AN: So this is just somthing that I have been thinking about, its short, but if there is an interest then i will carry on with longer chapters.

Let me know, be honest

"Sam, I need a favour" Tommy McNally was a good man,
even of people started to doubt him a 15th Sam
thought he was one hell of a

"yes sir"

"how do you feel about doing spot of

Sam was baffled. "babysitting sir? I don't really think

Tommy's voice bellowed over Sam's with his TO tone "
boy, you just have to stay at my place for two weeks whilst I
away and, er get myself sorted"

"but sir, I don't know how to look
after a baby"

"sam, my baby is 17, 18 in a few months, I think you can

manage, andy she's going through what you would call a
rebellious stage
and I don't think that the house would be
safe of I left her there alone"

Sam nodded, thinking to himself about the next 2 weeks ahead
of him
looking after a teenage brat.

"what do you think sammy"

"er yeh
sure sir" Sam huffed out reluctantly.

This was going to be an
interesting couple of weeks.