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Where Love Will Lead

Chapter 1


Sookie blinked, as if the simple action could change what had just happen. Sookie opened her eyes and focused on the puddle that was Bill. She let out a choked sob and turned to Eric, burying her face in his chest as she sobbed. Bill was dead. He was no more. And he had chosen to leave her. Again. Killed by his own hand. His greed for power. Sookie hadn't even recognized him.

Sookie felt Eric's arms wrapped around her and she took comfort in them. Comfort that she wasn't alone. She then felt Eric nudge her and she looked up into his face which was still in shock as it looked on at where Bill had just become goo. She looked at her former lover and then she noticed something. The blood was moving! What the...

Suddenly something began to rise from the puddle of blood and she felt Eric grip her a little tighter. Suddenly hope and dread fill Sookie's body simultaneously as she recognized Bill's face covered in blood emerge from the blood.

Sookie watched in shock and confusion as Bill finished rising from the blood. She inhaled sharply, and choked out, "What the fuck?"

Suddenly Billed ripped out a demonic roar and Eric screamed, "Run!"

She didn't need to be told twice and took off, wondering if Eric was coming after her. Or if Bill was? What the fuck was that?

Suddenly she was lifted off her feet and she let out a bloodcurdling scream. Was it Bill?

No, it was Eric gathering her up in his arms. Sookie trembled in relief, but not for long as she looked over Eric's shoulder to see Bill standing in the doorway with a sinister smile on his face, fangs still out. She gripped onto Eric tighter as he continued to run through the maze of the Authority.

Just as they reached the blood spattered lobby Sookie looked back over Eric's shoulder only to an empty hallway. Was Bill giving up the chase? Suddenly Eric stopped so abruptly she began hurtling forward, being stopped by Eric's arms, which were cradling her to his chest.

She looked forward and gasped at the sight of Bill. Naked, covered in blood, fangs out. He was blocking the elevator. The only way out of the Authority.

"Bill?" she asked tentatively.

He looked to her and then to Eric. His enraged glare sent shivers down her spine. Eric set Sookie down and pushed her behind him. She gripped his arm, digging her nails into his arm.

"Ego sum veritas. Ego sum via. Omnis erit sequatur me (I am the truth. I am the way. All will follow me)," Bill said in a booming voice.

Sookie shivered in fear and Eric looked around frantically for a way out. Sookie knew then that if they didn't get away from Bill they would both die.

Sookie's fear was pouring out of her and Eric was gripping her hand. "Bill?" Sookie said, her voice shaking again. He roared once more and took a step forward. Before she could stop herself, she extended her hand and shot bill with an unhealthy dose of light. He fell to the floor, eyes wide in shock, and his body twitching in pain.

Sookie froze, feeling guilty as she looked down at Bill, but Eric swooped her up once again and began hitting the silver elevator doors alarmingly hard. His skin sizzled as it came in contact with the silver and Sookie cringed each time he dented the door. Suddenly the doors popped open to reveal the empty elevator shaft.

Sookie swore under her breath, but Eric didn't seem to care as he flew up the shaft and punched through another set of elevator doors. Sookie suddenly heard a deafening electronic whirring sound and looked above her to see the elevator descending above them. It was five stories above them and would be there is seconds.

Eric began punching it faster and harder once more as Sookie tried to shoot light out of her fingers at the door, but her lights fizzled and went out every once in a while. Sookie cried out in frustration.

She looked back up. They had two floors until they would be forced to return to the floor where Bill was now definitely recovering from her blast.

Eric was now frantically looking around as he pummeled on the doors. Sookie closed her eyes and gripped Eric tight, hoping something would get them out of this nightmare.


Jason looked up into Nora's face, "How do you know Warlow?"

"He-" she began, but Pam cut them off and barked, "Can we do the six degrees of separation later and focus on getting the fuck out of here?"

Jason studied the dark haired vampire a moment longer before he went back into survivor mode. Suddenly there was an alarming pounding on the elevator as it dented. Pam and Nora jumped and Jessica gave a little shriek in fear.

It could be another army of vamps from coming to take them out. Jason hoped that wasn't the case because if it was, that meant they had probably taken out Sookie and Eric as well. Jason trained his guns on the elevator and contemplated what they should do.

Should they go through the upstairs door where there was an entryway full of vampires? Or deal with this half and then the next half. Suddenly it dawned on him. "SOOK?!" he hollered, running down the metal stairs to the door of the elevator.

Pam vamped next to him and asked, "What the fuck are you doing you dumb redneck human?"

"If it was Authority vamps, why wouldn't they just take the elevator up?" he asked as he wedged his fingers into the crack between the doors, attempting to pry them open.

Pam looked at the door and then back at Jason and he said, "It's Eric and Sookie!"

Her mouth fell open and then inserted her own fingers between the crack. She screamed in pain and as the silver burned her skin. Jason heard a crack and she said between clenched teeth, "There goes my fucking nails, GODDAMMITALLTOHELL!" she screamed as she began to pull the doors apart. "Fuck!" he cried out as he exerted all his energy into opening the door.

Finally the door gave and opened to reveal Eric holding the elevator above his head with both arms with a terrified Sookie holding onto him for dear life.

"Grab Sookie NOW!" he barked.

Pam reached into the elevator shaft and snatched Sookie, who looked reluctant to leave Eric.

Pam set Sookie down next to Jason who would have embraced her had he not had to hold the elevator doors open. Jessica and Tara came over and held the doors open and Jason finally felt like he could let go and go to Sookie.

