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(This is after the feast, but Clove survived! PLUS Marvel and Rue are alive! So, that means Marvel, Cato, Clove, Foxface, Thresh, Rue, Peeta, and Katniss are all alive! The ships are Clato, Katpee, and Foxel (Foxface and Marvel.))


Thresh's POV:

I slowly walked up to the force field. I looked up and saw the box. I got my spear ready to throw and aimed it at the box. I took a deep breath and threw the spear. With a soft thunk it logged itself in the box. Boom! The box exploded. I flew backwards and evrything went black.

Rue's POV:

Boom! I looked at Katniss she had a confused look on her face.

"What was that?" I asked. Then a cannon sounded.

"I don't know Rue?" Peeta answered looking at the big cloud of smoke.

"Attention Tributes," Cloudious Tmplesmiths voice echoed around the arena. "Thresh just blew up the force field. I suggest you run." Katniss grabed my hand and started running. Peeta close behind us.

We've been running for awhile then we bumped into Marvel, Clove, and Cato. "Were not going to hurt you. If we work together we can live longer," Cato explained. Katniss nodded and we were running again. Foxface caught up to us and we ran and ran and ran.

After a few hours my legs felt like jello. I couldn't run anymore I just collapsed. Marvel picked me up and threw me over his shoulder and keept running. We ran for several more hours. It was almost dark. "I think we can stop for the night." Katniss said panting. Everybody collapsed panting.

"The trackers!" Colve yelled.

"What about them?" I asked Clove.

"We still have them."

"So?" Katniss asked annoyed.

"The gamemakers know where we are. They'll probably hunt us down and put us back into the arena. I don't know about you but I don't want to go back into that hell hole."

"What do we do?" Katniss asked.

"We cut them out" Clove answered pulling out a knife. Evryone crawled back away from the knife. "I'm not gonna kill you! Who's first?"

Evryone looked at Cato. Clave grabed his arm and started cutting. After about 20 mins all our trackers were out and it was pitch black. I settled into Katniss's sleeping bag and fell into a dreamless sleep.

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