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"Boom! I won! You're a loser Joe no matter what." I watched Demi yelled happily while sticking her tounge at Joe and Selena giggling at the both of them, secretly winning. I chuckled as I shook my head. I never really knew or how did I get to have them as friends I mean look at them, I'm not weird. Not being cocky but it's the truth though.

"I'll go outside." I stated as they all looked at me.

"awe, Natey don't be such a emo again." Selena said, smirking. I rolled my eyes again. Here we go again.

"What? I just want some air." I excused.

"Oh come on brother. We never had time for each other and now you're ruining it?" Joe stated. I sighed, defeated. Yeah, for once my brother has a point. Jeez.

"I'll take a minute." I pleaded.

"But-"Demi said.

"Please? I just want to see the stars." Ewww. I sounded corny.

"Fine Nate. I understand you being like that. If that's the way to relax you then go." Joe stated, understanding that I needed to get away. Once again, I needed to thank Joe for being so nice. And by the way I'm being sarcastic here.

Demi and Selena nodded sighing. Hah yes.

"Okay, Miley bailed on us. Nathaniel too. Who's next?" Selena said annoyed. I chuckled. I walked out the bowling room, inhaling the night air as I started to walk through the pathway. Minutes had passed. I arrived at some look like an abandoned beach but I'm not sure because it's night-time but it sure look like one. There are some wood scrap, leaves scattered, shells too and in the corner of my eye I saw some unwanted tree.

I walked near the tree. I looked around, amazed that I never thought there would be a tree in the middle of the beach which covered in sand so I never expected it.

I sat down, finally having peace that I wanted since. I watched the waves strolling down, moon reflecting in the water, crickets singing, dozens of stars above me. It couldn't be more perfect.

The girl. That I saw awhile ago. I don't know why but I imagine her being with me. Who is she? I whispered. Those eyes, from afar caught my eyes and I knew ever since, she never gave my heart back. I'm missing a piece now and I know I sounded corny but It's just like love at first sight.

But my mind...

Stop it Nate. Love at first sight isn't real your just imagining things.

That's what it said but my heart...

Fate is there if you are right for each other...

I shook my head as I felt my mind blowing up. It's like there's a war going on inside of me. I sighed, not knowing what to do until I heard someone. Seems like crying. I turned around, saw a girl. With her face hiding in her knees.

I sat there, not knowing what to do. I don't know I'm not the type of person who comforts a stranger especially a girl what if she slaps me? I know I'm not supposed to be scared because I am Nate Lucas and every girl loves me but what if she's a hater.

Oh boy...What should I do?

"Uh...Are you fine?" I asked softly, as I poked her shoulder. I saw her jumped a little as I smiled. She instantly looked up, shocked. I smiled at her, not able to see her face because of her hair.

"o-oh..." She said, seemed surprise. Once she uncovered her face, my eyes instantly widened as I recognized those eyes.

It's her...


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