrew almost pounced on the guy, he immediately began opening the box and pulling out books. Inside a smaller box was his wand. Xander sat down with a sleepy Harry on his lap and picked up one of the books.

"Potions for beginners?" Xander looked at Andrew who was looking at his wand in wonder. "Andrew why are these books for beginners? And is that a wand? I did not know you needed a wand for magic, now that I think about I have never seen you use a wand before."

"I never had a wand before, and the magic I know was taught to me by…." Andrew paused took a big breath and said "taught to me by Jonathan and Warren."

Xander winced those two were not talked about. Anytime they were brought up Willow would glare Tara would look pale and Andrew would look ready to cry. In fact this was the first time that Andrew ever brought them up.

"Andrew..." Xander said not sure how to continue.

"They didn't start off on the Dark side, Warren moved to Sunnydale in my junior year from Salem, after his mom died, to live with his dad." Andrew just kept looking down at his wand that was still in its box.

"Jonathan lived with his Grandparents that owned the book store on the old Main Street, In Jr. High, he saw me do magic after one of the jocks locked me in the janitors closet. I… err… teleported out." Andrew let out a small laugh. "It made such a loud sound I thought the whole city heard it. But Jonathan just wanted to know how I could Apparate while still under age." Andrew was smiling and looked lost in his memories. "But then everything change, I think the Hellmouths dark powers got to Warren, Jonathan and I grow up with its evil influence all around us so we never knew the deference or saw the effects it had on people that weren't from there. But slowly Warren change he went from talking about Stargate vs. Star Trek, to how the normal people where useless and nothing more than sheep."

Andrew looked Xander in the eye, "I killed Jonathan, I killed my best friend Because Warren said too, and I was so scared of Warren that I did what he said. But the worst part is that when Jonathan was laying there dying he said he forgave me." By this point Andrew had tears running down his face. "I'm a coward Xander, I couldn't stand up to Warren, and I'm not brave like you or the others. Xander I haven't done any magic in months. How can Giles want me to teach Harry magic? He sent the books so that I could learn from them… But I'm scared that I'll do something wrong again."

Xander was not sure what to do, most of the other's thought Andrew was an annoying geek that used to be a bad guy. Did anyone every really just sit down and talk to him? No not that he knew, they had been busy the First and Terra being hurt to really get to know Andrew, at best Willow and Buffy tolerated Andrew, and Giles helped him because Andrew reminded Giles of his own missed guided youth.

Xander moved a now sleeping Harry to a more comfortable position, reaching over he put his hand on Andrews shoulder "it's not your fault Warren was the one that did the spell, as Giles would say Youth and mistakes go hand and hand. In the end just like with Darth Vader you went back to the light side so…." Xander faulted for a moment it was so easier to talk to his girls "and I don't think Jonathan would have wanted you to stop using magic. Plus if Giles thinks you should do magic again and then teach Harry when he's a little older then I think you should, plus if you ever need to talk I'm here."

Standing up Xander put Harry down on the couch.

"Now then what's the what with the wand thingy." Xander said trying to be cheerful.

Andrew stood up as well wiping his face, "well before I came here Giles took me to this wand maker to have a wand made for me because at this other wands shop the wands didn't work cause of the Hellmouths tint. That guy said I had to have one custom made and that it took months to make them."

Xander tried to hide his sigh, Andrew was acting normal again. "That's cool so are you going to try it out?"

Andrew picked up his wand and swooshed it. Xander looked around "was something supposed to happen?"

Andrews's eyes were large and he started to back away slowly. "You know I think I'll go check on dinner or see if the mini-slayers need any help… Bye Xander." As Andrew practically ran from the room Xander had a sinking feeling, turning slowly to the mirror, Xander saw that his Hair was the brightest pink he had even seen.


End chapter…

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