He wrapped his arms around her. She was shaking like a leaf and he pulled back and studied her. She looked fine, just terrified. Her eyes were glued to Eric who was slowly inching his way towards the elevator doors, still holding the elevator from blocking him in the shaft.

Nora vamped to the elevator and said, "I will hold it while you get in. Come on," she said lifting her arms.

Eric nodded and let the elevator sink enough for her to reach. Once he was out from beneath the elevator Nora let go and Eric said to Tare and Jess, "Hold the doors open once it's below the floor."

Sookie and Jason looked on in confusion along with the other vampires. When the gap at the top of the elevator became big enough Eric zipped on top of it and broke the gears and cables holding the elevator up, causing the elevator to plummet to the ground floor.

"To prevent anyone from coming up," he said, floating out of the shaft and looking around their group. "We need to get out now," Eric said quickly. Nora zoomed to his side and kissed him desperately.

Jason felt Sookie tense in his arms and he looked down at her. She was in shock and slightly furious. He gripped her and she looked up into his face and he said, "We need to get out."

She focused on him and nodded and grabbed his hand.

"Let's go," she said.

He led her up the metal stairs, but Eric zoomed in front of them.

"You can't just go in there, guns blazing. There could be more-" he said.

"Try and stop me. We don't have time to develop a plan here. They'll send for more vampires if we don't get the fuck outta here. And I ain't gonna have my sister and I die in here tonight," he said.

Eric just looked between Sookie and Jason and after a minute turned around.

He opened the door, alert and inhaling to see if he could sense any vampires. Jason held his breath and he could hear Sookie doing the same.

Behind him, he heard three clicks of fangs coming down as Eric let out a growl.

Sookie's grip got almost painfully hard on him, but he was certain he was holding hers just as tightly.

He handed her a gun and gripped his gun in his own, ready to fire anything that came to harm him or his sister.


Eric's growls cause a shriek from a vampire that was hiding in shadows of the entryway. Eric inhaled and discovered the scent to be familiar to him...Newlin.

"Steve come out now and bring anyone you have with you," he says in a threatening voice.

"What is happenin'?" Newlin drawled out as he came out behind the pillar.

Sookie inhaled sharply and said under her breath, "Fuck, it's really true. He's a vampire."

"Jason?!" Steve shrieked, taking a step towards Sookie and Jason.

"Stay the fuck away from them," Eric growled out.

Steve took a step back and raised his hands in a surrender fashion. He looked around and asked, "Is anybody else with you?"

Newlin shook his head and said, "Something is apparently wrong with security. There are no guards outside," he said, shooting a worried look over his shoulder.

Finally a fucking break, Eric thought to himself.

"The Authority has fallen. Either revert back to the mainstreaming mission now or die. It's your choice," he said harshly.

"I...I...a..accept! I accept the mainstreaming movement," he stammered out nervously.

"Then lead the way out of here. I promise you that you don't want to go down," Eric said moving toward him and the doors leading out of the Authority.

Steve Newlin turned, but spun just as quickly, his eyes wide. "What about my puppy, Emma?"

"If she is down there, she is gonna stay down there," Sookie said.

Jason began guiding Sookie over to beaten down truck they had arrived in and Eric and the four other vampires moved to follow them.

Jason sat Sookie in the front seat and shut the door, walking around the passenger side. When he noticed Eric, Pam, Jess, Tara, and Nora heading their way to the truck, he asked, "What do you think y'all are doin'?"

"Getting in the back of that rust bucket you call a car," Eric said.

"Y'all can fly. I ain't drivin' you back. No fuckin' way. I got you in and out. That's as far as our deal goes. You leave us the fuck alone now."

Eric's fangs popped out and he looked to the truck where Sookie was. She was looking out the back window in confusion at them and Jason said, "And stay the fuck away from my sister, fanger. Y'all are gonna get her killed."

"No Warlow will," Nora muttered under her breath.

Eric's head whipped to his sister and he demanded, "Warlow?"

Eric turned to Jason and said, "What of Warlow?"

"You know him too?" he asked.

Eric heard sirens in the distance and he gauged the time until they arrived.

"Jason, what's the holdup?" Sookie asked, leaning out the window and looking at them.

"They all wanna come."

"Tara, Pam, and Jess can ride in the back," Sookie suggested, although Jason looked outraged.

"You and your sister can fly," Sookie said rather coolly, before settling herself back in the truck.

Eric closed his eyes and focused on Sookie and the bond. She was pissed, hurt, depressed, afraid, grief-stricken, confused, and exhausted.

He wasn't even in the mood to deal with it. "Fine, if you can take at least Jess, Tara, and Pamela, Nora and I can fly," Eric said to Jason

"Fine, I will take them as far as Shreveport."

His plan had been to go to Bon Temps, but it looked like that was out.

He turned to his progeny and said, "Make sure to get the babies home. Take them to Ginger's. Nora and I will go to ground and call you tomorrow at nightfall."

Pam nodded and motioned for Tara and Jess to get in the back of the truck. Jason climbed into the driver's seat and it was just Pam, Nora and Eric left in the parking lot.

"Do not hurt them. It's an order," he said.

Pam only lifted an eyebrow and said, "That brother is wearing on my last nerve."

Eric only gave her the look and she nodded, "I am glad you are alright Eric. Will you leave me again without telling me?"

He shook his head and said, "I will let you know. I will be in contact. Now go," he said, looking to the back of the truck where Jess and Tara were waiting.

Pam nodded and turned around and Eric turned to Nora, "Ready?" he asked. She nodded and grabbed for his hand, which he took.

Then they took off in the night sky as the truck headed out onto the highway to Bon Temps.

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