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Sam was looking forward to Andy's graduation, he was glad they were friends again and that she no longer blamed him, he did however have a problem. Monica. She had made it clear that she didn't like Andy and his past; she also made numerous comments about Andy's age and her attitude. Andy would be 19 in a few weeks, and in Monica's eyes, she was still a child. In some context he would agree, but Andy had proven recently her majority and Sam couldn't help but feel proud.

"I don't understand why you have to go and watch her graduate Sam?" Monica was laying in bed watching Sam as he got dressed into his black suit with a dark navy blue shirt, the top few buttons being left open. He headed to sort out his hair, trying to look presentable. He shouted his response to her from the bathroom.

"You know why, she's a friend, who has no family, and I offered so" Monica at this point had left the bed and come and laced her hands around Sam's waist.

"I think maybe your leading her on a bit Sam, she's just a kid, who clearly fancies you and your making harder for her" Sam turned around to face her, pushing her hands down from his body.

"Stop Monica, just stop ok? Andy for one is not a child, I've told you what she's been through so show some respect and for the record, she does not have a crush, you sound like a school girl, just pack it in will you"

"I thought school girls were you thing Sam" He didn't miss the bitter spite in her voice as she turned and headed out the bathroom. He followed her out five minutes later.

"That was un called for" Sam said, staring at her.

"No, what is uncalled for is you trying to please the little bitch constantly"

"Don't call her a bitch, she's done shit all wrong to you and your acting like this, it has to stop, or this will" He motioned towards the space between them.

"So you're saying I have to be nice to her, or were over?"

"I never said nice, just civil" Monica looked shocked at his request.

"Well, I see how it is Sam; I don't want to be nice to little girls who act all innocent just so they can get you out of your pants. It's me or her Sam"

"Don't do this Monica, your causing a fuss, and ill be late"

"Ow I would hate for you to be late for little miss McfuckingNally, I'm done, were done" Monica pushed of from her seated position on her bed and put on her cloths, she disappeared out of his bedroom, Sam stood still at the end of the bed, ready to go out, but completely in shock and what had just happened. He heard the door slam 2 minutes later.

Taking one final look in the mirror, he headed out of his apartment to his truck and headed to Andy's, he promised that he would give her a lift to the graduation as he knew she was a little down at the fact she had no family there. He arrived at her house and headed up the familiar path way to her door, knocking in a charmed like fashion and leading against the frame waiting for her to answer. He could see her through the clouded glass as she bounded towards the door. She fung it open, clearly not ready, she was wearing a light blue dress that looked like one of them summery one, it flowed from her waist and rested mid thigh. Her hand were clasped around mettle tong like things that were gripping her eye lashes.

"Sorry, I'm almost ready" She was hopping around on one foot trying to put a shoe on.

"McNally, Its fine, what the hell are you doing" Sam waved his hand at her eyes.

"Curling my eye lashes Sam, der, what else would i be doing" She laughed at him as if it was a stupid question.

"It looks more like a form of torture Andy" Sam laughed back at her. Andy removed the curlers from her eyes and patted her hair in the mirror, checking herself in the mirror.

"Do I look ok? I know i have to get changed into uniform when i get there, but do I look like respective" she questioned, with genuine concern.

"Andy, you look beautiful, now come on!" Sam hurried her, she rushed out the door in front of Sam and he pulled the door closed at he walked out. They were in the car on the way to the graduation, Sam's phone started ringing. He pulled t from his pocket and looked at the ID 'Monica' he pressed ignore and chucked it on the dash board.

"Who was that?" Andy questioned

"No one important"

"Looked important, and seeing as its ringing again" she picked his phone up of the dash board. "Its Monica" she stated bluntly.

"Just ignore it." Sam was also blunt in his responce

"Why arnt you talking?"

"No reason"

"Sam, your lying" Andy laughed at his attempts.


"What?" Andy looked confused.

"You, she doesn't like our history, the stuff we did, she's not cool with that. Doesn't like me coming to your graduation even more."

"Sam, I don't expect you to do that for me she's your girlfriend, you should have stayed with her"

"She said some really harsh things about you McNally, don't defend her."

"And? I've said some really mean things about her as well, she kind of deserved it but"

Sam laughed at her. He couldn't help but laugh at her response to him; she clearly didn't like Monica yet acted like she did.

"She asked me to chose between you, and even though you are a massive pain in the ass and you have definitely given me my first grey hair, I still want you in my life, In a completely non soppy un romantic way" He winked at her holding his hand to his heart.

