Batman The blackening

Chapter 1 The Dark Knight Highses

Batman threw his batarang, piercing the joker right in his fucking face. joker's goons ran away because they were scared, doing parkoor moves upsides the buildings and shit.

"Ouch batman." joker said. it missed though because joker had a fake head in front of his real face, which was his face.

"you'll have to try harder than that." batman said.

"No." jokayher said as he pulled out a joint and smoked it.

"what is that...mairiwanna?"

"wanna? I have enough for two."

"fuck joker, I'm all about Justice and shit. I can't be fucking smokking weeds."

"but weed should be legal lol. don't you think. It never fucking killed no one."

"shit." batman said. joker was making a lot of good points.

"come over to my place and we'll hang out." joker said.


batman went to joker's place, and he was scared. because he didn't know what jkoer was up to. because joker is one scary mofo

"joker you're won scary mofo." batman said.

"here play xbox"

"what's xbox"

"it's like a video game. it plays video games."

"cool. like a batarang or something."

joker put in deluxe battle modern star wars of duty 2K13, which was a fucking legit crossover game. batman really liked it.

"you're a pretty cool guy joker. I'm sorry about all that shit."

"it's cool bro. smoke?" joker gave batman the joint.

"yeah let me put this in my batabong." LOL

He did and smoked it. it was really cool and he got really high. he was so high they couldn't stop laughing and joker was more than a little bit concerned because he laughs a lot and batman was almost laughing as much as joker did, which is a lot usually.

"joker this shit tiz." batman said as he scrumped himself.


"i feel like I have to take a dump...but i don't. is that pot?" batman meant to say is that FROM pot but he was really high so his words didn't work right when he spoke them from his mouth.

"No you actually did just shit batman. all over my floor." he did. it was gross.

"Lol" they both said laughing out loud and saying the letters too.

"Shit joker now that we're friends i have to tell you my secret. do you want to know my secret identity."

"not really."

"Come sure?"



"you can tell me if you want but it doesn't matter for our friendship if you do or you don't. i don't partickualy need to hear you tell me your batman identity."

"I'm batman."

"yes but you were telling me your secret identity."

"which is?'

"i don't know you were going to tell me it."


"but I don't need you to."

"I will tho"

"then do it faggot."


"that's pretty fucking coolen batman. that explains how you get rich guy stuff. and you look like bruce wane."

"yeah because I am him."

"hey do you want to get ice cream or something?"

"yeah I got the munchies."


they went to get ice cream. but when they got to the icream shot, it fell apart and a bunch of joker's goons were theyre.

"What is this? A haircut?" batman said.

"no batman! I know your secret now! and all these guys are gonna reveal it to the daily bugle! and then everybody will know that batman is bruce wane and is a stoner douchebag!"

the goons took pictures of batman as he started to cry. he knew he made a big fucking mistake getting high and telling joker his secret. the goons ran away to the newspaper, and commisioner goron and barambara gordon showed up.

"batman is it true?" they said.

batman couldn't even answer he was crying so much. snot and tears streamed down his batsuit.

"batman, I'm sorry to say this but you're fired from being batman." gordon said.