A.N= takes place before Kise was a regular member in GoM.

Pairings= AoKise

Warnings= BL

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Playing The Good Guy

The basketball practice was going on wonderfully when suddenly Kise collapsed to the ground, his face was flushed to the extreme as he was breathing unevenly. He huffed and tried to get himself up again, yes- he can still do it- his legs flailed as he once again fell to the ground, but this time a pair of strong arms held him from behind,

"You're that new member, Kise right?" A gruff, worried voice questioned him from behind. As if the embarrassment can't get any further, it was his idol Aomine himself. Rough, calloused hands went to touch his temple gently, contrasting to his appearance- Aomine can be quite gentle, Kise gratefully noted. "You're burning with fever."

"I-"Kise panted, as everyone was watching him anxiously, he dislike feeling weak, "I can still play." He needs to be strong, at least in front of the man he admires. His head hurts terribly- as he spoke to Aomine, "Please."

"Don't be an idiot." Aomine chided him, his face crunching with anger- what's with him today, Kise had made the man he thought as a role model angry and messed up the practice. Before Kise could muster any reply though, Aomine had his back facing him- making Kise more confused than ever.

"Hurry up- ride on my back and we'll go to the infirmary." Aomine said, his ears betraying a color of faint scarlet. People were watching them but they soon went back to their practice without Kise- even the regulars were only smirking before they went back to their own games.

Nervously- Kise touched Aomine's shoulder, as he rested his sluggish body towards the other's strong, muscular one. "Hold me tighter or you'll fall." Aomine warned, his voice holding a faint snicker. Kise grabbed the man's shoulder before his breathing wheezed noisily, "Am sorry-" Kise could feel his sweat rushing down his temples- and the high temperature of his body against Aomine would have inconvenienced him too, he thought guiltily.

"It's fine. Everyone gets sick." Was Aomine's reply before running quickly towards the infirmary- how did he ran so fast with Kise's weight behind him perplexes Kise, but this was Aomine kun, Aomine kun who could do anything.


Like a fish in a bottle, he's trapped in that solution called love.


"Aomine-?" Kise faintly says as Aomine puts him carefully in the bed, the nurse wasn't here in the infirmary. Kise's shirt was wet with sweat and he was literally drenched in it. "Thank you." Kise said- his face a couple of shade redder as he said the embarrassing word, not that it would affect his already scarlet face.

Aomine just grunted in reply before sitting in the bench before the infirmary bed. He was staring pointedly at Kise' shirt, "You're wet."

"Uh-yeah." Kise trailed dizzily, his hands hastily reaching for the blanket. Little did Aomine know that he's really wet. "Sorry for troubling you."

"Quit the apologizing." Aomine cuts him short, "Are you cold? Do you want some change of clothes?" His eyes trailed at Kise's trembling hands and terribly flushed face, his hands reached to touch Kise's temple again. "Where the hell is the nurse-"

"It's alright, Aomine san." Kise said, "The cold would go away fast." He didn't want to trouble Aomine further.

Aomine went to unbutton Kise's shirt- much to the surprise of the blond boy, "W-what are you doing, Aomine kun?"

"That wet shirt of yours would only make you sicker." Aomine blandly states, as Kise felt embarrassed at the sight of his naked body so vulnerable and sluggish in front of Aomine. "And don't act so embarrassed, I won't attack you." Aomine snickered at Kise, ruffling his hair, "I like girls with big boobs."


Kise suddenly felt like jumping to the hole- either from the fact that Aomine realized his embarrassment or the fact that Aomine isn't the slightest bit interested in him. But suddenly he finds himself too tired to care- his head was throbbing, but he still need to explain.

"It's not tha-" Kise interjects while his head fall into Aomine's chest in a moment of dizziness.

Aomine was watching Kise's face seriously that Kise almost felt his heart wanting to go out his throat- shit, Kise, he's not interested in you, accept it. His hands tremblingly reached Aomine's chest to push his body backwards.

Aomine seized his hands however before he could do that, "You're cold."

The contrast of Kise's body's temperature and what he was really feeling was described spot-on by the tanned basketball player. Yes, he was cold, but the hotness of his body was too appalling that Aomine can't help but notice. And- suddenly, shocking him, Aomine was hugging him tightly.

"Did this make you feel warmer?" Aomine words patiently, "Do you want to go home? I'll bring you home."

"Why- why do you care?" Kise asked, his body blushing at the contact, he's sure it should not have been such a painful feeling- and he knew Aomine's answer would break him the next time he spoke. After Kise slept on Aomine's embrace, the warmth seeping from Aomine's body- he felt his ears bristling a bit as he heard something so unreal that it have to be the result of his dream.

"Because I like you." Had Kise been awake- more than the words, he would have been more surprised when he saw Aomine's pained expression as he hugged the blond in his sleep.


The bubble had simply popped.

The repercussions were just an after-effect.


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