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Chapter 1

A New Mission

I remember it like yesterday yet it happened a week ago. Here I am stranded in a desert to help save the world once again.


"It... is it..." said a girl with brown hair and hopefull eyes. "YES ITS OVER! WHOOHOO!" cheered a girl with raven black hair and ocean blue eyes. Suddenly in a flash of light the same girl is gone. With her friends screaming her name with every ounce of energy they had left. "KAGOME!" ... goodbye Sango, Shippo, Miroku, Inuyasha, and everyone else... im sorry!

~end of flashback~

That is the last thing I remember with being with my friends. Next thing I new I was floating in darkness while searching for something out of the darkness that was so thick I couldn't se my hand in front of my face. I waited and searched for what seemed like hours, days even. After a long time of searching I finally found a way a way out hoping and at the sametime not to believe if it was a dream...

~flashback #2~

I looked around and all i saw was a desert. I kept looking around for any source of life when... "Wellcome Kagome," I turned around and found Lady Midoriko smiling at me with hopefully. I bow down to show my respect,"Lady Midoriko it's an honor to b-" I was interrupted by the sound of a ... giggle. I look up to see amusement in the Feudal Miko's eyes. "Rise musume no need to bow but i need to ask you of a favor that is if you will hear me out...?" she asked. I gave a soft nod after getting up. "Your era here is in need of your help before it is consumed by darknessor also known as madness in this location I will direct you to the DWMA in Death City I will tell everybody of your whereabouts even your friends in the Feudal Era. You will be your own weapon and create your own weapons as well with your energy, I will personally be training you in your sleep. Now, Higurashi Kagome, protector of the Shikon no Tama otherwise known as the Shikon Miko, do you accept your journey to protect this world that has been chosen to be the home of many humans."

I waited a few seconds before answering "Hai... I accept."

~end of flash back~

This brings me to my postion I am in now. In front of the DWMA after 6-7 weeks of traveling in the desert reached Death City, and this is only the begining