In Another Lifetime

They look like they could've been sisters, with their air of perfection, their bright blonde hair and white flashing smiles. Caroline thinks that maybe in another lifetime, one where Rebekah wasn't a blood slut and such a bitch, they could've been friends. After all they share a common bond- Klaus, and their incessant use of sarcasm.

But behind it all, they have much, much more in common than Caroline would like to admit (oh god she's comparing herself to Rebekah, what's the world coming to?).

Sometimes, when Caroline is lonely, she wishes that the Originals didn't want to kill her friends. Because if they didn't, then they weren't evil. And if they weren't evil, then Caroline was allowed to love them, admire them, be friends with them. And maybe something more.

Because Caroline's an only child, brought up by a mother who's never home and tortured by a father who only wanted the best for his little girl. As much as she loved- loves- her parents, sometimes she craves the companionship of brothers and sisters. Oh, Bonnie and Elena are in essence her sisters, and she would die for them, but…still.

She can almost imagine, in another lifetime, her and Klaus taking on the world by storm, but knowing there will always be home, where the rest of their family is.

And therein lies her problem. No matter how much she pretends to hate the Originals, no matter how much she resists Klaus's advances, no matter how much she wants to shove dagger right through Bekah's heart sometimes (most of the time), Caroline can't stop the daydreams from coming. It's a lonely, cold world, and she wants a family. She wants someone to love her perfectly, unconditionally. She wants a fairytale, but she's no princess. Not anymore. She's Caroline Forbes, vampire, and life is so much more complicated.

Maybe in another lifetime, things would've been easier. Maybe not. But for now, Caroline has to live this life, this nightmare, and deal with her unruly thoughts as they come. Because they have to be suppressed- what would her friends say if they knew what she was thinking? Damon of course would make some kind of inappropriate comment; Stefan would give her a quietly disappointed look; Bonnie would preach about how the Originals killed people, so many people; Tyler would rage and yell and in the end they'd kiss and have sex; Elena would give her that look only Elena can give, of disapproval and compassion and understanding. Caroline thinks that perhaps Elena knows all too well of being attracted to the Originals…but that's a thought for another time.

So Caroline puts on her smile, the one that says "I'm perfectly happy and I'm ready to take on the world" and pretends that everything's okay. Because maybe if she pretends enough, everything will really be okay.

Maybe in another lifetime she wouldn't have to pretend. (But she pushes that thought away for later.)

A/N: So it started out being inspired by something I saw on tumblr by salvatoreliars (Caroline/Bekah)- check out my profile if you want a link to the image- and then turned into me rambling. So I apologize if it doesn't make sense. But yeah.