Learning to fly. Or in this case, Never let Xander near the broom

Ok so this chapter my sister and I thought up and I had to write it.

The normal mail had just came. Xander was looking through bills and other junk mail when he heard the screech of an owl. He barely ducked in time, as Heimdall, Andrews Great Horned owl came flying in with a weirdly shaped package. Harry came running in after the owl laughing at Xander.

"Uncle Xander almost got hit by Heimdall." Harry teased with a grin.

"Yeah yeah make fun of the one eyed man" Xander grumbled back as he followed Harry to where Andrew was with his owl.

"What is it? What is it?" Harry asked while bouncing in place with wide eyes staring at the package.

Andrew smiled down at Harry and said "Lets find out shall we?"

"It's a broom." Xander said looking not all that impressed.

Andrew turned to Xander and shook his finger at him. "Nah uh it's a special broom, I'm going to learn to fly."

Xander blinked his one eye and then started laughing. "You're joking right? I thought witches and wizards flying on brooms was just a myth."

Andrew sniffed at Xander and Harry giggled.

"Well, I'll just show you that we wizards do in fact fly on brooms." Andrew huffed and picked up the broom. "Come on Harry, lets show this doubter what we wizards can do."

"Okay, Andrew can I try flying too?" Harry asked as he followed Andrew outside with a frowning Xander trailing behind.

"Sure. Step One-Place broom on ground." Andrew placed it on the ground next to an excited Harry

"Step Twp-Place hand above broom, then firmly say 'UP'."

Nothing happened

Andrew frowned and looked over the note again.


Nothing Happened again and Xander snickered.

Andrew glared at him.

Harry watching the whole thing walked up to the broom and said "Up."

the broom jumped into Harry's hand. "Look! Look! I did it!"

Andrew wanted to pout. "Yes you did."

Xander laughed.

Andrew took the broom from Harry and tried again. "Up" it wobbled a little. Andrew took a big breath and let it out slowly. "Up!" This time the broom moved up about a foot before settling down again.

Harry smiled up at Andrew.

"You can do it!" He cheered.

Xander just snickered again.

Once more Andrew said "Up!" This time the broom went up into Andrews hand.

"Yay! You did it!" cheered Harry.

Xander narrowed his eye and then walked over to them

"Okay my turn" Xander said.

"No way" Both Andrew and Harry replied.

"Oh come on whats the worst that could happen." Xander scoffed

"Remember when I was trying to make that potio-." Andrew started to say but was cut off by Xander

"This is completely different. This is a broom."

Harry ran over to the wall and hide behind it.

Xander looked at him "What are you doing?"

Harry gave him big eyes and said "Willow said that if you ever try magic to find a safe place to hide behind."

Andrew looked worried at this point "I don't think..."

"Oh just give me the broom" Xander said as he grabbed it from Andrew.

Andrew shook his head and went to stand by Harry.

Xander gave them the stink eye.

"Okay broom- Up!" The broom wobbled at first then shot straight into the air and exploded with a big 'boom!'

Andrew groaned, "My brand new broom."

Harry just stood there with his mouth open and wide eyed. "Willow was right" he whispered

Xander cursed and shook broom dust out of his hair.

Andrew pointed at Xander. "You owe me a new broom, and from now on you are not allowed near my magical items."