bamtan chleptehch fun the fourth fifth sixth chapter

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robin died. batman didn't come back. he ran away into the dark night (lul) cryin and shit.

robin didn't really die though. because he was saved by...THE JOKER?!

nah. that'd be cool though. robind giked band in the fucking face and killed him.

"oh no batman ran away." Ronbin sant. he used a bat kick to fly out of the jetpack rockets into the batmobile fuckerdoodle shit.

but...something really bad was happening inside...robin couldn't see it. he needed batman now more than ever.

Batman stood on a ledge, and picked up his bat belt bat man.

"your my only friend their just jealoose. boo hoo hoo." batman said as he cried. he throwed the belt onto the city and it died.

"there all my friends are dead. now no one will miss me when I dies."

"someone would miss you." a voice said from behind him. two voices.

it was the joker and aldfred.

"wut are you doiING HERE?" batman said as he slipped and almost fell. someones hands held him up. it was harley quinn on a jetpack

"you can't die broos we need U' she said. batman punched her in the face and her jetpack broke and she fell of the building.

"come on man I thought we were cool." joker said.


"wow someone's a little faggot" alred said.

"yeah lol" joker said.

"no on gives a shit bros wane. they think your legit shit, your kush is cash, your ass is raw kick ass mass, your face is chiseled like mount rushmore, your costume is the shizz, your hotness makes straight guys jizz, I hope you understand, please understand, the world aint what you make with your hands, it's what you find in others, the love, the sad, the glove, the bad, everything gets ok one day broose, it'll be easy for youse, because you're the best. the best. the best. the best. the best. I love you my master, I would give you a blaster, the world needs you, without you it'd be blue, the cloudy sky will be less gray one day, the light in your eye, shit, that's the reason why I, wake up, yeah, wake up in the morning, get out of bed, get the tools from my shed, because of you. the best, that's you. broose, you're you, and the best is the best becasue of you." alfred said muscially to a beat. he rapped.

batman agreed and smiled bigly. jokair and aldread did too, even biglyerly.

"thank U I feel better."

"let's get robin and have some ice cream." joker said.

"should I call mr freez?" alref said. they all laughed a lot and smiled bigger. joker smoked a cig with pot as they walked down the stairs and were smiling happy when they got outside. robin was waiting by the bartmobnile, grinnin.

"killed bane" he said.

"cool" joker said.

but then...a beep beeped. beep beep.

"The fuck is that?" batman said.


"shit.' joker said nad ran. alfred ran with him becuz he wanted a bong hit and joker had the best shit.

"i'm sorry broose. you're a crimbinal. and so is he. he desrve this."

"comblishoner gordan?" batman said.

it was. he hit a switch on the remote in his hand, with the hand that wasn't holding it. it beeped.


the batmobile blew into a million pieces, as gordan laffed and laffed, flying away on a jetpark. robin was dead. batman saw his body explode into bloody millions of pieces.

"ROBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNN NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU UUUUUUUUUUUUCKINGNGOGNONOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" batman's face was scrunched up so bad from the sadness and angerness that his eyes bled, his teeth broke, and his face caved in a little bit. his costume ripped and he was in nothing but his undies, bloody and angry that his friend had died forever. he pounded the groung fucking hardly and toughy with energy coming down from all the energy in the sitty, turning off all the lights, and he pooped himself with blood diarea from the anger, killing a few people behind him. the energy was now all in broose, and he couldn't do anything with it because he had no clothes. he flewed into the air in a big ball of energy and shit, literal shit, and blood, as his body started to combine and smallen, and he cried. the city would be destroyed if nobody saved him, and nobody could. nobody could save him from death because death wuz what he wanted. he cried and cried and cried as the energy grew and gerw and fucking grewd.