batman in the Blackening: the final chapter 6

"To weed or not to weed that is the Q"

batman died for real.

he was said that robing was dead so he blew up into energy

but then he was reborn as a flower. the flower died like a fucking flower does because some kid shit on it.

then he was reborn again as batmeng. he's batman

"I'm fucking batman again." batman said. "no time for that whiney shit'

then he remembered robin was fucking dead and he cryed and sobbed and laffed and cried and some more. he planted a flower for robin on the spot where he diyed. then he poured one out for his homie. a full gallon of booze for his bro who was ded forever

"shit man this fucking sucks. comissioner gordan is gonna die forever and I'm gonna shit on his grave."

batman smoked a joint becuz fuck the po pos, and then he saw his bro joker.

"man saw what happened wif robin. shit sucks bro. then you died and became a flower or some shit. fuck."

"joker i know i've been a dick to you a lot. but can you help me kill the comissioner. we can play video games when he's dead."

"no." joker said.

"ahhh shit." batman said.

"fuck Im fuckin kidding dumass, my name is the FUCKING JOKER. for fuck." joker said poopily.

"huh? So it was just a goof!" batman laffed.

"fuck let's get that bitch." joker said. he got in the batmobile with joker.

"where is that fuck" batman said. things had changed since he died/flower/reborned.

"he took over the city. he has all my homies like harlee, mister freez, pengwin all helpd up in his palace. it's that big fucking tower shaped like the commisoners face."

"oh" batman said. he booped a beep and then his batmobile was a 420 degree flight gear ship fuck.

batman and joker flew to the big fucking comisoner godon tower and flwe in threw his nose lol. no boogies tho.

"heh" batman said. he and joker started kicking ass and beat up a bunch of the dudes together. they made a good team.

"hey you know joker you aiight." batman said.

"fuck" joker said

"your cooler than robin. we should be a team"

"ok" joker said.

they ran up to the top of the tower. goron was on a throne like he was some lord of the rings shit (maybe that'll be mah next story nahmean? get sum hobbit action up in this bitch or some lor dof the rings)

anyways gordin was on the throne and he had a like sith outfit with spikes and shit on.

"so fucker. you didnt die after all. I thought killing robin would activate your nega bomb and kill you forever"

"guess not " broose said.

"fuck. well your gonna die forever" batman saisd. "Then i'm gonna fucking shit on your grave"

"heh" gordona said. he shot lightning out of his hands and hit joker.

"JOKER FUCK NO SHIT" batman said and cryied. his only friend left was no maybe dead.

batman ran to joker and smeared his facepaint, he was really hurt and batman cried all over him and saw his true face.

"it's ok batman...thse few minutes with u have been...the happyest"

"no joker nooo u cant die"

"batman can i tell you a secret? u told me your secret identity. maybe i can tell you my"

"yeah?" batman said hugging joker becauze maybe love could save him or some shit.

"myname is joose wayne. im your brother batman. your fucking brother"

"REALLY?" batman said.

"nah im just fuckin with ya. im dead though" joker said as he died.

"FUCK." batman said. he threw one million batarangs into comissioner gordon's dick.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" ocmmissioner gordon said as a geyser of blood came from the pee pee

"shit" batman said lol

"anyways were gonna fight now. because batman you forgot the rules."

"I dind forget nothing. you cilled my friends. I outta give you a peese of my mind." batman said as he punched gordon.

"wait batmen" gordon said. 'you might want to see THIS."

he pushed a bottun and out popped allfredo.

"im gonna turn his shit to gold. there wont be nothin left except the dolla bills broosy. maybe you think you can stop this shit but you aint. alfred is the key to all this shit. fuck. im gonna use his electrikal enbergy cells and turn them into the planet a new planet callled gordon city 2 planet for real fuck. you cant stop me. the only way to stop me would be to destroy gotham forever."

"guess that's what I fuckin have to do." brose said as he opened his belt and pulled out a proton destrigmulator.

"no" cordon said. it was his last Wrods.

Batman pushed the button and gotham city was destroyed and everyone in it died.

except for a few.

later a lil kid was fuckin chilling at the edge of a big krayter.

"Pops Mcgee is that where gotham used to B?" the kid said.

"yeh" alfred said. he cried for the rest of his life then died.

gotham was never rebuilt. All that was left of batmans adventures was a big krayter that was burned down to the grougn. It was all dark and scorched. batman's final thing was really a BLACKENING.