Pairings = Eventual Aomine x Kise, Aomine x Satsuki, Akashi x Midorima (lightening the angst)

Warnings = AU fic, Angsty fic, Infidelity, maybe some OOCness, but hey I did try

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Let us dream

Close our eyes

And see

What we want to see

Kise wondered how long it has been since he felt this giddy.

Aomine's warmth beside Kise makes his heart jump in felt happiness and guilt at the same time, his body was held tightly with Aomine's protective arms- the grip on his chest becoming more painful as a sudden image of Aomine and his girlfriend Momoi lying in the bed appears in his mind, her body lying in a perfect image on the basketball's players arms, and Kise now shamelessly stealing the girl's position beside Aomine.

Perhaps it's alright to be this way, to steal just a small part of Aomine to himself- even though it would make him an egoistic trash, but as long as he could be with Aomine, he would do anything to secure that future. He is fully aware that he is becoming more and more disgusting- but he simply can't help it. Not when Aomine is involved.

Maybe, just maybe, when Aomine desires it, he could come to Kise and they could be together- even if its just for a while.

But since Aomine is very much in love with Momoi- that would be impossible right? Kise felt like smiling, ironically- yet the smile was too wide it hurts his lips.

Love makes Kise feel very wretched- the intense desire to just breath the same air, and steal glances at the other was much too great. If only to watch him from afar- see that he is happy, that had been enough. But now- even he can't control the desire he felt in his body- as Aomine was beside him, his body lying near him, and the fact that their bodies are touching, was too much for him to bear.

He wanted very much to stroke the dark blue hair of Aomine's and snuggle on his chest, for a moment imagining that they were lovers- that they were very much in love with each other- even if its only a fake pretense to cover the truth. Aomine's chest heaved up and down, sweat running down his temples- Kise wondered what dream he is having, has the fever passed to him instead?

In fear, he rushed to touch the other's temple, a sigh of relief escaping his lips when he saw that was not the case.

He was damned beyond repair- he was at the point of no return. In the mid of his mind conflict- he reached to kiss Aomine.

"Ki-se?" Aomine's eyes opened at the kiss- his eyes still tired but concerned when he saw the tears on the blond's eyes. His fingers lingered at the skin on Kise's nape, pulling the blond closer to him. "What happened?"

"Hey, Aominecchi." Kise murmured, his lips close to Aomine's ear- his voice was level, yet it was at the verge of breaking down. His lips was forming a hollow smirk, his eyes still puffy with tears and the fever- yet the spark in it was wholly serious. "I was wondering, do you desire me?"

"I do." Aomine said truthfully, his eyes avoiding the other- fingers scratching the sheets. A denial.

"It's enough, you know." Kise spoke, a painful smile lingering in his lips. "Its enough, Aominecchi. Even though you don't love me, even though you don't love me as much as you do Momoi san. It was enough for me, just knowing that you desire me. I love you so much and i felt like my heart is bubbling with happiness and intense joy- that it's about to kill me for making me so happy-"

"Stop talking, Kise please." Aomine said- he looked distressed, his eyebrow tensing as he opened his mouth again, "Are you still feeling sick?" It was a sad attempt to change the topic.

Kise went along anyway. "I'm just a bit dizzy, don't mind me."

Aomine touched Kise's cheek gently, savoring the feel of the blond's warm skin. "If it doesn't get better by tomorrow, I'll bring you to the doctor. Bridal-style, if I have to." Aomine gave him a small smile.

"I hate doctors, Aominecchi." For ones, Kise was glad that the tension was gone. Its another thing he had come to notice about Aomine, he can put people to ease if he wants to. Just another reason to like him more, Kise sadly notes.

"And I hate seeing you sick."

Kise tried not to blush- as a searing pain and gratefulness came to a mix in his chest, why did Aomine have to be so good to him?

"Hey Aominecchi." Kise didn't believe he dared to say it, it came before the thought had been fully processed in his mind, an impulsive sentence, "Could you- try to love me- if you don't have a girlfriend?"

"Er-" Kise stammered, realizing what he just said. "Forget what I said earlier. There must be something really wrong with me-" He scratched his cheek and tried to laugh. The laugh came hollow and hurtful.

Without realizing, he find himself choking up the tears that make his throat painful.

Aomine watched him with an unreadable expression- Kise couldn't read his intense eyes, and the smile that latched in Aomine's face that seemed bitter, indignant and defiant- a mixture of sadness and anger.

I'm sorry

Its out of my control

So I'm sorry

For hurting you.

'You know what- Kise. I think I might have loved you already.'

The thought swirled through Aomine's mind. In just a matter of two days- he had kissed Kise, and it felt so natural, a ritual he had not done before with Satsuki. Satsuki- was well, desirable, she looked adorable when she pouts, and Aomine loves the way he could bury his face on her long, peach- shampoo smelling hair. Not to mention her big boobs- but actually the thing he loved most about Satsuki was her way of encouraging him in all situations.

Could he really do this to her?

To the woman he claimed he love, to the woman he grew up with. Those smile that blossomed in the peach colored lips. The lips he had yet to kiss.

Yet when his eyes looked at Kise- his face accumulating with pain and his breath hitching laboriously- all was forgotten.

"You okay, Kise?" Aomine asked, worried.

"My head swirls- Aominecchi. My throat felt painful. My chest hurts." Kise murmured, once again in Aomine's arms. His face was flushed, his body running hot.

"Shit- I shouldn't have excited you too much- I'm sorry." Aomine apologized.

"Aominecchi." Kise's voice was lost amidst his throat- coming almost inaudibly, "You shouldn't- blame yourself."

"Kise- open your clothes, you're sweating. It'll make you cold. You need to change." Aomine's voice sounded like the thunder rumbling outside.

Kise silently obliged. Aomine kept his eyes down- staring at the floor- he did not want to see Kise. Yet when Kise coughs, Aomine can't help but looked in the pretense of worry, at the gorgeous body of the model- the well proportioned and well curved body of the blond. But nothing beats the expression in Kise's face- he looked really vulnerable- with his flushed eyes and the faint light of the lightning outside flashing on his thick eyelashes. Aomine wondered what it felt to touch them, and his gaze trailed at the pink protruding nipples.

The thought hit him hard- Kise is aroused?

Aomine wasn't so dense as to not notice his own bulging pain, the uncomfortable sensation on his groin- yet he didn't expect Kise to be aroused too.

He must be imagining. After all- the lighting wasn't too good.

Yet when Kise's lips parted to speak his name- the voice weak and scratchy- and panting, Aomine couldn't help but feel the room is getting much too hot.


is only a form of superb control

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