"I don't expect you to chose between me and her, and even if she did want you to make that choice, the fact she is constantly ringing you know would indicate that she regrets it and want you back Sammy" Andy negotiated

"I suppose, maybe, anyway, enough about me, come on, it's your big day! Were here, go get changed, and try not to trip on stage!"

"Screw you Sammy" she punched his arm and existed the car quickly before he could react. He left it half an hour before he got out the truck and headed to the seating area, flashing his ticket to the wardens on the door, he took a seat next to Jerry, who was sitting with Gail's parents, looking rather scared.

"Dude, these guys terrify me, they keep calling me Jimmy." He whispered to Sam in a hushed voice.

"Your sitting next two of the most powerful people in the city, your meant to be scared... Jimmy" Jerry turned and hit Sam, which resulted in a raised eyebrow from Gail's mum. Jerry and Sam sunk back in their chairs like they had been told of by their parents. The speeches started and the new rookies began to walk on stage, collecting their certificates that had been tied like scrolls, Andy walked on after being called on, he realised how happy she was by the beaming smile on her face, she was dressed in her full blues, she walked across the stage without falling, which was always a god thing. Sam couldn't help but clap a little louder when she walked. He was proud. There was no denying it. The rest of the service went ahead without any issues. The guest all headed out to the main grass area outside and were all handed glasses of Champaign whilst they waited for their family members to get changed. Jerry and Sam kept to themselves, chatting about work and sport. Gail, Andy and Tracy walked out together, they saw a young boy run over to the group and jumping up at Tracy, the girls cooed over him for a while before heading to the boys. They chatted for half an hour and were joined by Dex, who was Tracy's boyfriend.

"Right, well we best be off, get little man here home, Still up for going out tonight though?" Tracy informed the group, directing the questions at the girls.

"Yahhhh! Course we are, come over to mine at like 8? And where get ready then head out?" Andy replied, Gail nodding at Andy's response.

"Ok! See you then!" Sam watched as Tracy, Dex and Leo walked away.

"I didn't know Nash had a kid?" Sam questioned.

"Yes Leo, he's four, and sooo cute!"

"I swear all girls love kids, i don't get the attracton, you ready to head out Andy?"

"yeh sure, And not all girls like kids, Gail eats babies" Andy laughed as she talked, walking to the car park with Jerry and Gail.

"You eat babies?" Jerry looked at Gail as he spoke

"Of course I don't, I just don't like children" Gail replied looking at the floor.

"Right" The whole ground laughed. They all said goodbye, Gail promising to be at Andy's for 8, before Andy and Sam headed back to Sam's truck.

"So were you heading tonight?"

"Just out to a club probably, go dancing, drink to much and stumble home, perfect night" Andy winked at Sam.

"I don't like the idea of you walking back by yourself" Sam said seriously.

"I won't be by myself, Gail will probably stay" Andy reassured him.

"Ok, ring if you need me though," They soon arrived at Andy's, Sam refused the offer from Andy to come in, insisting he had to be home to try and sort out this thing with Monica, Andy smiled at him happily when he said that. Stating that she didn't want him to be unhappy because of her.

After going home Sam sat around for a couple of hours before giving in and phoning Monica. Inviting her around for dinner to 'talk' about their issues. They argued allot but ended ok with Monica spread across the sofa, her head on Sam's lap, asleep. That was until he got a phone call from Jerry.

"Jerry do you realise it's" he paused to look at the clock, "half 2 in the morning" Sam sounded rather Annoyed.

"Yes, I do, I've just had my own wakeup call"

"What ever, what do you want?"

"Well turns out Gail caused a bit of trouble at the club tonight, Andy ended up getting into a fight defending Gail. Its fine, Their fine, their all really drunk a were laughing down the phone, but they want to come home and I can't fit them all in my car, so can you go pick them up in the truck and drop them home, you can swing past mine first and ill come with you if you want?"

"Jesus Christ, that girl is drawn to trouble, I swear down! Yeh will be at yours in 10, Bye"

"Bye" Sam tried to move Monica of his lap without waking her, he shuffled over to the front door, pushing on his shoes and pulled a hoddie on.

"Where are you going" Monica's voice sounded horse as she spoke

"Andy got into some trouble, I need to go and pick her up" Monica soon woke up properly.

"Really Sam? After all we just talked about"

"I'm just giving her a lift home"

"Well aren't you just a knight in shining armour, if you go I won't be here when you come home"

"Do you know what? That's fine by me" Sam slammed the door as he walked out, slightly regretting doing it as loudly as he remembered he had neighbour.

Once he reached Jerry they drove to the club, and parked in the car park nearby before trying to find the girls...